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App Developers for Hire – Tips and Details

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App Developers for Hire - Tips and Details | Altamira Softworks

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily life. 8App Annie’s report indicates that apps were downloaded 230 billion times in 2021, while $170bn was spent. Any business at a particular stage faces the necessity to step in this revolutionary process – making their service available on the go. Business owners start to hire app developers. Thus mobility solutions become a cornerstone for rapid business growth, scaling, and productivity increase.

The option to hire mobile app developers remotely have become a new normal with the pandemic. Business owners get used to the circumstances, adapt to working with tech talent, and started to hire app developers. It has renewed the opportunity to access the best Android app developers and iOS developers no matter the location and time zone difference at a favorable cost.

How to hire a good mobile app developer?

Entrepreneurs claim that hire mobile app developers through remote cooperation mode becomes more and more popular nowadays. It allows to hire app developers anywhere offering businesses the needed degree of freedom, allowing flexibility and the ability to supplement the lacking talents in your team.

hire app developers

Tell me the best way to hire app developers?

The strategy to hire mobile app developers to the existing team has become a new normal for entrepreneurs building businesses in the post-pandemic world.

Business owners get used to the circumstances, adapt to working with tech talents, choose the opportunity to hire an app developer using the needed cooperation models.

It has renewed the opportunity to access the best skills, rationally distribute available budgeting, and efficiently supplement the technology gap. Hiring Android app developers and iOS developers has become a beneficial strategy for putting app ideas into reality meeting the shortest deadlines and limited budgeting.

In the beginning, it may seem easy to hire a web developer. In reality, it turns out to be a complex multistep process involving several stages of hiring an app developer and the very process of app development. Moreover, exist various ways to hire a mobile app developer depending on the individual business needs.


Primary concerns when hiring an app developer

All circumstances differ. Not every software development project costs the same, and not every mobile app developer charges the same rate. It will require many factors before the final decision is made to start the procedure. Similarly, imagine your app to your business products.

We can compare wristwatches with watches. There is no universal model. Buying premium watches is expensive because their features are much better than others than their competitors. Similar to your apps. So for a simple app with very minimal functionality, this is a less expensive option.

How do I hire app developers for my project?

Exist various hiring options for getting a software developer into your team. However, before moving to the choice of app developer, one needs to go through the following stages:

  • Primarily you need to settle on the single vision of your product and split the project defining what kind of app developer is lacking in your team.
  • Prepare basic documentation. Define goals, features, and preferences. Include all the details about the app idea you would like an app developer to know about.
  • Decide whether you need a part-time or full-time software development specialist or a freelance app developer.
  • Choose the hiring destination and settle on the acceptable for the available app developer rates and overall project budgeting.
  • Next, choose the most suitable hiring option – find freelance developers, a dedicated software development team or create an in-house team, benefit from hiring mobile app developers through outsourcing options or choose staff augmentation.
  • Interview the desired mobile app development freelancers or other candidates to pick the right mobile app developer.
  • Sign a formal contract or NDA documents before sharing the requirements and project details. It will protect the concept of your app, the process of app creation, and the source code of your future mobile application.

steps to hire app developers

Various options for app developers for hire

Hiring freelance mobile app developers

When considering hiring talented developers more and more decision-makers are looking for the most cost-effective and beneficial software development services. The most extensive range of app programmers is presented within the freelance developers experienced in various industries. Freelancers usually are less expensive than hiring an in-house employee. You may find the variety of on any freelance website.

Possible obstacles

Although hiring a freelance mobile app developer may seem quite a favorable option, there are some disadvantages. Working with freelancers, you take a significant risk to face misunderstandings and experience broken deadlines.

Moreover, freelance specialists may work on several projects simultaneously, slowing down the entire development process, or may decide to abandon your project with no logical reasons for it.

Saves budgetMiscommunication
Wide variety of candidates to choose fromDifficulties with efficient management of the team
Many hiring platformsHigh risks of project abandonment

Build an in-house team

Choosing this option presupposes to hire an app developer for long-term cooperation, establishing a well-equipped workspace, and organizing an efficient workflow. However, it gives you complete control over the development process, app idea and may bring some headaches as well.


By choosing to hire an app developer for a permanent cooperation model, you need to be ready to cope with enormous expenses for the app development team. Moreover, you will need to offer app development specialists benefits and perks to retain them and nurture complete dedication to your project. You may also need the help of a qualified project manager who will efficiently build and curate the development process.

