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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies in Europe

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The European software outsourcing market is considered to be one of the most extended and affluent all over the world. Besides a great number of successful software development companies, it is mostly known for its service quality and perfectly clean code. The European IT market counts custom software development companies of all kinds and sizes (like 10-50 employees and up to 1000-10000), while the quality of their services doesn’t depend on these numbers actually. 

Talking about the biggest outsourcing centers, we would like to emphasize three countries – Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. These European countries are known as the most extended tech talent pools with top-notch software developers. Numerous worldwide brands outsource their software development to Ukraine or Poland or hold the R&D center within these countries. 

European outsourcing centers

You might be curious why European custom software development countries are in such high demand among business owners worldwide. There are two main things to highlight; high-quality software and reasonable rates, compared to the U.S or Canada.

Ukraine offers the most affordable prices for custom software development services, providing you with high-grade experienced developers, wide technical and industry expertise, and transparent processes during the development. The average hourly rates of Ukrainian software developers start from $25 and go up to $80 while other European countries offer their services starting from $50. 

Talking about the technical expertise prone to European software developers, we would like to mark Java, Javascript, .Net, Python, PHP, React, Ruby and others. 

Ukraine vs Poland
What are the main differentiators of outsourcing in Ukraine and Poland? Keep reading by the following link.

Benefits to outsource in Europe 

The European outsourcing market is pretty attractive and recognized by foreign companies of different sizes and industries. European custom software development companies appeal by the certain benefits compared to the companies from other locations, and now we will discuss what exactly makes business owners entrust their software solution development to European development teams. 

#1 Access to the extended tech talent pool

The European tech talent pool is impressive because of the number of talented software developers (which is more than 1 million specialists) proficient in contemporary technologies and experienced in different industries. Mostly, they are located in the biggest IT hubs within such countries as Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. 

#2 English level

Communication is a key to mutual understanding and successful cooperation with your technical partner. It is important to ensure that each specialist in the development team is proficient in English and clearly understands your requirements. There is no European country where people wouldn’t know English at least at a basic level. 

#3 Reasonable rates

Just have a look at the numbers below: they describe the actual rates for software specialists located in the biggest outsourcing centers in Eastern Europe. Above all, compare the numbers between Western and Eastern European countries – the difference is really notable and impressive. Talking about Eastern Europe, the prices are quite low, and the average starts at $30-35 per hour per developer.

European software developers rates

The rate grows simultaneously with the particular specialist category, and it doesn’t always depend on whether it’s Junior, Middle, or Senior. Custom software development companies provide different policies and grades for their employees, so sometimes it can be a range between 5-6 different skill levels within one development team. 

#4 Fast time to market

Outsourcing saves your time spent on recruitment and eventually, the development process can start right away when you sign all the partnership contacts. The faster you start, the faster you get to the release stage and can use the ready custom software solution for your business needs. Commonly, the outsourcing vendor is ready to provide you with any resources you need to develop and deliver you a software solution. 

#5 Business value

European custom software development companies are remarkable in their attitude to their customers and the service quality they provide. You should be on the same page with your technical partners and share the same business values. Your partner should be willing to follow your requirements, adjust to your needs and be interested in the successful outcome of your cooperation just as you are. 

Ukrainian software developers
Widen your knowledge about outsourcing in Ukraine and why popular brands choose Ukraine as their development center.

Examples of companies that outsourced to Europe 

Eastern European software development services are popular because of the range of benefits these software development teams offer to their clients. We talk not only about the startups or small businesses but also about worldwide brands that outsource the development or hold the R&D centers within the European software development companies. Thus, we offer you to look closer at the popular brands that dedicated the development of their custom software solutions to Eastern European developers. 

In the beginning, most of these companies were just startups that were looking for effective ways of converting their app ideas into working solutions. You definitely have heard of some of them, like:

  • Grammarly (Ukraine);
  • Bolt (Estonia);
  • Allegro (Poland);
  • Avast (Czech Republic);

All these applications became recognized and demanded all over the world. Moreover, these facts show what European countries are supposed to be the most proficient and trusted in the modern IT market. Additionally, many worldwide brands still hold the R&D centers within the European countries, particularly Ukraine and Poland, among which we would like to note eBay, Samsung, Skype, Boeing, Apple, and others. 

Criteria to look for a reliable Software Development Company

To give you a better idea of what the ideal technical partner should provide you with and make your choice easier, we highlighted the main criteria you need to pay attention to before signing the contracts.

Industry and technical expertise
Make sure that custom software development companies of your choice can show you the proven experience in your industry or the technologies your project requires. In the case they don’t have the relevant experience, it will be difficult for both of you to find mutual understanding soon.
Proven experience
Now when you have figured out the domain and technical expertise of your potential technical partner, it is time to check the real cases and previous projects of the chosen custom software development company. Additionally, we advise you to examine the CVs of each specialist that will be engaged in the development of your custom solution. Specifically, you should look at their skill levels, and how long they’ve been working for this company to avoid replacements during the development process.
Number of specialists
The size of the custom software development company should correlate with the scope of your project. It means that the development team should be ready to provide you with all the needed resources and specialists in case your project will scale.
Testimonials and awards
Nothing speaks better for the company’s reputation than its recognition and positive reviews from its previous clients. You can check the testimonials on the website of the chosen custom software development company, and also find more information on specialized platforms like Clutch, Good Firms, and others. Moreover, there are companies that can provide you with contacts of their clients so that you can find out more about the internal processes and the development flow within the company.

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Top 10 custom software development companies in Europe

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GBKSOFT is a European custom software development company that is known for extended domain and technical expertise, providing the development of custom software of all kinds and for all industries. The company has been successful on the market during the last 10 years and works tirelessly to provide its clients with the best software development services and attitude.

