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Altamira welcomes new CEO: Kristian Samler


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We are excited to announce that Kristian Samler has joined Altamira as our new Chief Executive Officer. Kristian brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in his previous roles. We are confident that his forward-thinking approach will greatly contribute to Altamira’s ongoing journey of discovery, development, and expansion.

Prior to joining Altamira, Kristian served as Managing Director at TITANS, where he developed and executed complex business development strategies, managed day-to-day operations, and nurtured long-lasting client partnerships. Kristian also led numerous technology initiatives, demonstrating his flexibility and ability to achieve remarkable results.

We are excited to welcome Kristian to the Altamira team. With his solid track record of success and a wealth of experience gained from his past roles, Kristian will bring a set of skills and a progressive mindset that will be essential in advancing Altamira towards a new chapter of our evolution and innovation.

Denis Korobeinikov, Chief Finance Officer

Kristian Samler shared his thoughts on joining Altamira.

I am honoured and excited to step into the role of CEO at Altamira. My vision is to drive innovation and excellence in everything we do while nurturing a healthy and diverse organisational culture.

We will continue to build a strong, internationally recognised company that delivers exceptional value to our clients. Furthermore, we are actively exploring new markets and opportunities to expand our reach and impact even further.

The future holds great promise, and with the level of dedication and commitment I have witnessed so far, I am confident that we will achieve heights we have not yet dared to dream of.

Kristian Samler, CEO

Altamira team eagerly anticipates the new chapter in our story under the leadership of our new CEO.

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