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Hire Dedicated Development Team: Tips by Altamira

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


Every year we observe how a growing number of business owners initiate digital transformations. These days a lot of common routine tasks can be delegated to applications. And what does that mean for businesses? They can effectively boost their productivity, improve customer service and generate additional income thanks to technologies. 

Software development can bring any business to a whole new level and grant it a huge competitive advantage. The possibilities are endless, and the only thing you need to do first is to find a reliable software development partner. Considering the variety of vendor cooperation options and possibilities (freelancers, in-house teams, offshore software developers etc), it is crucial to understand who can actually do the best job for an optimal pricequality ratio. 

So in this article, we’d like to discuss why hire dedicated development team is the best choice of all, what benefits this cooperation can bring you, and what to look for in your potential development partner. And, without further ado, let’s get started.

Is it a good idea to hire dedicated development team

To begin with, let’s take a look at the real numbers proving that dedicated development services are the best choice for most businesses. According to a recent survey, almost 50% of all US companies choose offshore software development. They do it mainly to cut the development and overall IT-related costs. As per several business review opinion pieces, the average dedicated team is likely to stick to the discussed budget and boost development productivity by 10% or even more. These numbers speak for themselves!

Based on our own experience, we can say that cooperating with a company offering dedicated team development services is the best option if you want to get a feature-rich solution built using the latest technologies, following industrial requirements and compliances, and relevant to your company’s needs. 

Benefits of Altamira dedicated development team

We have designed solutions for many different types of business in fields such as healthcare and fintech. The clients were always happy that they selected a dedicated team model for their projects.  And here are some benefits of cooperating with dedicated team of Altamira that they appeared to have appreciated in particular:

  • Scalability – the team that is selected for your project can be easily expanded or narrowed without having a bearing on project deadlines or cost. 
  • Focus on your business goals – we are not just a team that codes and delivers solutions, we offer a little bit of extra – total involvement in your project and current challenges to build a super software able to troubleshoot them in a sweeping manner. 
  • Cost efficiency – you pay only for the actual hours specialists spend on your project and forget about office-related expenses. 
  • Huge talent pool – you have 100+ middle and senior-level tech specialists at your disposal able to do front-end and back-end coding, design, quality assurance, business analysis and even carry out marketing activities. 

Delegating software development process to our dedicated developers can truly save you a lot of time, stress and money. What’s great about dedicated teams like Altamira is that they are tailored to meet your particular project goals and requirements. So you will surely get dedicated team with the necessary skills and knowledge. 

The dedicated team of your choice must have experience in building solutions for your particular business niche and be able to offer you the most suitable tech stack, feature set, third-party integrations, services, etc. 

Let’s take our team as an example. By choosing Altamira dedicated team, you’ll get a wide pool of specialists with:

  • extensive domain knowledge (we always dive into your business sphere, needs and challenges);
  • broad technology expertise (whatever skills, tech knowledge or else you lack – we are here to help you);
  • detailed and transparent contract (with a non disclosure agreement, so your project idea will be safe);
  • great collaboration skills (which means we can productively work on your project with your current team);
  • ability to write detailed and high-quality technical documentation;
  • high communication level that is carried out in accordance with schedule that is most convenient for you and your development team;
  • well-coordinated project management process with all necessary reports.

Dedicated development companies can do the job for you and you do not even need to worry about your team composition. Just imagine  – you will not need to gather your in-house development team, go through hiring process, spend time looking through CVs, perform numerous interviews tests and skill checks, discuss salary expectations, and even think about a workspace for your team. You can really save a lot of money and time and get your business solution done faster if you choose dedicated development team model. And we all know that time is money, and your time to market means a lot. 

Dedicated software development team of Altamira

And now let’s speak about the variety of services you can get should you choose our team. And believe us, that really makes hiring a dedicated software development team a good idea. 

Expert consultation 

Every business owner knows that a well-thought-out plan is the key to success. So if you hire dedicated team at Altamira, we will help you plan everything and even predict all thinkable development risks to mitigate them and deliver your project on time and within budget.

We offer consultation with our professional Business Analysts: they will help you formulate project requirements, write all technical documentation, decide what functionality your solution will have and how it will be integrated into your current digital environment. 

Expert consultation is our huge advantage that can help you shape your project idea and choose the most suitable feature set to address your current business challenges. Apart from the consultation we also offer:

  • proof of concept – to check if your initial app idea is feasible and how it can be turned into reality.
  • quick prototyping – to create a design concept and raw version of your project and see how it will work for you.