Complete control over the processTime-consuming hiring
Smooth communicationThe necessity to hire additional specialists to manage your team efficiently.
 It may be too costly

Choose outsourcing company

One of the most widespread and efficient options is to hire an app developer outsourcing. A customer hires a team of app developers to backup all the needed services. It enables accessing the best software development talents located in any spot of the world.

If chosen correctly, the outsourcing software development companies will supplement all the technology needs reasonably creating a successful mobile app. Outsourcing app development is the best option for companies with limited budgeting.

Obstacles you face when choosing outsource development model

One of the most significant difficulties when looking for the opportunity to hire an app developer in the matching time zone. It may also be complicated to overcome the communication-building challenges of communicating with a potential app developer.

Moreover, the level of English of freelance app developers and other candidates may be low, creating additional communication gaps, making project management more complex.

Access to the worldwide hub of talentsTime-zone differences
Cost efficiencyCommunication gap
Quick start 
Various management options 

Staff augmentation or creating a dedicated software development team

In essence, staff augmentation and hiring a dedicated team are the strategies of outsourcing models. A company preliminary assesses the available software developers and defines what technology expertise they are lacking.

Then, the company is looking for top app developers and outsourcing companies suitable for their project needs and supplementing the needed industry tech expertise. It allows enterprises to reduce or expand their team following the arising needs.

Faster development processDependence on a vendor
Specific expertiseCommunication issues
Cost-effectivenessOnboarding and management difficulties

Where can I find app developers for hire?

The global network offers excellent app programmers for hire. Through the online platforms, you can access the best app developers, including Android developer and iOS mobile developer. Here is the list of the most widespread platforms to hire remote developers.

clutch logo

Clutch is a platform presenting a massive database with more than 7 companies with extended descriptions and examples of successful projects. It also enables to discover the industries and technologies that companies specialize in and assess the ranking and available reviews about the potential candidate before hiring an app developer to your team.

freelancer logo

Freelancer offers a smaller database than the previous one; however, you can also hire an app developer you need here. However, the expertise of the developers may lag. Thus you should take it into account.

Codeable logo

Codeable is a job board offering more than half a thousand options to hire an app developer. You can interview an app programmer in real-time. One can simply leave the request, mentioning the needed programming language and other mobile app or web development requirements. Next, you get connected to the talents needed. A brief estimate will enable hiring an app developer you need and start the project asap.

toptal logo

Toptal is the marketplace with an exact AI-powered pre-screening system. Only top developers can get there. The online platform is worth choosing to hire an app developer for your project.

Other recommended places to look for mobile app developers for hire


Talk to your colleagues or people in your network to get to know about professional developers they were lucky to work with. Word of mouth is usually the best recommendation to hire an app developer.

You will uncover the possible mobile app developers with the right skills for building iOS app and Android apps, cultural fit, and real ability to contribute to your project. You can directly connect to the app developer who will be responsible, dedicated, and hard-working.

Freelance platforms for hiring an app developer

On the Internet, a variety of platforms offer thousands of options to hire mobile app developers. On the one hand, you may find a particular platform offering app developers for hire, whose quality of work is not clarified.

On the other hand, you may hire app developers on curated freelance platforms. Specialists will match you with the hiring options and create the description to hire an app developer you would like to work with.


A hiring agency is another popular app developer hiring option. However, you need to carefully research the agency you are going to interact with. Choose the ones that carefully scan app developers for hard and soft skills to be matched with the best quality candidates and eliminate the possible risks while building the complex app.

Key reasons to hire app developers from Europe

top outsourcing destinations in europe

End-to-end service

Outsourcing app development to a European company can save time and money getting end-to-end app development service. Discovery, design, development, testing, release, and maintenance – all service needs that you can easily satisfy. Benefit from the professionalism of European app developers and get your flawless app within the shortest terms.

Access the best talent hub

Europe is the best source of software development talents for hire. Expertise, excellent combination of hard and soft skills, advanced communication skills, and proven efficiency are the main reasons why global leaders hire mobile app developers from Europe.

No communication gaps

Most European mobile app developers have great knowledge of English and can build productive communication with the customer. Moreover, the time zones match European as well as Western countries.

It allows building efficient cooperation between the client and app developer. Transparent and efficient communication with app developers enables building a highly competitive product that conquers the market.


Rates for the job of mobile app developers in Europe are much lower than for instance, rates for USA app developers. However, the quality of app developers from Europe is on the highest level and the level of success of the released products.

