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AI Car Damage Recognition

Our AI Car Damage Recognition is a solution powered by machine learning that allows you to quickly identify damaged car parts, assess damage level and evaluate the type of repair that will be required and its cost.

All by uploaded photos of the damaged car. 

The main challenges we can solve

Overcome all these challenges with our AI software solution

Personalized customer experience

Generate personally adjusted prices based on the owner’s driving patterns, speed patterns, traffic environment, and the number of miles driven​.

Better risk assessments

Make more informed and accurate decisions about the risks associated with insuring different vehicles.

Faster incident investigation

Assess the damages remotely, which allows for processing insurance claims quicker.

Exact vehicle damage detection using AI

Exactly evaluate the vehicle condition based on gathered and processed data generated by internal car sensors and get exact calculations.

Detection of fraudulent cases​

By providing objective, consistent, and accurate information about the condition of a vehicle, this technology can help insurers to identify potentially fraudulent cases.

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Car Damage Recognition Solution built by Altamira

Car Damage Recognition is a cutting-edge AI-based solution created by Altamira. It uses photos captured with a smartphone to instantly detect dents, scratches, and minor body defects in vehicles. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to activate insurance policies on the spot without any need for expert assessment. By streamlining the vehicle assessment process, Car Damage Recognition allows car owners to easily and swiftly obtain insurance policies.

Recognize a car

The system is able to automatically assess whether there is a car in the photo, what is the color and the model of the car is, what is the angle of the car and whether the car is damaged or not. It also recognizes if the image was modified or not to prevent fraud.

Severity of damage

Damage Recognition allows quick understanding and assessment of the level of damage to a car and the location of the damaged components. It also allows for detecting whether the car is really damaged as a result of a car incident, or just dirty.

Repair estimation cost

By analyzing data from a large number of repairs, a car damage detection using machine learning can identify patterns and trends in the cost of different types of repairs. This can help to ensure that repair costs are estimated accurately and that insurance policies are priced fairly.

Car damage recognition benefits we propose

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Fast and convenient

Quickly and easily snap a photo of the vehicle and receive an instant assessment of the damage, which speeds up the insurance claim process.



AI vehicle damage inspection is a cost-effective alternative to traditional damage assessment methods, which often require an expert examination in person.


Better risk management

Better manage your risk with accurate and reliable documentation of vehicle condition. This can be useful in insurance claims, disputes, or legal cases that may arise.


Improved customer experience

Simplified process of assessing the condition of a vehicle’s body, making it easier for car owners to take out insurance policies without a delay. 


Increased accuracy

With a precision level of over 95%, the solution delivers highly accurate damage assessments, reducing the risk of disputes between car owners and insurance companies. 


Automated damage assessment

AI car crash damage analysis of the photos of the vehicle’s body and accurate car damage detection of any dents, scratches, or other small defects without requiring human intervention.

Who can benefit from Car Damage Recognition?

Insurance companies

Simplify the process of assessing a vehicle’s body condition with AI in car insurance. By enabling the real-time detection of dents, scratches, and other small defects through photos, AI car damage detection eliminates the need for expert intervention or travel to a physical location. The solution provides a high level of precision, allowing insurance policies to be activated instantly and making it easier for car owners to obtain insurance coverage quickly and efficiently. 

Car rentals

Streamline the vehicle inspection process, reduce the time and labor required for manual inspections, and improve the accuracy and consistency of damage assessment. This can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes with customers over pre-existing damage, as well as reduce the likelihood of fraud or false claims of damage. Additionally, valuable insights on the condition of the fleet allow you to prioritize repairs and maintenance and optimize your operational efficiency. 

Carsharing companies

Automatically detect any damage and flag it for repair. This can save time and reduce errors, as well as ensure that all damage is properly identified and addressed. Additionally, by automatically detecting and documenting damage, these solutions can provide a clear record of the condition of a vehicle at the time it was rented. This can help to prevent customers from falsely claiming that they were not responsible for damage that occurred during their rental period.

Online car marketplaces

Streamline the inspection process, reduce the time and labor required for manual inspections, and improve the accuracy of damage assessment. This can help prevent disputes with buyers over pre-existing damage, as well as reduce the likelihood of fraud or false claims of damage. Moreover, valuable data on the condition and history of the vehicles listed on your platform allows you to better inform potential buyers and improve their overall trust and satisfaction with the marketplace.

How it works

Our system allows you to upload a picture of your car damage to indepently assess damage location and severity, easing the burden of filing an insurance claim and getting your car repaired.

01 Snap

02 Submit

03 Assess

04 Results

Take a picture of your car damage. For best results, try to focus on one major area of damage (e.g., front, side, or rear) and contain most of the car body in the picture.

Upload your picture using our handy web app and image upload capabilities.

Convolutional neural networks will identify where and how severely your car is damaged and provide an immediate assessment of your damage.

Results can be used to obtain a cost estimate or submit to your insurance company to expedite claims handling.


Machine learning is used widely for automated manual tasks. Using AI technologies and an algorithm framework, AI will be able to identify damaged components accurately and predict the extent of damage to the structure and determine repair costs and the total cost if necessary. It is possible to use image/video annotations of computers to train ML models. This ML model extracts analysis and provides insights that result in a quick inspection that is more accurate.

In training your Model Learning Machine for vehicle detection and assessments, the first step is selecting a highly qualified Training Data, followed by data analysis and segmentation.

Modern technologies allow the use of AI/ML with features such as Computer Visual Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Instance Segmentation to provide this service with high accuracy and a fast response rate to achieve desired goals.

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