These two steps can help you to make a final decision regarding your project, get the most accurate estimations, and understand the risks associated with development. The expert from our software development company always suggest the best possible approach to develop and deliver your solution, so you will definitely end up having a highly-functional digital helper for your business.

Market research

The main goal of this pre-development Discovery stage is to discover your main competitors, explore their solutions and the best practices and approaches to problem-solving. While startups are in dire need of this step to find out how to stand out from the competition, more established businesses can also draw inspiration from ready-made solutions and discover what tools can be used to solve specific business challenges.

By exploring the market, you get a chance to define the best feature set for your own solution and expand it to meet your particular business needs. Hire dedicated developers and get help with this holistic research. Here is what it’s used for: 

Yes, you know your business from the inside. Still, when it comes to digital transformation, you may not be best positioned to know what approach is better and what your app should actually do and what exact processes it should automate or optimize. And dedicated team with domain expertise and several similar precedent projects in the portfolio can be really helpful.

The Discovery stage and holistic research are performed by business analyst. Usually they take up to 14 days and include several key steps like preparation (gathering all information); ideation (focus on high-level project vision); validation (prioritization of project options, preparation of design concept and roadmap).

Good to know
Here at our development team we always help our clients with the Discovery stage since it is a complicated task requiring certain experience and knowledge. If you want to find out more info about all processes and outcomes, then read this post.

UI/UX Design services 

If you ask us what makes a good solution, we’d say it’s UI and UX, apart from the functionality. Whatever project you need to develop, it is crucial to take care of its look and usability. And that is another reason why you should hire dedicated development team

For example, here at Altamira software team, we have a lot of UI/UX designers who are aware of the latest design trends and often participate in various design competitions (and win awards). So with our core team of specialists, you can be sure that your solution will have an up-to-date layout, suitable color scheme, and a totally user-friendly interface.

While project development and design, we keep in mind that the solution should be very convenient and intuitive to use and complete business oriented tasks. The intention is to create an app that shouldn’t take much time to master and start using. 

What’s also great about our dedicated development team is that we can give a fresh look to your app by redesigning it. UI/UX redesign offers numerous advantages to businesses and helps to improve usability, increase engagement and even create better brand image.  

Software development services

Great development services are what really drive businesses to hire dedicated development team. Altamira technicians not only write high-quality code, but they are also ready to power up a solution with the latest technologies like AI, ML, AR, IoT, and many others.

Our dedicated software team consists of specialists possessing different kinds of skills and experience and expertise. So by cooperating with us, you get access to the best tech talents able to transform your business and make it a bit smarter thanks to technologies. 

Speaking about web and mobile services of our dedicated software development team, we’d like to share a short list of technologies we use in our company. Check it out below:


With the dedicated software developers from Altamira, you can build various short and long term projects of different complexity and be sure that those solutions are secure, flexible and scalable. Our team also offers deep involvement with and understanding of your specific business niche, guarantees smooth communication, well-organized delivery process (with regular updates and code reviews), and top-notch project management. We are honing our skills in: 

tech skills

Code review and solution’s modernization 

Not all businesses need new solutions developed from scratch. Sometimes middle-size and big companies already have well-functioning software. However, even relatively new and seemingly advanced software may require updates and modernization. Hire dedicated development team that can be a perfect fit for that job as they work with the latest technologies and will definitely know what is missing to complete the puzzle.

Plus, dedicated development team can do a code review of your solution and fix all the existing issues, even the minor ones that you may not yet be bothered by. It’s even possible to rewrite your application from scratch or update its code. 

We had such an experience in our company. One client from a construction company came to us with his web app and an idea of a new construction management system. Although their existing solution was able to acceptably fulfill certain operations, it was not a perfect business management tool. 

That tool lacked some obvious functionality, many operations were unnecessarily being performed manually instead of being automated. In the end, many of the challenges turned out to be fixable and were rectified with the new software that our team developed. 

So in case you struggle with your current solutions, you should stop the agony and consider their modernization. Well-managed and automated processes within a company may very well be just the key to success that you are missing. 

Good to know
If you are wondering what exactly happens with legacy code and old systems, then read our blog post on this matter. Our experts share their tips and cover all crucial processes related to code review and its updating scenarios.

