A new approach to dating through apps
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Story Behind

Anyone who has ever opened a dating app might have noticed that they are similar to each other.

This solution seeks to solve a problem among young people who have already had a negative experience of using  dating apps when judged solely by their appearance.

Therefore, blind dating was chosen as the basis for the concept of the new application. Research has shown that  the popularity of this dating genre has skyrocketed in recent years. Many users are tired of swipe to the right  and swipe to the left and need an innovative approach to get them engaged again.

When we started communicating with the client, there were many ideas of what the application should be and its  functions. To shape an idea, we had to analyze all this information and formulate all the requirements on its basis.

The main tasks that we faced were:

  1. Make the app with impressive visuals and interactions to offer users the best experience ever
  2. Create a Virtual Matchmaker that will find profiles based on preferred gender, location, rating, and personal characteristics, etc.
  3. Develop a voice-assistant that will help users with advice and entertain them, making their experience in the application even more fun
  4. Create a platform where there will be a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, and the selection of a partner will become much more comfortable.
Considering all these tasks and the client's wishes, we wrote detailed specifications and started developing a dating app called INCINQ.
Story Behind
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The Virtual Matchmaker

Based on the profile preferences, the matching algorithm chooses other users who match the best for him/her on the Top New Picks screen. On this screen user can:

  1. View Top Matches
  2. Skip/report/block any user
  3. Schedule a date

The most challenging part when creating a dating app is to make the user's matching engine. It has to have an effective match algorithm to help the user find their match precisely but work fast enough not to make the user wait too long. The precise search was implemented with a vast amount of parameters to search within. The same time algorithm includes a smart way to split a list of all users into a set of data to make the search work within smaller groups and speed it up. The high amount of parameters and smart splitting allowed to create a useful tool to achieve remarkable results.

Use Cases
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Blind-Date Portal

The Blind-date portal represents the list of blind dates with the ability to see the user's profiles, to accept. They can submit/reject blind date and start date utilizing an audio call. After 5 minutes of conversation, users will see each other's photos and decide on further communication. To make it easier for users to break the ice, they will be offered a list of "ice breaker questions.”

When working on this use case, it was essential to implement time counting so that both users see the same time until the end of the call (blind date). At the end of the time, both users should hear a signal and photos of those with whom they talk.

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This function is implemented to share their experience and impressions after the blind-date by giving their interlocutor from 1 to 5 stars. Users rating is displayed next to the name so that another person can decide if he/she wants to speak.

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Match Bank (Chat)

The INCINQ concept assumes that to continue communication between users, they must agree. So they would be asked if they wanted to speak with the person they had blind-date again so that he/she could be in touch with him/her later. If both users choose “yes” after blind-date, their profiles are moved from the main page and added to the Match bank (chat).

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Voice Assistant

When the user fills their profile, Voice Assistant comments on the process with the voice records like in a casual conversation entertaining the client. It also helps the user with pick-up lines and dating advice before the blind-date.

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The design process began with the requirement to create an application in a dark color scheme with a distinct look of "retro wave" UI.

We decided to avoid shadows and gradients to create impressive MVP visuals without overloading it with complex elements.

According to the defined color palette, we could make some screens look very different from each other, sticking to its primary goal. We used a white background for text-loaded pages, green background for call screens, violet background for scheduling time or time range for a date) and while the user works with the app, he would detect actions and behavior according to accent color used on screen in a moment.

Finally, we created a unique and simple design system for INCINQ that could help develop new screens or features shortly and simply on both design and code stages.


Due to all used technologies: php7 (yii2 framework) helps to write code quickly and safely, which is essential for projects that contain sensitive data. Centrifugo enables fast and reliable data exchange, and WebRTC has been used to allow users to communicate seamlessly. When choosing technologies for development, it is crucial for us that the tools are reliable and safe. The app functions flawlessly thanks to high-quality code, impressive and user-friendly design where buttons are logically placed and easy-to-find.
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  1. The Virtual Matchmaker
  2. Matches List
  3. Virtual blind-date portal
  4. Schedule of a date
  1. Chat
  2. Ice breaker questions
  3. Voice Assistant
  4. User Profile
  5. Admin panel