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Make informed business decisions with expert time series forecasting services

Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Services

Time series datasets are tracked, monitored, and aggregated to predict the future by looking at patterns and trends in the past. Businesses across multiple industries, from finance to trading and everything in between, take advantage of this data science technique to make smarter decisions. With our time series analysis & forecasting services, you can build dynamic pricing strategies based on predicted demand fluctuations, forecast supply variations, or improve your trading success rate by recognizing patterns leading to informed buy and sell decisions.

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Time series forecasting services

Sales forecasting

Predict future sales, identify seasonal, cyclical, and random variations to boost your sales performance. With advanced algorithms, you can analyze past sales data to accurately predict future trends, enabling you to plan marketing campaigns and meet customer needs.

Web traffic forecasting

Our advanced algorithms analyze historical web traffic data to predict future trends, empowering you to make informed decisions from server capacity planning to advertising campaign management, capturing seasonality patterns and long-term web traffic trends.

Trading forecast & analysis

Estimate market volatility, manage risks, and automate trading strategies to navigate dynamic financial markets with precision and confidence. By analyzing historical data, you can make informed decisions, optimize the portfolios, and anticipate market-changing events.

Supply chain forecasting

With our supply chain forecasting services, you can reduce warehousing, transportation, and inventory costs while optimizing supply chain processes. For example, restaurants may use time series forecasting methods to predict future demand for ingredients based on consumption patterns and historical data, resulting in efficient supply planning and inventory management.

Energy consumption forecasting

Optimize your energy resources and costs with our time series forecasting services for energy consumption to provide accurate predictions and further sustainability.

Price predictions

Experience the accuracy of predictive analytics in pricing strategies, customer segmentation, and competitive pricing analysis to get a competitive edge over competitors.

Time series analysis & forecasting

Key prerequisites for implementing time series forecasting solutions

01 Demand forecasting

02 Financial planning

03 Marketing and sales strategy

04 Risk mitigation

Often, companies need to predict customer demand for products or services. Time series forecasting is a great solution to help you optimize inventory management, ensuring that products are available when customers need them, avoiding overstock or shortages.

Business sustainability is only possible with efficient financial planning. AI- and ML-powered time series forecasting contributes to predicting future revenues and expenses, enabling better budgeting, investment decisions, and risk management.

Time series forecasting helps to identify marketing trends, seasonality, and the impact of marketing efforts, helping businesses make informed decisions about promotions and advertising.

Businesses regularly face various risks, including supply chain disruptions, market volatility, and economic fluctuations. Time series forecasting enables businesses to predict and address these risks, making them more resilient and adaptable in an ever-changing business landscape.

Who can benefit from time series forecasting solutions?


Predict patient admission, make informed decisions on resource allocation, or optimize workflow processes.

  • Better resource utilization
  • Efficient hospital operations and reduced wait times
  • Timely response to disease outbreaks
  • Improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs


Use time series forecasting for customer demand prediction, inventory optimization, and pricing strategy planning.

  • Improved inventory management
  • Streamlined sales and revenue
  • Effective supply chain management
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Real Estate

Streamline processes and enhance decision-making through data analysis and process automation.

  • Improved data analysis for property valuation, market trends, and investment
  • Efficient property management
  • Predictive maintenance & IoT
  • Automated accounting processes

Discover why customers choose Altamira

Altamira produced superlative deliverables that provide valuable information to guide internal operations and support sales processes. The team was receptive to feedback, adapting resources to ensure effective collaboration.


Ryan Crawford


Custom-made ERP solution that provides jet brokerage services to boost jet sales and service quality.

Services we provided

  • Web Application
  • UI/UX Design
I am absolutely satisfied with how my app looks and functions. It is exactly what I wanted to get when I decided to go with this team.

CEO & Co-founder, Aquiline Drones

Barry Alexander


Android and iOS native applications that provide on-demand drone services, where users can connect with couriers and track the status of their drone order delivery.

Services we provided

  • Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
The Altamira team did an amazing job! And I was pleasantly surprised by how well-established processes they have.

CTO, Ticker Tocker

Jonathan Kopnic

Fintech Live Streaming

Web, iOS, and Android trading platform that offers advanced capabilities in earning by trading, selling products via the integrated marketplace, and conducting trading live-streaming.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Tech Vendor Audit
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
The team’s communication practices made for a rapid yet stable exchange of information, allowing for the quick resolution of all issues that arose during development.

IT Solution Team Leader

Dusan Barus

Healthcare Business Automation

Unique mobile solution that automates the process of uploading, transferring, documenting, numbering, and downloading pictures.

Services we provided

  • Web Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Altamira. We have never been blocked or impeded by their work. They operate efficiently and quickly to get the job done.


Ian Cash


Unique mobile application that aims to teach users to play golf according to individual playing styles and recommendations provided by specifically developed algorithms.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
The website that Altamira has generated now allows the company to save time and manpower as it performs a lot of tasks that other employees are used to doing. The team members' seamless approach to project management and their communication skills continue to make this collaboration productive.

Project manager, Printing & Design

Order Management Retail

Redesigned web solution for a large-scale printing company that provides a modern order management system and enables customer experience.

Services we provided

  • Web application development
  • UX/UI Design

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