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About the client

The client came to us with the idea of creating a web platform for rugby fans where they can pick the virtual dream team for the Championships. Fantasy Rugger is not the simple gambling website, it’s a platform that collects the actual data about the players real-time. After choosing the players for the virtual team, the user receives points for the player's performance in the real Championship.

Now rugby fans can win real money for the real achievements of their favorite players.

Our Expertise

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Key results

  • 5,000+ development hours
  • Payment integrations

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The Challenge

The main idea of the project is to collect data about real players using the unique stats engine. Now all the information will be available in one place – Fantasy Rugger.

The main challenge was to provide the gambling platform, based on real-time statistics and to provide gamers with analytics, that matters.


The Solution

The Scout

How it works: user picks his virtual dream team that will later participate in the virtual championships together with other users’ teams. The results of the onsite championships depend on real statistics of the players.

The challenge we faced was to display large amount of data with no harm to loading time of the page.

My Team

This section is made to manage your team. You can choose the Data View or Pitch View – the lineup that has been playing is displayed on the left and the replaced members are displayed on the right. The user can choose the week and see how many points the player scored during the selected week.

My Subs – here all the replaced team members are displayed.

Your Leagues – this button opens the list of leagues, that were joined by the user, so he can see all the information about each league by clicking on it.

Next Fixtures – displays scheduled games (time when the game begins, the teams that will play, the stadium).

Important! When user picks the team members, he has to choose the key man and/or captain from the team list. The points gained by this two players are doubled so it’s very important to choose the best players for these positions.


In order to simplify user experience while joining the existing league or creating the new one, we moved the whole league management into a separate page and introduced the autofill button to speed up the process of picking player for the team. User can set different visibility restrictions as well as apply any prizing strategies that convert into real money. Choose “friendly only” visibility to enjoy the fun with friends by using social media invites or “public” to share it with all the community.

Prizing is closely connected with pricing. Leagues are divided into free and billable and offer the next prizing modes:

  • Winner Takes All (All the prize fund goes to the user who scored more points)
  • Fundraising (50% goes to the creator of the league and 50% to the winner)
  • Top 3 (50% goes to the 1st place, 30% to the 2nd place and 20% to the 3rd place)

User's profile

User profile combines member’s personal information with the transparent system of their payment records. My account section consists of:

  • Withdraw – when user wins in the league he/she can request the money for payout to his Paypal or Realex account (depending on the set payment method). All the payment requests are checked by admin in order to control the financial flow.
  • Verify your identity – due to the requirements of Gambling commission all users have to go through identity and age check. That’s why we added the obligatory verification: every time user opens the app he has to verify within 72 hours, otherwise, his access to paid leagues(join/create) will be blocked.
  • Deposit – here user can deposit money via Realex or Paypal to take part in billable leagues. These payment systems have been chosen as the most frequently used in gambling.

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The Result

We integrated the chatbox by Intercom so the users can get the help or some advice anytime.

We also added the rules section for the newcomers to explain how the system works.



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