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Is Node.js Still Relevant for Startup Development in 2024?

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When choosing a technology for startups, businesses should concentrate more on business value than technology. The proper focus guarantees quick and efficient growth, future scaling, and cost efficiency. 

Node.js applications open new opportunities for many business directions. It has been growing its popularity since 2009 and still holds high positions in the rank nowadays. In this article, we discuss the relevance of using Node.js for your startups in 2024 and dwell upon the real successful projects that will inspire you to make the right choice. 

Key takeaways about Node.js applications

Node.js is an open-source and single-thread programming environment that runs on JavaScript. It allows the creation of fast, productive, and scalable apps enabling quick debugging and rapid deployment. The basis of this environment is the V8 Google engine, which makes it fast, responsive, and easily scalable. 

Its dynamic architectures enable the development of non-blocking, event-driven applications and server systems. Moreover, it can help to build traditional backends or rest API. 

Is Node.js still relevant for startup development in 2023

The technology was launched in 2009 and was recognized as one of the important achievements in web development. Even nowadays, after over a decade, it has increased its popularity and become the choice of the world’s unicorns, such as Uber, Netflix, eBay, and Yahoo. 

Node.js transforms JavaScript into a universal code that can be used for building web application development and mobile apps. The ability to integrate various existing libraries while building Node.js apps also considerably expands the opportunities for Node.js developers. 

Building apps with Node.js, you can cover both frontend and backend development needs since the JavaScript runtime environment is on the server side, outside the browser. 

Node.js runs JavaScript using a single-threaded event loop, which minimizes the execution times of individual applications., However, it is multithreaded by nature and provides hidden threads using the libuv library. It enables handling I/O operations like reading files from a disk or network requests, thus speeding up the overall app performance. 

Is Node.js still relevant for startup development in 2023

These characteristics are the non-blocking nature of all I/Os and the synchronous nature of the nodes. This feature is scalable for growing startup apps with limited budgeting but huge potential. 

Node.js, compared to other technologies, is scalable to varying sizes with a wide variety of web applications and mobile apps that can be easily controlled using real-time communication. 

Benefits of hiring Node.js developer for your startup

Node.js application development powers up businesses with a variety of benefits. Here is the list of the most popular ones. 

High productivity

Google G8 engine allows the development of apps in real-time mode. Moreover, NPM (Node package manager) has up to 7000 pre-made modules. It means you do not need to start from scratch. 

Fast time to market

Lightweight nature of the Node.js platform considerably cuts the development time, allowing it to enter the market quicker and overpass competitors. 

Cost efficiency

It allows building a full-stack application and cutting expenses by only hiring a single specialist to cover all tech needs. Switching between the front and back end is no necessity when hiring a Node.js team.


At a certain point you will need to scale up your business, expand the features, target a wider audience and satisfy all customers’ needs. Node.js development allows scaling up your app successfully at any point following your ever-changing business needs. 

Microservices architecture 

The Node.js architecture allows microservice architecture as the simplest technology tool. By splitting application logic into smaller components, Microservices allows better flexibility and lay the basis for more growth. 

Rich ecosystem

The NPM – the default java packager – similarly serves as an open-source JavaScript tool, which is vital in its advancement in the future. The Node.js ecosystem has an extensive database containing almost 1 million package names; there were about 42 thousand dedicated to Node.js at the time.

According to these data, nearly all modern applications include NPM modules. It is evidence of the undeniable success of this technology. With so many free tools available in just a few clicks, Node.js offers excellent possibilities for startups. 

Types of projects that will benefit the most from using Node.js

Is Node.js still relevant for startup development in 2023-3

It is the best choice for projects like social platforms, business apps, p2p marketplaces, payment systems, and entertaining platforms like Netflix. 

One of the biggest reasons why Node.js is mainly chosen for building real-time applications, which require the processing of numerous user requests can quickly process a large number of incoming requests in real-time, and can handle active interaction with users.  

Node.js handles many simple requests rather than a few complex operations using many server resources. 

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Is Node.js programming language relevant for startups?

As was already mentioned, Node.js appeared in 2009 and is still popular, also among many startup owners

Startups have their specificities, and not all of them will become unicorns. However, if you take into account some key business factors while choosing the tech stack for your startup, you will have much more chances for success. 

Node.js allows us to write code, test, and deploy quicker than on other platforms. It means you get an express app, quick time to market, and a highly competitive product relevant to the market needs. There is no risk that the business idea will become irrelevant and old during the time spent on development. 