Reasons why gathering an in-house team is not such a perfect choice

Unfortunately even in 2021 some businesses tend to question a dedicated team model and strive to gather their own team to complete custom software development processes. They think that the more control over all processes – the better. But what they really forget about are expenses and associated issues that are inevitable if you do decide to go down that path. 

In the event that you are inclined to gather your own in-house team, you should know that finding and hiring specialists who have the necessary tech knowledge and skills to complete your project can be a tremendous challenge. 

We have had several clients who came to Altamira with a solution that was previously created by inexperienced software developers. Those clients wanted us to fix their solutions and make them functional and look presentable. But, alas, it was easier to develop a new solution from scratch than rewrite a poorly-written code.

So keep in mind that by choosing in-house team and selecting software developers with questionable skills, you may end up paying even more than you were expecting to invest into your digital solution. 

Some business owners do not have an assembled team of their own technical specialists or only have a CTO and a project manager available. If that’s your case, your in-house team executives would be happy to manage an outsourced team directly. An entire process of development can be controlled by project manager from your team.

Usually the development team is easy to communicate with, so there would not be a problem to make them work under your involved management style. Why invest more time and money into gathering a team when you can just get a cohesive one like Altamira in no time?

By cooperating with our software development company you will get reliable software engineers, project managers, QA specialists, business analyst, and even DevOps engineers. So you can spend time handling your business processes while our dedicated team works on your project. We take all responsibilities on us starting with hiring process, and ending with continuous development.

Since we’ve worked with lots of clients, we decided to look back and understand what the main drivers that push businesses to choose dedicated team model are. And here are two scenarios we’d like to highlight: 

  1. Businesses have their own in-house team with a limited number of specialists. In this case, they need some extra hands and will hire people to fill the gap in some technology knowledge your existing specialists may be missing. 
  2. Businesses do not have any technicians or only have a CTO or a PM. And that’s exactly an example of when you definitely need to find a dedicated team.  

Each of those scenarios implies that you definitely need assistance from professional developers. So the main things to consider or look at are:

  • Where to find a dedicated development team? 
  • What concerns should I pay attention to? 
  • What are acceptable hourly rates? 

We can help you find answers to all those questions. And we also can become your short or long-term development partner. Altamira specialists have experience working alone on complex business projects, and also in collaborating with the client’s team to develop certain features or help with quality assurance. In any case, we can recommend what we envision the best option for your particular business goals and project to be.

Where to find and hire dedicated development team

By now, you may be wondering what to do if you are looking to hire DDT. How can you know that the one you’ve found on the Internet is the right choice for your project? And what should you actually do before you hire dedicated development team? 

Well, first of all we would recommend you to make a full research and comparison of teams. So basically you will need to visit one of the websites providing ratings and info about software development companies. You can check out Clutch or any other platform of a kind.  There you will be able to compare numerous companies from all over the world and discover the following details:

Company location
we would recommend you to hire dedicated team located in Europe because their members are easier to communicate with. For example, if you hire Europe developers like Altamira, you will experience no difficulties in communication or scheduling online meetings.

Company size
you should not be afraid to hire dedicated development team of medium (20-50 members) and large size (of 100+ members) because they tend to be well-organized and can provide you with more relevant specialists. Our team is just like this and has more than 100 middle and senior specialists.

Average hourly rate
don’t choose the companies with the lowest rates because their price might compromise the quality of your future software solution. Hire dedicated development team with rates that are close to the market median instead.

Services focus
you can select a team that is more mobile or web oriented to get better results in a short period of time. Everything depends on your project and business objectives.

Minimum size project
this information will help you choose the company which can meet your budget expectations and deliver the best possible results.

Company contacts
you will find a company email and official website, and this is very convenient because you will not have to Google the developers or waste your time on additional research on platforms like LinkedIn.

Best Practice
When you are looking to hire dedicated development team, always check their company website. You often don’t need to look much further as you can find a lot of needed crucial information there. Pay special attention to the company’s portfolio, projects they’ve been working on and their complexity. Don’t forget to check out how many years the company has been in business for, and what their domain expertise is. And of course take a look at the reviews from their real clients to help assess the true strengths and weaknesses of the company you are looking to cooperate with.

Some real concerns that you may have 

When choosing the development team and thinking about putting them in charge of realizing your app idea, it is only natural that you may have some concerns or even apprehensions. And that is totally okay since you are starting something new with people you’ve never worked with before.

