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Payment optimization for Fintech through intelligent payment routing

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Optimizing Success and Cost for Fintech Companies through Payment Routing

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In the dynamic realm of digital transactions, optimizing success rates and minimizing costs are paramount objectives. A lot of Fintech companies are navigating a complex payment ecosystem, juggling various payment methods, encountering hurdles with payment flows and profitability, or implementing payment optimization strategies.

  • Do you have a complex payment landscape? 
  • Do you use a lot of different payment methods? 
  • Do you have issues with payment flows? 
  • Do you receive less profit due to non-optimal payment flows? 
  • Do you experience problems with business continuity when one of your payment providers falls? 

If you answered “yes” to at least two of these five simple questions, then this article is for you. 

This article explores the significance of payment routing and delves into critical aspects such as success ratio optimization, cost optimization, percentage allocation, fault tolerance routes, and the need for a comprehensive solution to combine these elements. By harnessing the power of statistics and predictability, payment routing can save fintech companies from the headaches associated with suboptimal payment flows. 

This article also explores and discusses essential but different points of attention of Customers who provide fintech services and would like to improve/optimize the speed and cost of transaction flows. 

The significance of payment routing

Payment processing centers and acquirers play a critical role in the success of payment transactions. Depending on the payment method and issuer, using different processing centers can affect the success ratio. For example, when using a card from one bank issuer to pay another bank acquirer, the success ratio may be lower due to differences in the processing centers operated by the issuer and the acquirer. Therefore, fintech companies must optimize payment traffic based on success rates, allowing them to route payments to the most suitable payment providers and processing centers. 

To put it simply, a good payment gateway should be complemented by smart payment routing capable of dynamically and intelligently optimizing payment flows. 

Optimizing success ratios in payment routing

The main goal of payment routing is to optimize success ratios. By analyzing historical data and success rates associated with various payment providers and processing centers, fintech companies can intelligently route payments to providers with higher success rates. This optimization ensures smoother and more reliable payment processing, reducing transaction failures and improving customer satisfaction. 

While optimizing success rates is crucial, it is also essential to consider cost optimization. Different payment providers have varying cost structures, and finding the most profitable option requires careful consideration. Sometimes, choosing a provider with slightly lower success rates but significantly lower prices can result in overall cost savings for fintech companies. Therefore, payment routing should consider the cost factor, enabling companies to balance success rates and cost efficiency. 

Good routing should be able to work both independently and automatically and be managed by a person who understands the essence of ongoing processes and their optimization. 

Percentage allocation and optimization in routing

Percentage Allocation and Fault Tolerance Routes are crucial aspects of payment routing that require careful consideration in a comprehensive solution. Certain payment providers have minimum percentage requirements for conducting operations through their services, necessitating the distribution of payment traffic based on predetermined ratios. This flexibility enables fintech companies to comply with providers’ requirements while making optimal routing decisions aligned with their goals. 

Maintaining fault tolerance routes is essential in the ever-changing landscape of payment processing. When a payment provider encounters difficulties or disruptions, fintech companies must swiftly reroute payment traffic to alternative providers. This move excludes the problematic provider from the routing scheme and recalculates other parameters based on the updated configuration.  

Implementing fault tolerance routes ensures uninterrupted payment processing, minimizing the impact of potential service disruptions and enhancing overall reliability. 

Considering the risks of false positives and false negatives typical for payments, fault tolerance in routing is not an easy task, but it can be implemented with the right thought. 

Empowering fintech success with intelligent routing solutions

A payment optimizer is required to empower your payment setup, address the challenges, and seize the opportunities presented by payment routing. This solution integrates success ratio optimization, cost optimization, percentage allocation, and fault tolerance routes into a unified framework. Building a robust payment routing system involves leveraging sophisticated algorithms, real-time data analysis, and intelligent decision-making to balance success rates, costs, and compliance. 

Fintech companies must focus on their core business operations with confidence that their payment flows are optimal to this moment through an intelligent payment routing system. Intelligent payment routing is the ability of a payment platform to decide on the payment route in order to increase the number of successful transactions at the lowest cost.

And the best way to do it – involve experienced and professional service provider who will help them optimize payments and maximize their financial resources.

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