8 Essentials Data Management Best Practices for your Business

The true potential of data can reinvent the business processes within organizations and create an extra competitive edge. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of small- and middle-sized businesses lack an understanding of the importance of data, and those who comprehend, struggle to implement efficient practices to access data value. Intentionally or not, every modern business generates […]

Efficient Data Management for Middle Business

Today businesses generate more data than ever before, and the value of such customer business-generated data has also considerably increased. This customer and business operations-generated data create many challenges for businesses of all sizes, and the middle business is not an exception. Implementation of strategic data management can become a considerable competitive advantage. However, having […]

Leveraging Data Analytics as a Key Business Success Factor

Data is a key to your competitive advantage. To succeed in the current environment you need to take crucial business decisions based on a clear digital strategy build on valuable data insights. However, even data-structured businesses manage to leverage only a fraction of their assets. To extract valuable insights out of your data and make […]

What Is Data Modeling & Why Does It Matter?

Data is not something abstract, meaning surely you cannot touch it and sometimes monitor all processes it goes through, but it has great value for businesses. Overall, data is the binder to lead the company to complete knowledge and understanding of the value it can receive from data. Data is used in practically all company […]

Data Governance Service for Your Business

These days, businesses seize tons of new data coming from various sources. Some information brings the business asset, while some remain useless and just take the database’s place. Data governance aims to structure and manage data that comes from internal and external sources, define valuable and useful data, mitigate risks of its loss and convert […]

What is Data Driven Decision Making – examples, benefits

TOP 6 Data Visualization Tools for Boost Finance Industry

These days businesses of all sizes deal with huge piles of data on a daily basis. They handle employees, clients, finance, accounting and other data and try not to get lost in the influx of many files and numbers. And while one companies actively use Big Data and other smart technologies to help them, others […]