You may have a lot of doubts and fears. We have thought about them and collected the most common concerns all business owners have at some point when they are initiating the development.  By the way, they are connected to the best practices of outsourcing vendor management. So here they are:

Idea safety
You may need to build a unique solution and, of course, you do not want any info about it to get leaked or stolen. That is why it is important to sign an NDA with your vendor. We always do this with our clients and strictly follow all NDA conditions.

At certain points you will need to communicate with the software developers that you’ve hired, so it is preferable to make sure that there will not be any issues in this area. That is why it is better to choose the developers from the US or Europe – they can easily speak and write in English.

Certainty and team control
The team signs an agreement with you so you can be sure that the job will be done from the beginning till the end, and no one will disappear, leaving your code half-written or design half-made. You have a complete control over your project at each its stage.

Proofs of expertise
While cooperating with the dedicated development team, you will be able to check the expertise of each specialist (even if you don’t have any technical background), thanks to tech interviews. Let’s take our dedicated software development team, we assign projects to tech specialists who can really get the job done. We select the developers possessing the exact skill set your project requires.

CTO functions
We are aware that hiring a CTO for your company can be quite expensive and challenging (because it’s difficult to really accurately assess their professional skills). So in case you need a CTO, you will get their services only if you choose dedicated development team model. They can select the right specialist who will supervise your project and will be involved in management of all tech challenges.

dedicated team advantages

Must read
To explore all the pros and cons of a dedicated development team model, we recommend that you read this blog post written by our experts who collected the most relevant and up-to-date data and information. Should you have any questions or concerns left, just drop us a line and we will gladly discuss everything with you.

Pricing matters to consider before hiring dedicated development team 

Let’s start with the hourly rates since the price you pay for your solution will depend on them. In different countries, specialists from the software development industry charge different hourly rates for their services. Intuitively, the rates also depend on the type of specialist and their levels of experience or seniority achieved.

For instance, in the USA, you will pay up to $150 for a senior developer, around $130 for middle, and $105 for a junior one. The prices seem to be too high, especially compared with the rates of software developers from Eastern Europe, which are: up to $60 for seniors, $35 for middle, and $25 for junior software developers.

Actually these prices can differ, we are only providing here the ballpark estimates. If you are interested in the most affordable developers, then, of course, that would be Asian specialists. They charge $30 for seniors, $24 for middle, and $15 for junior software developers.

rates map

When choosing between the USA, Europe and Asia, it is preferable to choose the golden middle, which is Europe, undoubtedly. They offer high-quality services and a full development package at what many would describe as affordable prices. 

There are also several pricing models you should consider before hiring a team. We have written a detailed article dedicated to this topic and you can check it out here. The choice of pricing model will depend on your project size and needs. So the article we’ve linked can help you make the right decision. 


The rates of development specialists can differ from company to company. Also, they depend on the seniority level of the specialist who is going to work on a project. But, in general, the hourly rates are the following: $25 – $30 for back-end developers, $21 for front-end specialists, $30 for Business Analysts, $32 for a designer, $22-$25 for a QA specialist, and $33 for DevOps. The prices are very general, so if you’d like to get a quote or understand the real cost of your project, it is better to consult with the team of your choice and ask for the estimate.
First of all, pay attention to company values, development approach, range of specialists and internal processes. The team should be cohesive and include all the necessary specialists and a project manager who will keep the development of your project under control. Second of all, pay attention to the overall company experience and the application areas of their expertise. You may look through their portfolio, search for reviews from the real clients, or request some examples of their previous projects.
Yes, we cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to come prepared and with a clear understanding of what you expect from the development and your end project. So what you really need to prepare is market research, defined value propositions, specific requirements, and success metrics. We’ve covered every pre-development stage in this blog post below in detail.

To summarize

Digitalization is a huge trend right now, and chances are that your competitors have already stopped investing in ready-made solutions and began developing and using their own ones instead. Custom-made software is scalable, flexible, and capable of taking a company to a whole new level and transforming its internal processes. And when it comes to picking a right cooperation model for your custom software development, there is no better choice than  dedicated team model. 

Of course, software development will require some solid investments, time, and effort. However, if you choose the right vendors, you will get exactly what you wanted and paid for. But before making a final choice and settling down with a certain development agency, consider all factors we’ve described in this article and select a really high-class dedicated team like Altamira.


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