GBKSOFT is at the active growing stage as the number of employees is increasing every month and now it equals 100+ experienced specialists headquartered in Kyiv. Talking about the rates of the GBKSOFT development team, they offer the most reasonable prices on the European IT market starting from $30-$40 and are ready to offer you some extra services to deliver the high-grade custom software solution for your needs.


Eleks is a huge Ukrainian software development company based in Lviv that consists of 10K+ specialists proficient in the technologies like IoT, blockchain, DevOps, VRARMR, UX consulting, and others. They provide consulting services, custom software development, or optimizing the existing business solutions of their clients. Their rates are a little bit higher than the average Ukrainian companies and start at $50-99 per hour


Yalantis is another Ukrainian custom software development company headquartered in Dnipro. Their command consists of more than 200 employees. Among the main industries the Yalantis team is proficient in, we would like to note healthcare, communication, and supply chain. On their account, there are 70+ projects delivered annually among which there are software solutions like SaaS apps, end-to-end business development, mobile product development,  offering their services at average rates of $25-49.  


N-iX is one of the biggest software development companies in Ukraine with a team of approximately 8-9K employees that are located in different countries, particularly Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Malts, and the USA. Headquartered in Lviv, N-iX offers a wide range of services which includes software product development, the dedicated development team, SAP consultation, technical support, and others. Overall, their rates are somewhat higher and start from $50 for the developers of the low categories


Basically, Tivix is a software product development company based in San Francisco, U.S. But owning offices all around the world, particularly in Poland. The range of their service is rather traditional as they offer mobile software development, backend and frontend web development, and product design. They are also notable for partnering with Apple and Tesla.


MentorMate is a Bulgarian branch of a custom software development company headquartered in Minneapolis. The company focuses on business digital transformation and automation via contemporary technologies and their implementation into custom software. MentorMate offers full-cycle software development, cloud migration, product design, and maintenance services after the deployment stage. 


Visuality is a Polish software development center that is only beginning to rise and has approximately 50 developers. Besides, their rates are on the same level as the huge custom software development companies and start at $50-99 for their services. The range of their services includes dedicated software development, discovery stage, and product design creation. 


Infinum has several offices in the U.S and Europe as well. One of them is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a team of 250 employees. The company has been on the market for 16 years and is still in the game. They help their clients build the right strategies for adopting modern technologies in their organizations and transforming their internal processes. 


Monterail is one more Polish app development company headquartered in Wroclaw. The company is not really big yet (up to 250 developers), however, it doesn’t influence the set of their services that offer web and mobile development, MVP development, product design creation. Talking about the technical expertise, there is nothing innovative and the company uses popular programming languages like React.js, Python, Node.js, etc.

STX Next

STX Next is a Python software development company located in Poznan, Poland. As you see, Python is their main focus, however, they also provide software solution development on React.js and Node.js. The company provides end-to-end software product development, team extension service, consulting, prototype development, and others. 

How We can help you with a software project?

For the last 10 years, we have grown from a small team of like-minded people, willing to build and deliver top-notch custom business software into an extended team of experienced specialists that value their clients and focus on the successful income of the cooperation of each of them. 

There are 300+ custom software projects on our account developed for businesses of different sizes and specializations like finance, education, healthcare, retail, gambling & betting, among others. We have clients all over the world, particularly in Europe. And we would like to tell you more details about the projects we have successfully delivered for our European customers. 

Case #1: Metro Gaming System – 2021

Industry: Gambling & Betting

Metro Gaming System is a SaaS web application that provides online casino services. The pandemic forced our client to enter the online business as before he was the owner of the offline casino network. Therefore, he was willing to digitize his business and make it available for users all over the world. As a result of our cooperation, our team has developed a web-based SaaS application with the following functions: 

  • To create an admin panel to manage the user activities
  • Generate statistics
  • Provision scalability
  • Create a client database
  • Have the website have an adaptive interface

Case #2: Zemp Center POS (Switzerland, EU)

Industry: Retail

Originally, Zemp Center was a web-based POS SaaS solution that provides end-to-end business applications. As of today, most people tend to use their smartphones for different activities like shopping, delivery, education, entertainment, and many others. Thus, the owner of the ZEMP center wanted to develop an online version of the existing solution to make it accessible for more users and provide better management of the internal processes. 

Case #3: Donald Laundry App (Stockholm, Sweden)

Industry: Delivery

Donald Laundry is a mobile application that offers laundry and delivery services, meaning clients can take their things for cleaning by dropping them at specific locations (lockers, at the concierge’s, or directly at their homes) and pick them up once they are ready. 

These projects are directly developed for clients from Europe, and this is just a little part of our extended experience. We work tirelessly to widen our domain and technical expertise. Get acquainted with our technical expertise. It is not our limit as we continue mastering the latest technologies among which are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

GBKSOFT technologies stack

There are three European countries that are remarkable by their software development services and wide technical expertise – Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania.
One working hour of the skilled developer will cost you at least $30-40. The rates depend on the experience and category of developers engaged in your project.

Bottom line

The variety of custom development companies in Europe is surely enormous, with its similarities and differences. Compared to other IT markets, the European outsourcing market remains the most remarkable, top-notch, and popular in different countries all over the world. 

At our company, we do not stop working on the quality of our services and reach the best results for our clients by partnering with us. Before the development starts, we figure out all the details about your project – industry specifics, competitors, modern market trends, your business values, goals, and requirements.

We are keen on the success of your custom software solution just as you are as we build software that brings profits and digital changes into businesses for your clients. Let’s digitize your company workflows with us and discuss what custom software solution your company really demands. 


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