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Altamira 2023: The Future of Digital Products Development and 2022 Retrospective

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In the shadow of the War in Ukraine, the geopolitical and economic situation across the globe affects industries all over the world. Software development companies are facing numerous challenges as well trying to find efficient pathways to navigate the present and prepare for the upcoming year.
Stability, adaptability, and flexibility are going to be our top abilities in 2023 allowing us to continuously deliver the highest quality of service no matter the circumstances.
2022 was a really tough year. 2023 promises to force businesses to tighten their belts and revise priorities even more. However, choosing the right strategy, following product development trends and picking the correct business direction may give a considerable advantage to companies striving to grow and provide sustainable services.
We have spoken with Altamira’s leaders to unravel the truth behind the scenes and talk about the real challenges of the year passing by, ups and downs, and efficient solutions and strategies that allow the company not only to stay afloat but also successfully cope with the most challenges and demonstrate decent results.

The 2022 Global Turbulence and how Altamira manages to stay stable in digital product development

Summing up the previous year in Altamira, it was the last phase of the merging into a single company – Altamira. It was a serious step since all the business processes were synchronized and unified to offer more stability, efficiency, and expertise in digital product development.

The turning point was the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It served as a litmus test for our business processes, operations, and all business aspects. They included turbulence in the global economy, insecure clients, postponing their project till 2023, and a certain instability in growing revenue.

However, Altamira’s team’s hard work, strategic thinking, ability to keep up with the emerging trends and transformation of key business processes led our company and allowed us to achieve mutually beneficial results.

In 2022, our main achievements were moving to larger projects and clients, improving client NPS from 40 to 58, signing 1M+ project contract, and adding a new service – Data Solutions capability.

 Dmitriy Kushnir, Altamira’s CEO shares, “despite a very challenging year for Altamira, we managed to provide services to our clients, develop our employees, grow business, adjust and prepare the company for the year 2023.”

Retain, maintain, improve - Altamira’s three pillows

The efforts it takes to create new products and maintain the existing ones are changing. Digital transformation of businesses is a complex task.

To understand what helps us to maintain stability, satisfy customers and stay reliable to our clients despite the current geopolitical and economic conditions we talked with our Client Success Chief – Alexandra Rostovtseva:

What helps us to maintain stability and stay reliable to our clients despite the current geopolitical and economic conditions?

 In our experience, the biggest help we can provide to our clients during turbulence in macroeconomic conditions is to stay flexible. Flexibility helps to retain, maintain, improve and keep the focus on the business growth for both Altamira and our clients.  

What were the challenges that we have faced, and how did we manage to cope with potential risks, and develop and grow customer loyalty in continuously changing conditions?

Adaptability and measuring response are core things but is also the biggest challenge, we try to be proactive and quick in these adaptations by incorporating this principle in the product, technology, and project strategies of our client.

Do we have some strategies or internal business philosophy to mitigate possible risks in the future and continue to successfully deliver services to our clients?

 According to the most recent survey, our clients name “Proactivity”, “Flexibility” and “Communication” as our strongest points. And these are the principles we keep to:

  • We stay proactive in challenges addressing

  • We are flexible to changes and adapt to them quickly

  • We are communicating on all aspects to keep the transparency of relationships

Remote product development with a focus on customer needs, requirements, and expectations enables our clients to get efficient tech expertise to scale and grow sustainably. Our focus is always on the client and one’s business needs. Even in the toughest moments on a global scale, we are ready to be the shallow of stability, flexibility, and reliability for your business.

Looking for a reliable team?

Altamira will provide the highest quality of tech services for your business!

Hiring & Recruiting in Times of Instability

Hiring is also one of the key business aspects in Altamira. We have talked with our Head of Talent Acquisition – Anna Russu

Affected by the current geopolitical conditions, the hiring market has been transformed and we have to deal with the scarcity of talent. The employer dictates the conditions, however, we haven’t stopped hiring remote engineering teams in Ukraine. Concerning hiring in the global market – we compete with famous mature companies, and it is challenging.

The labor market in Ukraine is crowded, and candidates need to adapt to current conditions, even sometimes accepting offers sacrificing their ambitions.

On the contrary, European candidates are highly demanded. It is often necessary to compete with large companies on the market to hunt candidates with the needed technical knowledge.

Altamira orients on Azerbaijan, since they are highly professional and flexible, and the price-quality ratio is equal. Ukrainian candidates are also in demand. Despite the current electricity issues, our candidates managed to guarantee a stable workflow, no matter the circumstances.

A.Russu: “According to my philosophy – the hiring market resembles a swing and conditions are dictated either by the employee or employers. And these swings started with the wave of COVID 19 and achieved its highest degree today. And no matter the circumstance, we have to stay humans and step into the shoes of the people we work with. The key message is – no matter the situation, we need to stay open-minded and build relations with people we work with.”

Currently, Altamira is actively growing and working with global companies. Recently, we have started working with the Red Cloud. It is a new experience for our company concerning the tech part, since we are going to work with Magento, .net, and it demands hiring specialists of a higher level. Thus, only the best candidates get the offers.

It is a live product with active users. It already has the UK team and the level of expertise is really high, allowing our team to get valuable experience and get practical skills. Currently, it is the main focus for Altamira.

Critical business drivers in 2023

Critical business drivers are those key points to rely on to maintain stable and successful businesses. We have talked with Altamira’s Chief Operations Officer – Tomas Masek and got some useful insights to share with you.

Businesses need to divide their operations into flexible, independent units with clearly set business goals – and optimize very quickly in case of inefficiencies. Companies need to remind themselves of their beginning and try to apply that vivid and quick decision-making of those times into their daily life.

Customers are going to choose more carefully and the decision-making process is going to be longer. Software dev companies with greater added value will be preferred partners because software development is not only about providing workforce but mainly about domain knowledge and experience allowing to positively impact customers’ choices.

Altamira is actively preparing to conquer new heights in 2023 following the tech trends

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, the current economic situation, and the ever-faster development of technologies pose new challenges for businesses. 

At T20 Summit 2022 in Indonesia, Global tech leaders report that 2023 promises to demonstrate the continuation of innovations in AI technologies, the growth in IoT tech, virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing, and superfast network protocols like 5G.

We will see that the boundaries among these new digital product development trends are blurring bringing us closer to the point where we will create unique tech solutions. For instance, intelligent tech systems, where different processes will support each other. 

Automation of operations, big data solutions, Artificial Intelligence technologies, and smart bold decision is the point businesses should strive for during the upcoming year. More effective sales and marketing, automation of core business operations, and services more aligned with the customer need – will be the main focuses for us.

According to Forbes, customers crave experience above all else. Immersion and interactivity will lead the scene in 2023 when we talk about the digital product development trends of 2023.

Since businesses will deal with the immersive skill gap, the adoption of AI technologies, data science, and other tech areas allow companies to ensure that their tech-savvy environment succeeds and get ahead.

However, advanced expertise and unique human talent will never be replaced by machines, since there are those business operations, which cannot be automated. 

To Sum Up

Businesses must define their route in 2023 and prepare for possible challenges. Digital transformation and innovative software solutions is today inevitable if you want to keep up with the trends and stay on the top of the competition.

To complete this process successfully, you must have a fresh set of eyes on the platforms, tools, data analytics, procedures, and technology you are employing.

Altamira will continue to be a sustainable and experience tech partner in 2023, offering the highest tech expertise with the main focus on a client. Stability, sustainability, and growth will continue to be our main orienting points.

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