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Automating and displaying vaccine data via an API from public sources.

About the client

Pfizer Inc. is a global multinational pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in the United States. It operates extensively in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of an array of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products. In 2023, Pfizer achieved a global revenue of $58.5 billion, reflecting its vast business scale. Altamira is contracted to its Slovak legal entity, PFIZER LUXEMBOURG SARL O.Z., and delivers ad hoc projects as per requests.

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Key results

  • Development phase delivered in 2 weeks
  • Automated data updates, simplified access, and real-time data visualization

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The Challenge

Our collaboration with Pfizer began in 2021 when Altamira’s Pharma department was introduced to Pfizer. The first project we undertook was the development of a platform for COVID-19 vaccination data population and visualization, using online resources to present a unified chart of vaccine administration data.

This time, Pfizer aimed to streamline its vaccine data management system to minimize manual labour, ensure consistent data versioning, and maintain the familiar chart format from their Excel workflow.

Previously, Pfizer relied on a manual system, using Excel sheets updated weekly and circulated among the staff.

Our objective was to streamline this process, eliminate manual effort, and prevent discrepancies caused by multiple versions of the document.

As a result, we provided a fully automated service with updates every 6 hours, accessible 24/7 online, featuring download capabilities and, later, filtering options.

While Pfizer had a clear set of goals, we also contributed to refining their vision and translating their needs into a viable online solution. Our service promised daily updates, offering a significant advantage over publicly available weekly updates.


The Solution

The Altamira team developed and launched an online platform within the agreed budget and timeline, offering an immediate snapshot of vaccination data retrieved from public databases through specialized APIs.

Features included:

  • Consistent daily updates
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Export capabilities
  • Continuous updates to incorporate emerging vaccines

The platform also provided detailed statistics on the distribution of administered vaccines, showcasing market shares for various manufacturers, with Pfizer/Comirnaty leading at 71.22%.

It featured both bar and line graphs displaying daily COVID-19 vaccine administrations by Pfizer. This allowed users to discern daily doses administered, color-coded for clarity, alongside a cumulative count or moving average, complete with data filtration and download options.

Development process

The development phase was efficiently completed in two weeks, with an additional testing phase before the platform went live.

Six months post-launch, we integrated additional filter and export functionalities based on client feedback and updated the system to reflect new vaccines entering the market.

For the development of the vaccine data management platform, Altamira selected PHP as the server-side scripting language, renowned for its flexibility and compatibility across various hosting environments. It was chosen for its rich ecosystem and ability to facilitate rapid development and deployment of web applications. This tech backbone allowed us to iterate quickly, addressing Pfizer’s requirements efficiently.

To further streamline the development process and improve the platform’s functionality, we used the Laravel framework. It provided a structured and efficient way to manage the platform’s complex data operations, including data retrieval from APIs, processing, and presentation.

In addition, Laravel’s built-in tools for task scheduling and queue management helped us in automating the data update process. Its eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) facilitated smooth interactions with the database, allowing for sophisticated data filtering and export capabilities that Pfizer required.

Additionally, keeping security in mind, we ensured that the platform remained safeguarded against common web vulnerabilities, protecting sensitive vaccination data and user information.

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The Result

Our solution empowered Pfizer with a reliable, intuitive tool for vaccine administration tracking. The prime advantages included automated data updates, simplified access, and real-time data visualization, marking a significant enhancement in Pfizer’s data management capabilities.