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Altamira Launches the First Episode of AI Chronicles Podcast

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Today, AI is a buzzword that everybody is talking about. Its omnipresence certainly impresses, but as is often the case, there is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic. Do business owners really know how to build and implement AI solutions? How should they go about it within the business?

At civil engineering, there is a set of rules on how you should build a bridge, and if you don't follow those rules and do those tests on a bridge, that bridge will fall. But do we have that for AI algorithms? Do we know that? What are the steps and rules to build an algorithm and how to test it so that it will not break and for what circumstances will it break and what?

Varun Aggarwal

Altamira is proud to introduce the first episode of our podcast series – AI Chronicles. Our three esteemed hosts are Felix Hovsepian, Ph.D., FIMA – Professor of AI at Warwick University, Jonathan Rivers – CTO of Fortune Publishing, and Varun Aggarwal – Co-Founder of Aspiring Minds.

We aim to help business leaders understand the concept of AI and separate the hype from reality. After listening to this episode, you will gain a deeper understanding of the business applications of AI and how it can assist humans rather than replace them. We will also discuss the challenges and the trials and tribulations of building machine learning-based products.

Our hosts will discuss how technological advancements impact our society, the applied use of the technology now, how it’s advanced, and really how democratic it is.

Our podcast emphasizes the importance of an appropriate understanding of the depths of AI technology, understanding all the nuances that need to be taken into account for successful implementation into business processes, and actually understanding whether your business needs this technology to be implemented.

Jonathan Rivers highlights, “AI today is literally no different from any computer program in that if you tell it what to do, it will go and execute that.

Felix Hovsepian shares that it has become such a big buzzword and in fact, it attracts funding, and it attracts customers, and so on. And when you look under the hood, you know, a lot of companies are not using AI at all. 

Our podcast will also tackle the following issues:

  • The importance of educating customers and investors; 
  • Understanding where you will use AI technology, and what value it is going to create for customers, and explaining it to business leaders;  
  • Show examples of where in the business it can create business value and then sift through those examples and say what is giving you the biggest bang for the buck; 
  • Explain how AI fits into the whole product development life cycle; 
  • Discuss the limitations of AI; 
  • Data connected nuances, how available data assets can assist in solving current business problems; 
  • Privacy issues; 
  • The challenges of making AI products human-like; 
  • The ethics of AI algorithms, moral issues arising, weak and strong AI;  
  • Experts will share their thoughts about the future of AI. 

They are providing explicit explanations, providing real-life examples, and discussing the solutions of popular global leaders and brand-like IBM chatbots or Tesla, showing how everything functions from the inside and what efforts it takes to build and train AI models that will bring the desired value for businesses and their customers. 

AI Chronicles promises to be an innovative and exciting series of podcasts that offers a unique and valuable learning experience thanks to the expertise of our hosts. Stay tuned for the first episode and embark on a journey through the fascinating world of AI technologies with Altamira. Find the first episode on Spotify, Castbox, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts platforms.  

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