How much does it cost to hire app developer and launch an app?

According to the latest statistical insights, mobile app development will generate up to $ 936 USA billion by 2023. Thus it is the perfect time to put your business idea into reality and launch the app development process. However, every entrepreneur’s main question is the real cost of mobile app development and what is takes to find app developers for hire.

Primarily you need to understand that it is impossible to make an exact estimation since the budget depends on various factors, including the type of the app, professional level of the app developer, location of the services provider that you choose. Let us dwell upon the main stages of app development and discuss the possible budget limits.


Discovery stage

One of the preliminary development stages presupposes the analysis of the current situation and building of future business development steps.

At this stage, the project concept is formulated. The customer gets specific market niche research, analysis of competitors, and formulation of specific app features. It also presupposes the choice of native app or cross-platform app development as well as the choice of the operating systems.

Development stage

The stage presupposes the very development process. You hire all the necessary software engineers, including either iOS developer or Android application developers. and gather the full team of mobile app developers and other specialists to launch the project. It may cost up to 5 k per month. Usually, the process is curated by the project manager.

Deployment stage

This stage handles the release issues. It also includes the testing costs. The overall budget may comprise up to 10 K, depending on the complexity of an app.

Maintenance stage

The post-development stage includes marketing expenses, upgrades, and regular maintenance costs. The budget may comprise 10 – 16% of overall app development budgeting.

To conclude, the average monthly check for custom mobile app development services starts from 50K USD.

What makes your app commercially viable?

According to insights published by Statista, a considerable number of released apps (25%) fail after the first launch. The major reason is that entrepreneurs lack knowledge enabling to monetize the app properly.

Custom app development is a costly business; however, if you are simply trying to cut on expenses, you will lose much more, maybe even face the failure of an app.

One of the most important aspects of making your app commercially viable is tracking the main success metrics. Calculate the expected ROI that the application is supposed to generate. Take into account the development budget and KPI (new customers, retention rates or sales growth) against it. You will generate the desired revenue only when the projected ROI meets the annual return.

Common mistakes you should avoid when hiring app developers

hiring mistakes

Assigning the project to the right app developers team is one of the business owners’ biggest concerns. However, still even scrupulously approaching the choice of the excellent app developer, business owners make some mistakes that may affect the development process and success of the app in the market. Here is the list of the most common mistakes one should avoid when hiring app developers.

Miss the stage of verifying the software vendor

As is often the case, business owners are looking for a development team that will quickly start the project will all the necessary services needed. However, never start the hiring process without verifying the credentials.

Examine the portfolio cases and client reviews. You may discover whether the vendor has relevant experience for the successful finishing of your project. It will serve as a guarantee you trust your money and idea in the right hands.

No interviews with the potential app developers

The project’s success directly depends on the hard and soft skills of the app developers, QA engineers, designers, scrum masters, project managers, and other specialists responsible for the project.

Choosing costs over skills

Startups often have limited budgeting, and the most critical factors that drive the app developer’s choice are the development costs. However, it is the wrong strategy, since choosing the cost over skills risks losing everything. Hiring experienced software app developers may be costly. However, it is the investment that pays off in the long run.

Take your time

Scaling startups need to launch and finish the project development as soon as possible. However, consider that a team of app developers cannot finish a future project within a few weeks. Do not be hasty and take into account other factors while choosing the software vendor, not only the timelines that are offered.

No similar projects available in a portfolio

Of course, it may in some cases, be an old stigma. However, it is always safer for your budget and reputation to choose the app developer supplier who has already successfully deployed similar projects. Available industry expertise will speed up the development process, cut the spending, and serve as a guarantee that the project will be deployed.

Overlook the aspect of future maintenance

No matter how professional is the app development team you have chosen, the future app may have to go through the debugging process after the deployment. It is important to discuss the maintenance aspects with the app development team, ensuring that the app will be upgraded and properly maintained.

Owning the source code

You need to own the source code since it is the mobile app’s core. It will become a spine for suture upgrades and modifications. It may also be impossible to switch to another team of app developers if you do not have any rights to the app’s source code.

Criteria you should orient on when hiring app developers

When searching for an app developers team, exist a number of crucial aspects you should take into account to pick the best option.

Examine the portfolio

Successfully finished projects are the best proof of the team’s efficiency and the level of their expertise. It is also important to look through the app rating and reviews, tech stack, and programming languages the specialist works with.

