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Story Behind

Story Behind

When the world encountered COVID-19, many offline-based businesses were forced to reconsider and restructure their activity. Our client, a German casino network, faced the same problem as they used to conduct business only offline.

So, our client made a decision to enter the online market. At the beginning of our cooperation, we outlined two main business goals:


To digitalize client's existing gambling. The current epidemic situation has proved that online presence is a must-have for businesses to grow and stay in demand.


To create an easy-managing solution for offline casinos to expand online. Recently, Germany has legalized online gambling, so the market is in need of a solution for a quick transformation.

Considering aforesaid, we created a SaaS web platform where gambling businesses can easily create and manage their online casinos.


Process & Challenges

The platform is designed for three types of users with different access levels and capacities: players, casino employees, and super admins. Our goal was to make the online back-office functional but intuitively easy to work with. The overall casino experience must be able to keep users engaged and meet their expectations. This kind of service can’t have delays in response, so a fast operation proceeding is required.

The main solutions we developed
to overcome these challenges are:

The main solutions we developed
to overcome these challenges are:


Serverless architecture and two-way synchronization
of microservices


Fast and huge
logging of play


Integrations with IGaming
and cashier third-party


Multilingual interface with the capacity to upload


Elasticsearch Warm usage to store a large amount of information

GiftUse Cases

Casino Creation and Management

The casino owner has access to the back-office where they can configure various settings such as currencies and languages, as well as set up integrations with both online and offline casinos, and cashier services.
Casino Creation and Management

Employee Management System

The whole casino staff can be added to the platform and granted corresponding user permissions, depending on their actual roles. Employees receive access to different aspects and activities of the back office and carry on with their normal activities.
Employee Management System

Payment Gateway Configuration

Financial transactions are one of the most important parts of any casino. These need to be closely monitored and accurately managed. In the back office, all transaction details can be monitored - withdrawals, deposits, bonus amounts, withdrawal requests, and so much more.
Payment Gateway Configuration


To keep track of the activity, the casino owner and employees have access to structured reports of deposits and withdrawals. Through the dashboard, there is a breakdown of profits and losses, gaming results, and the gaming archive.

Seamless Wallet

Every player gets a personal, seamless, wallet they can manage on the platform. A player can make deposits and withdrawals using credit cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies. Players can keep track of their transactions, gaming history.
Seamless Wallet

Game Selection

The casino offers various types of games to play, among them: roulette, table games, and video slots. Through the website, players may filter games to find the one that matches their taste. Also, you can choose whether you want to play just for fun or for real money. If you like a game, you can mark it as your favorite and later access it through a personal account.
Game Selection

Deposit Limits & Blackouts

There are two features available for players to manage their interactions with the casino. The first one sets deposit limits on daily, weekly, or monthly terms. Players can control their finances and not exceed the sum they want to spend. The other main feature is a "blackout", which is a period of time when users want to freeze their account and take an extended break from playing. When the blackout runs out, the account is reopened, and the player can play again.
Deposit Limits & Blackouts

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design plays a significant role in the success of the online casino. Our goal was to focus the player’s attention on the game selection process, therefore, we chose the restrained color palette not to distract them from the main event. As the platform provides a wide choice of games, we created categorization and placed the games accordingly to simplify navigation. Dark colors allowed us to contrast the games, making them more colorful.


Yellow and green were chosen as accent colors to use on crucial elements. Their combination is highly compatible with the chosen pallet, as both of these colors make the interface feel brighter, but don't oversaturate it. They are also visible on a dark background and comfortable to look at.

Another decision was to forgo flat design. We created old-school skeuomorphic buttons for a more realistic effect. Illustrations were also embedded into the interface to add some friendly vibes.

UI/UX Design

At the bottom of every screen, users can check the credentials of the casino: name, running company, address, and license. As gambling is an industry with a lot of restrictions and apt to scamming activity, this block is important for providing a player with the ground for trust.


Site static files are served using a CDN. This ensures the fastest and safest delivery of content. All active elements (API, Centrifugo and others) works on a serverless technology using Docker. This ensures safe and comfortable autoscaling under load. Database clustering and caching allow for high performance.

Payment service providerGaming providerCentrifuge
Web Application (HTML+JS)
Casino REST API (PHP)Admin Panel
Database (MySQL)
Back-office REST API (PHP)Back-office Admin Panel
Database (MySQL)


  • Admin panel
  • Employee panel
  • Player profiles
  • Casino employee management
  • Casino management
  • Game management
  • Player management
  • Player wallet
  • Money withdrawal
  • Reporting
  • Email templates
  • Integration with payment & cashier systems
  • Integration with iGaming systems
  • Affiliate system
  • Language selection
  • Notifications
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