Node.js apps, as a rule, have higher conversion rates since such apps are highly productive and offer the best user experience. 

You can quickly scale Node.js apps following growing business needs. You can easily add new features, expand functionality, and update the instruments with minimal investments. 

You will cut considerable costs on server infrastructure and your team. One specialist can perform frontend and backend development. It increases the overall development efficiency, considerably lowering the budget.

Node.js apps guarantee quality and reliability. With the availability of many ready libraries, developers can easier and quicker implement unique, thus reducing the time. 

The most significant value for startups is that Node.js allows building scalable apps within the shortest terms, not sacrificing quality, performance, and user experience

Hiring Node.js developers for your startup kills two birds with one shot. There is no need to employ various software engineers and spend resources to implement the additional technologies. 

Real-life examples of successful Node.js app development


Netflix is a platform that lets users download videos and TV series to their computer via any device. According to Netflix, due to its modularity, the user interface (UI) has been created using Node.js. Netflix is twice as fast when running NodeJS on a desktop. Moreover, Node Js allowed increasing the loading time by 70%. 


Primarily eBay, the world-known commercial app, has adopted Node.js for the backend. Now, they are working on developing a fully-fledged frontend stack running on Node.js. Thanks to Node.js, they achieved stability while operating the massive stream of commercial deals in real time. 


Uber has changed the transportation experience for many people. It is available for travel in over 140 countries worldwide. 

Uber was one of the first adopters of Node.js. It has helped Uber to improve its development operations and enabled quick bug fixes, with no need to refresh the app. Nowadays, Uber efficiently processes more than 550 000 orders in a day. 


Since Node.js enables us to save money on processing user requests, thus, you need smaller data centers and servers. Fewer developers, fewer infrastructure costs. It allowed us to decrease the number of services by ten times. 


LinkedIn started using Node.js for its app and later migrated its codebase. After implementing Node.js, the application has increased its speed by 20 times. It became possible thanks to decreasing the loading on services. 

Altamira - a reliable Node.js development company

Altamira’s specialists create reliable infrastructures for your apps, offering highly functional and adaptive software. We provide top-notch development services for efficient Node app development. Optimized productivity, efficiency, scalability, and reliability are the main characteristics of our apps. 

Our portfolio includes real-time applications, IoT solutions, data streaming solutions, and collaboration tools. Rich expertise in various industry domains allows us to perfectly satisfy your business needs and successfully achieve all project goals. 

We guarantee top-level software engineers who are committed to supplying the best services oriented to your business needs. No hidden costs, transparency of processes, and continuous communication allow us to deliver the desired outcomes to our clients. 

To sum up

Node.js has quickly evolved over the last few years, which is why it still holds its high position. It was developed as an alternative to the client/server approach, providing a two-way communication option between the server running and the user’s browser. 

Such an approach allowed a considerable boost in app performance and a decrease in the response time, decreasing the development costs. 

The main benefits of why business owners choose Node.js developers to the team are: 

  • Its asynchronous nature. 
  • Non-blocking I/O allows high concurrency on a single thread. 
  • The ability to write JavaScript on the client and server side. 

For startups, Node.js offers a variety of benefits, such as the ability to use the same tech stack for the frontend and backend of your app and saving time and costs on hiring the same engineer to cover different needs. 

Mobile and web applications built on Node.js are scalable, fast, have reusable code, are cost-efficient, and versatile. That is why even the world giants prefer Node.js, relying on its stability, efficiency, and long-term support to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing tech era. 

Node.js is a perfect choice for startups since you can quickly launch your MVP, easily scale in case of necessity, and build an app even with limited budgeting choosing from a vast community of specialists all around the globe. 


Is NodeJS used for app development?

Over the last decade, Node.js has established itself at the top of the competition. It has become the worldwide leader, occupying the top positions in the ranks. Its innovative V8 engine, available for many hosting services, opportunity to develop cross-platform apps, and fast performance make it the choice even for global market leaders. 

How to build an app using Node.js?

To build an app based on Node.js, you will have to hire an experienced team of developers who will be able to deliver the best solution based on your project needs. Choosing a professional team is one of the most crucial steps for startups since a wise price-quality ratio is a priority in this case. 

Which apps are built with Node.js?

Among the global leaders choosing Node.js, you will discover PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahaya, Mozilla, Uber, GoDaddy, and Netflix. 

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