Study the way teams cope with challenges arising in app development and project management. It will serve as the indicator that the company is reliable enough and will efficiently organize the development process no matter the difficulties arising during the software development life cycle.

You can also research whether the team offers individual value propositions to help grow and develop by providing solid advice and tech solutions.

The level of expertise

Ensure the software vendor backs up all the features and desired functionality. The team should be able to implement any desired features offering the required framework and ensure the smooth operation of the future app. Another important aspect is that the team should integrate the software into workflow and other organizational processes.

Budget is not the key.

Most startups have limited budgeting. However, even considering this fact, you should not orient solely on the development cost. As is often the case, low cost means poor quality. Try to balance cost and experience and choose the optimal option.

Our experience in mobile app development

Our teams have cross-industry expertise in mobile app development. It supplies excellent solutions enabling enterprises to establish their digital presence, thus attracting and retaining a bigger number of customers.

Our uniqueness is that we treat customer’s ideas seriously, genuinely being dedicated to putting them into reality in the best possible way. Being armed with a strong tech stack, we build a solid technology that stands for the future.

We support our clients from the outset of the project till deployment being much more than just technology experts. Transparency of processes, quick onboarding, efficient communication, and a smooth workflow with efficient results are only a few benefits that we offer.

Why do our clients trust our app developers?

Having a rich portfolio and having become a reliable tech expert for many clients, Altamira has gained valuable experience and elaborated on the efficient cooperation strategy.

Our development teams supply a wide range of services starting from the discovery stage and ending with project maintenance and marketing campaigns. We know all the pitfalls of remote collaboration as well as all the nuances needed for organization of efficient collaboration.

We deliver mobility solutions for different categories of users and various business industries. App developers team builds mobile solutions assisting customers in streamlining complex operations, simplifying business processes, and assisting in everyday operations.

Services we offer

services GBKSOFT offers

Discovery stage. Business analytics conduct holistic business research to provide detailed technical documentation for your project. This pre-development stage enables to fully shape the idea, optimize the budget distribution, plan the development process and fully mitigate the risks. It validates and shapes the idea of the customer enabling us to comply with a detailed project roadmap.

MVP development. Build and launch the minimally viable version of your product with the help of our dedicated team members. They will include the main features necessary to test the idea on the market and gather the users’ feedback assessing whether the project is worth the investment.

UX/UI design. Offering unique experience apps built by Altamira development team attracts and retain new customers for a startup. We create designs that impress and leave no one untouched.

Integration and maintenance. Our teams offer support with the integration of the app into your business processes. Continuous tech support and maintenance are other benefits clients will get partnering with our team.

Documentation. Our specialists prepare all the necessary documents, including project visions, specifications, descriptions of the features, and technologies being integrated.

The best structure of the team including the Project Manager, QA Testers, and UX designers, enables to optimization of all the processes holding full control over every stage of development. We cultivate transparency and clarity thus enabling the customer to take part in the product building at any stage of development.

A project manager is in charge of the technology, understanding the behavior of the user, and efficiently organizing the work of all members of the development team.

We evaluate and test the app at each stage of the product delivery from the outset of the project. Data security and the highest level of privacy are our priorities.

Software engineers work with the team from day one putting all their efforts to tune the processes and optimize the workflow. All this allows us to build custom mobile solutions that fully meet the expectations of the customers in terms of usability, performance, security, and, most importantly, budget.

To sum up

Mobile Apps became an integral part of our daily life. 87% of smartphone users spend most of their time with their smartphones in their hands. Any business at a certain stage, sooner or later, faces the necessity to rely on technology and establish a digital presence.

To make one’s service available on the go you need to hire app developers. You may choose the best one from the variety of hiring options being oriented on the project needs and budgeting. A scrupulous approach will allow hiring the best development team, quickly launch and successfully finish the development process.

Altamira experts have established a practice that focuses solely on all aspects of mobile applications development. The developers optimize the process and produce highly resilient applications, providing great ROI while taking into account the critical factors for mobile app usability, stability, and scalability.


The average monthly tag for app development may comprise the sum starting from $50K. However, everything depends on the specialists you hire, the complexity of the app and the number of features implemented.
Exists various hiring options. Primarily, you need to settle whether on outsourcing the software development or building the in-house team. Next, you may choose from a variety of hiring options, including hiring agencies, using referrals, hiring freelance experts, etc.
The complexity and time of the development process directly depend on the complexity of your project and your business needs. On average, it takes 350 – 500 hours to finish the development process.

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