How to Train and Tune Image Recognition Model: Tips from Altamira Expert 

Image recognition is a cutting edge technology that is actively used by businesses.  Education, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and even security companies already rely on image recognition systems and benefit from using them on a daily basis. Just check out our blog post dedicated to the most interesting use cases of image recognition, and you […]

How to Build a Trading App Like Ticker Tocker

Trading has always triggered the interest of people who seek additional income. Some years ago trading was a tiresome half-manual job, but now with the latest technologies and solutions, it has become a very pleasant activity able to bring you money.  Each year more and more trading groups think about building their own trading platform and […]

All You Need to Know about Team Extension and Its Benefits for Business

Last year Gartner named digital transformation and accelerated use of technologies the leading trends of the modern business world for the upcoming years. So it is not a surprise that numerous companies worldwide now seriously consider custom software development. And while some of them already have their in-house development teams that include all necessary technicians, […]