Digitalisation of Financial Services​

Fintech Software Development Services

Streamline your financial operations and elevate user experience with our tailored, full-service, and data-driven fintech solutions. Let’s innovate together, leveraging the latest technology to secure, simplify, and speed up your financial transactions.

Altamira Fintech Development Services

At the core of our approach is a commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to deliver exceptional results for our clients. With our expertise in cloud technologies, user experience design, and artificial intelligence, we streamline complex processes and unlock valuable insights into customer behavior.

Whether we are working with small startups or large enterprises, our approach is always focused on delivering exceptional value through the latest technologies and best practices.

Digital Payment Systems

Digital Payment Systems are built around customers’ growing demand for quicker and more relevant addressing of their needs with functionality and user interface.

  • Online banking
  • Digital wallets
  • Conversational AI

Investment Management & Trading Platforms

AI in financial software development Investment: management and trading platforms leverage AI and ML to build exclusive insights and bring tribes together for co-investment.

  • Wealth management applications
  • Trading platforms
  • Tribe funding portals
  • Embedded finance solutions

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce addresses the growing demand for closer interaction between e-commerce and fintech, suggesting new and innovative ways of servicing B2B & B2C clients.

  • Fintech marketplaces
  • BNPL solutions
  • Point of Sales (PoS)

Fintech Management Platforms

Fintech Management Platforms are a new way to simplify and visualise the growing demand for building the unified fintech eco-system.

  • Mobile banking
  • Customer platforms and dashboard
  • Data visualisation portals

We bring tech expertise to customers across the fintech development services 

Fintech solution consulting

Our seasoned experts navigate complex licensing, compliance, and regulations, making clients’ journeys transparent, predictable, and secure.

Mobile & contactless wearable app development

We bring fintech solutions to mobile with exceptional user experience, ensuring customer base growth, retention, and loyalty rates.

Our team provides fintech custom software development services together with the migration of solutions from on-premises to the cloud, including big data volume migration.

The agile and quick ramp-up of teams with high seniority. Altamira sets dedicated squads to boost fintech developers' speed and improve release schedules.

AI in financial software development: Altamira builds data strategy and management, tapping into the data insights and hidden trends, making fintech solutions stand out from the growing competition.

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360 Tech Project Review Consultancy Service will provide a complete picture of your technology projects. This service is ideal for businesses with existing technology projects in progress but are experiencing issues or want to ensure they’re on track to achieve their goals.

Altamira is your long-term partner in Fintech

10+ years bringing user-friendly and data-driven fintech solutions to the market.

Compliance with the best practices in security and regulations 

We align with all regulations, compliances, security standards and assist with financial requirements for the product geo market.

Proven track record of successfully released fintech projects  

10+ years of experience in developing fintech projects that now provide services to hundreds of thousands of users in more than 50 countries worldwide and show at least 10% growth annually.

Being a true tech partner to your business  

Altamira wins the highest NPS scores and strives to grow together with the clients. We bring innovations, technology advocacy, and data to scale and accelerate clients’ businesses.

Ramp-up of high-class development teams 

Being digital natives, we access the high-class pool of specialists with deep seniority and solid scientific backgrounds that bring natural support to scaling fintech solutions.

Case studies

Custom Mobile App for Dog Owners

Mobile App

Modern technology can help owners care for their dogs and keep them safe. GPS tracks and saves dogs’ history for their whole life, easily transfers it to new owners and ensures the security and detectability of the animal.

Read case

Patient Care App

Healthcare Mobile App

The mobile app aims to present ways to help patients with chronic diseases and, at the same time, monetize the app by selling data collected directly from patients, which is of significant value to pharmaceutical companies.

Read case

Point of Sales Saas Solution

Retail POS

Zemp is a multifunctional Point of Sales mobile app that helps retail companies to manage orders, check inventory and stock count, generate employee reports, perform convenient transactions, and see sales reports.

Read case

All-in-one Solution App for Local Businesses

Social Network Mobile App

A native iOS and Android app that connects neighbors and helps local businesses to grow within local communities. Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, and tools for promoting local businesses.

Read case

People also asked

What does a fintech software developer do?

Fintech software developers specialise in creating and maintaining software solutions for the financial technology industry. This role involves designing, coding, testing, and implementing applications that handle everything from online payments and digital banking to investment management and blockchain technologies. These developers combine their knowledge of finance and technology to innovate and improve financial services, ensuring they are secure, user-friendly, and efficient. Get in touch to learn more about our fintech development services.

What software is used in fintech?

Fintech companies use a variety of software, including payment processing platforms, financial management tools, blockchain technology, and data analytics software. Commonly used technologies include APIs for smooth integration of services, machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis, and secure cloud-based solutions for data storage and management. The choice of software depends on the specific needs of the fintech application, such as transaction processing, risk management, or customer service enhancements. Contact us to learn more about our fintech software development services.

What is fintech Software as a Service?

Many fintech solutions are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This model allows users to access financial technology services via the Internet without installing or maintaining complex software systems. Fintech SaaS solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them popular among startups and established financial institutions. They often include services like online banking, payment gateways, financial planning tools, and investment platforms.

How do I choose a fintech software development company?

Choosing a fintech software development company requires careful consideration of the expertise, experience, and understanding of financial regulations. Altamira offers a proven track record in fintech projects, robust security measures, and a deep understanding of the financial sector’s unique needs. For more information, contact us.

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