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The Challenge

Being the avid fans of yachting, our clients are used to spending lots of time afloat. That’s when they felt the lack of specialized service for sea travelers. At that time they had to use multiple apps and websites to prepare for the next trip: check the forecast, find restaurants nearby, discover fuel prices, etc. That’s how the idea was born – to collect all required information for sea travellers into one service: Sea Guide.

Sea – for marine, Guide – for wanderer.


The Solution

Use cases

Home page

Welcome to the ratings-based and crowd-sourced local guide to everything on the water!

The first thing you see is a large map showing your current location. You can start exploring the nearby marine locations right away- which is actually the main idea of the project.

We brought the “pin” option to the first screen in order to encourage users to expand the database of useful places, businesses, locations and yachts.

We also added the EXPLORE-DISCOVER-SHARE section where you can read the latest news and experiences from the Sea Guide Tribe.

User profile

We tried to create a tight community, the Tribe of likeminded seafarers. For this reason, only registered users can see members’ profiles. After login, you can get a detailed information and see all pins added by user.

Location pin page

Our goal was to create a useful and comprehensible guide to sailing spots, so we added the detailed description for each location including opening hours (if possible), rating, infrastructure and types of boats, that can be moored.

We also added search for related locations and reviews. This function is called to help users choose the best places of interest on their sea voyages.

Location types

  • Diving/snorkeling
  • Marina/yacht club
  • Mooring service
  • Hazards and warnings
  • Airport or ferry
  • Port of entry
  • Anchorage
  • Beaches
  • Fishing spots
  • Must see/sightseeing
  • Surf sports
Business pin page

Experienced sailors know how challenging it might be to find required service in the unfamiliar place. That’s why we created special section from where members can search for required facilities, contact or add them to favorites for the next trip. This function greatly facilitates trip planning and helps to find required facility in case of urgent need.

Types of business

  • Marine services
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Florist
  • Repairs and refit haul out
  • Fuel
  • Hospital/medical
  • Laundry/dryclean
  • Charter and sales
  • Provisions and groceries
  • Transportation/taxi
  • Chandlery/spares
  • Propane
  • Tours and activities
  • Internet and phone

Lets you keep track of pinned places and discover new locations added by followers.

Admin panel

All user-generated content provided on Sea Guide can be verified through admin panel. This function is called to protect from spam and ensure that all the information is helpful, verified, and true to life.

Additionally, admin panel provides broad user management options in order to fend off bots and ban spam accounts.

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The Result


It is also integrated with Drophook, Windfinder, Google Maps and Aeris Weather.

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