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Digital Optimization of the Orthopedic Shoes Business

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The following article is going to focus on the marketing and promotion of the app that helps users find and order orthopedic shoes and insoles through app marketplace.

We are also going to discuss the clear benefits a lifestyle mobile app with gamification features can bring to the table when it comes to distributing your orthopedic shoes or special insoles.

Shoes Online?

Today every business is digital. This is a matter of pure survival since all kinds of commerce migrated to the apps in our smartphones which we carry everywhere. 

Anything you need you can instantly order. Some our clients ask for possible marketing strategies to expand their business digitally. One such business is manufacture and distribution of orthopedic shoes and insoles. To expand it digitally, improve branding, attract more clients, and make customer experience more innovative a mobile app is needed.   

To increase sales, we need to create a viral app for your target audience. Keep in mind that our aim is for it to be used regularly:

  • LifeStyle section (pedometer)
  • game (it is often returned to, so the client is always reminded about your business proposition)

The app should be useful by itself. It must have value in order to attract and retain users. To promote your products successfully your value proposition should be advertised and implied in between the functionality features of the app. It can be named after your product or it can give your clients free access to such lifestyle activities as tracking steps or burned calories.  


Based on the information above, following features can be integrated in the app:

  • a daily helper (planner of activities)
  • map/routes for walking/jogging
  • meditation helper
  • distance tracking (with indication when we need to change shoes or insoles)
  • Synchronization with any “Health” app for tracking distances to the get reminders about replacing insoles (only optional)
  • Daily assistant with advice in business, family, sports, etc. Gathering target audience to show ads and sell them shoes later
  • Gamified time tracking application. Where different achievements are given for passing distances, opening locations, posting on the network. Users can earn bonuses for different levels and discounts on insoles
  • Select insoles for your shoe – try on sneakers / shoes with popular models and pick a suitable one with instructions how to use it
  • Social network for people who use insoles where they can discuss the problems of employers, furniture problems, ATMs, problems of shoes and insoles as well

People whose height is below average and who are conscious of it constitute a target audience of the most of orthopedic shoes and insoles. These people are also the ones to care about their posture and health, so you need to approach them with consideration of this interest. To make a useful app its development, marketing and promotion should be centered on the users’ attention to a healthy lifestyle. 

See If the Shoes Fit

You can allow your users to try the shoes with AR. This way they’re not going to confuse size and they could also see whether their shoes go okay with their outfit. And it is great to use AR since it makes people more confident in regard to their choice. The app will allow users to pick sizes, color, and model. 

There is a difference between physical product and virtual product. Ordering something online is tougher, especially when it comes to footwear, because customer would want to, at least, experience a simulation of the process of purchase. Imagine yourself in the store touching, feeling, and seeing the product before you buy it. This is not the case when a purchase is made online. So you should consider using AR to simulate the experience of a purchase for your clients. Not only will this do the job but it is a great experience in itself since the newest technologies are always exciting to use.

Remember the last time you unpacked a new iPhone or installed a new smart TV. It was exciting, right? Now, virtual improvements are even more so because they connect real with virtual in a way that seems just fantastic. That is why AR is going to be one of the most widely adopted technologies in the 2020.

Reach Your Clients Where They Are

Your clients are people and people value their time. They want a smooth, convenient, and fast customer service. Make their client journey so user-friendly that even people who have no need of orthopedic shoes will use your app for the sake of using it. 

People love cool products and even making a simple game can help to fixate the minds of your target audience on your proposition. Whatever you do, you should maintain digital presence in your customers’ smartphones in order to place your product as close to the users as possible. Keep in mind that the shorter is the customer journey, the more likely clients are to buy what you have to offer.

You can have a shoe business without a store. Virtual store is not only a possible addition but it can substitute physical store in its entirety. But to get real client engagement it is required to use an app to lock your customers into the ecosystem of your own.   


Everything that goes hand in hand with active and healthy lifestyle can be integrated in your app to make it really useful and valuable. But the cunning angle of it all will be that they’re going to be market educated in relation to your products in order to make them ready to buy it. 

Meeting your users halfway or even more than halfway means shortening your customer journey, so what you’re essentially doing is making it easier and more likely for the users of your healthcare/fitness/lifestyle app to buy your products. 

Gather a couple features that will provide real value and be of use for them. Let your potential clients use AR to pick the best shoes and insoles, allow them to track how many steps they do daily, indicate their height with and without insoles.

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