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Image-Recognition App Development Guide

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Searching for information or items via the internet is not just about text. Now you can have an image or part of the picture and find everything you need related to this image. Image recognition is the ability of a system or software to identify objects, people, places, and actions on images. It can be useful in many spheres of our life – education, work, shopping. Also, some apps give the ability to see and recognize objects for people who have some problems with sight. 

With the development of image recognition software, it became possible to search not just by a still photo but graphic, videos, or a small element. It is interesting how the computer defines all these details. It usually uses image processing algorithms that recognize single elements as well as a group of image elements. Every image has a matrix of numerous elements that represent data associated with the image.

Examples of image recognition apps

There are many image recognition apps that already exist. Here are ones popular among them:

  • Vivino is an image recognition app that shows you detailed descriptions of different kinds of wine. there you can description of taste, the origin country, the year of spilling into bottles. Also, you can see the ratings and feedback of other users who tried that wine you are interested in. 
  • LeafSnap is the app that gives the ability to recognize the plant species by the photo of their leaves. Trees, flowers, fruit – there are many kinds included. It was produced by the University of Maryland for the students of biological faculty. With the usage of this app, they could find out everything about the plant – country, species, conditions of growing, etc.
  • Screenshop is an app that identifies shoppable items oh photos – mostly clothes of shoes. You just need to take a screenshot and the app will show you results in online stores or catalogs.
  • Google Lens allows users to take photos in real-time and search it on the internet offering links to diverse pages, Wikipedia, and other websites connected to this image.
  • TapTapSee is an app that gives the ability to see for blind people or for people who are visually impaired. All you have to do is take a photo of any place you are, and the program will vocalize it with function VoiceOver.

Already have an image recognition app for your own business in mind?


Where can image recognition developments be used?

The image recognition feature is becoming more popular and demanded. It is used not just for inline shopping or entertaining aims but in diverse important business spheres. We made a list of top industries where image recognition development is inevitable:

  • Education – image recognition app can help, for example, students of biological faculty to detect the species of plants
  • Manufacture – facial or location control of workers that will increase the level of productiveness
  • Autonomous vehicles – a taxi will have no human drives but mini-robot and facial recognition function of clients 
  • Medicine – AI can help to predict many diseases by using algorithms, it is your medical assistant who never sleeps and reminds about taking pills

What benefits can your business get with the image recognition app?

Image app recognition software can make your business staff more productive and followed by every step of changing. As these apps have not only useful functions for online shopping, there should be mentioned main functions that you can make use of:

  • facial recognition – it provides a high level of security to all data, so no one could send it to third parties, you and your clients can be sure that their info is confidential
  • visual geolocation – this function lets the employer tracks the location of employees and also the clients can track the order, for example, it can be taxi or delivery, it gives the benefit of reliability to the company
  • industrial automation -it replaces human resources, not all of them, but some costs and salaries will reduced with the usage of image recognition app
  • gesture recognition – it is one more option connected to the security as nowadays people tend to stay private and sometimes even anonymous, this function makes them sure their data will be safe as they trust your company.

These are some of the advantages of the usage of the image recognition app. Also, AI can help to structure all this visual data by categories. It is the easiest way to control workers on your manufacture – facial recognition or localization the human faces in visuals. In addition, there is a function of object tracking that detects moving objects in real-time. For your better understanding, Uber is a kind of such an app. Both employers and users can see the location of drivers and track the movements. 

Let’s imagine that your business connected to online shopping. It gives a boundless search for products your clients want to buy. It can be a clothes shop as well as a supermarket with goods. The main benefits are the absence of a physical shop that cuts the cost of rent of commercial space. Also, it decreases the number of workers you need to pay and gives the ability to search for a definite product on different sources via the internet. So if you don’t have or don’t know what your client wants, image recognition will find anything existing in this world and shows the way of getting it. 


Do you want to integrate image recognition into your business solution?


How to choose image recognition APIs?

API is the key component of any software development. As for image recognition, it gives more robust features. Hosted API gives the ability to integrate with the already existing app that you use or build it from the beginning. Here is a list of best image recognition APIs:

  • Google Cloud Vision – it can detect any type of images – printed or handwritten, you can create your custom sets of objects to recognize the images, it is available on Google Cloud Platform
  •  Amazon Rekognition – API that has many features that allow to segment videos and photos to detect faces, objects, and other content
  • IBM Watson Visual Recognition – it suits to many apps, models provided by this visual recognition can build the application and then be trained to detect some objects


Image recognition app development will reduce human work in many spheres in the nearest future. These apps apply convenience and modern technology to your business as you get many new functions as automated image organization, user-generated content, interactive marketing, and others. If you are ready to boost your business with the usage of image recognition software, contact us and open this digital world for your deal.

On average, it will take three months if talking about MVP.
It depends on the type of app: native – from $25000 for 1 platform, flutter for 2 platforms – from $35000.
Advanced business process management – facial ID for employees instead of plastic cards, diverse levels of access to data, or departments as one of the main functions.
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