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What is the best Angular development company? 

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What is the best Angular development company? 

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Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building applications that is widely used all over the world. Both the clients and the developers appreciate Angular projects because it is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem that is known for years as the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective in terms of app building. Angular was released in 2009 and since that time it is being supported by Google and gained a huge community of specialists. 

It is also crucial to mention that there are so-called two versions of this framework – the traditional AngularJS released long ago and the newer rewritten version of framework – Angular 2+. The latter is just more up-to-date and matches all contemporary requirements set for web solutions.

These days more and more app owners consider migrating their AngularJS solution to Angular 2 and looking for reliable and skilled developers to do this. And when it comes to selecting the right team, they get stuck and cannot make the final decision because there are way too many companies on the market. So how do you choose the right one? And what are the best Angular developers to entrust your project to? 

We have researched the market and selected top 7 software development companies that specialize in Angular app building. So, without further ado, let’s proceed to this topic and perhaps by the end of it you’ll know what Angular development company to hire for your project. 

Pros and cons of Angular app development

Speaking about Angular, it is necessary to mention that many business giants already used it for their solutions and are quite satisfied with this decision. Among companies that have benefitted from Angular development there are YouTube, Upwork, Udemy, PayPal, Google, Telegram, and even Crunchbase.

As you can see the list is pretty solid and that’s definitely not all worldwide companies that appreciated the results of AngularJS developers job. By now you may be wondering what actually makes this framework so great and if there are any crucial disadvantages you should be aware of. Well, AngularJS web development has its pros and cons, so let’s talk about them right away.

Angular pros

  1. There is a lot of useful documentation that helps any software engineer to find all necessary coding related information effortlessly.
  2. Angular is written using TypeScript which helps to find out and get rid of coding mistakes instantly, so if you build a complex project you will definitely get clean code.
  3. Some web apps consist of many components that are hard to manage. However, with Angular this process can be simplified and the code can be easily found and altered. So in case of project scale up it will be easy for a new software developer to join the team and continue the coding.

Apart from these major advantages with Angular you can :

  • create more lightweight web and mobile apps;
  • build great cross platform mobile apps;
  • boost the speed and performance of your solution;
  • speed-up the development process.

Angular cons

  1. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks is that your app may have limited SEO options. It is hard for Google and Bing crawlers to explore the structure and components of individual web app pages.
  2. Angular has very complex syntax so you will need to make sure that you hired very experienced Angular developers who will be able to write clean code.
  3. There can be migration issues if you consider to move from older version to the newer ones. So if you are working with legacy code or planning to modernize your app, hire only a leading angular development company.

Experienced Angular developers to choose from

Now when you know what pros and cons Angular development has, it is time to speak about perfect app development firm, a reliable partner that can help you with strategic consulting and project creation.

The market is full of agencies that provide software development services, so to make it easier for you, we have created a list of best AngularJS development companies. While choosing these web developers we paid special attention to the range of their custom development services, reputation on the market, overall experience of expert team, ability to work with emerging technologies and latest tech trends, project management and communication level.

Therefore we selected 7 AngularJS development companies that have incredible expertise and clients worldwide, offer wide range of development services, and build top notch software solutions. Let’s take a closer look at those leading custom software development specialists right away.

#1 Sombra

Sombra is a company that specializes in custom software development since 2013. They build and deliver web and mobile solutions of high-quality and performance and they also offer audit consulting and outstaffing services.

Sombra includes talented project managers, QA engineers and developers that work with various technologies (Node JS, VueJS, React, Python, and others)  including Angular. Their tech stack is really impressive and the development team tends to demonstrate western approach to working with clients.

Sombra has worked with numerous big and small businesses from the US, UK, and different parts of Europe. Taking into account their vast experience and impressive portfolio (full of interesting custom web and mobile projects of different size and complexity), it is reasonable to give them a first-place among other Angular development companies.

If you look through the “Works” section on their website, you’ll discover that the majority of the web development projects that they’ve built are Angular ones.

The company specializes in building Fintech solutions, CRMs, applications for the healthcare industry, SaaS, and different kinds of web and mobile apps.

#2 Altamira

Altamira is a software engineering company full of real professionals who are doing digital transformation of various businesses for 10+ years. This software development company offers design services along with web and mobile development. They are a perfect choice for all businesses that are looking for a reliable tech partner.

Altamira has software engineers who have significant experience in working with various technologies. Their frontend and backend coding are equally superior. Among the technology stack that this team works with you’ll see Angular, PHP, Yii, Laravel, Python, Kotlin, Swift, Javascript and many more.

Speaking about the main industries they’ve worked with, it’s necessary to mention that they’ve gained a solid experience. The team completed custom software development for the trading industry, educational and medical spheres, they’ve also developed numerous apps for on-demand services, job boards, fitness and wellness solutions, social media platforms, travel and booking applications, e-commerce solutions, retail and real estate platforms, and many more. Just check out their portfolio and you’ll understand how much expertise they have.

Not only Altamira is good at developing top-notch apps but also this company knows how to create a smart environment for businesses. Their experience includes working with AR, VR, cloud solutions, enterprise mobility and building of IoT solutions. Altamira delivers 25+ top-notch mobile and web applications per year and yours can be the next if you choose this company as your Angular developer. On top of that you can benefit from free consultation, services of business analysts, project manager, dedicated team option, and many more.

#3 Elitex 

Elitex is one more custom software development company with broad mobile and web application development expertise and a rich portfolio. They are experts when it comes to Angular development, Javascript web development, and dedicated team organization. The engineers from this technology company are qualified coders who know how to work with Angular, React, and other technologies.

The company states that half of its programmers have more than 4 years of experience in developing solutions. So the quality of mobile and web applications should not be doubted.

As to the industries, Elitex builds custom software for the following industries: Fintech, education, information technology, real estate, content management, telecom & security, and others.

#4 Intellectsoft 

Intellectsoft is a well-known American software development company that has been building solutions for huge and small businesses since 2007. They’ve worked with the powerful brands and have numerous impressive software solutions in their portfolio.

The range of services that Intellectsoft offers is enormous. Not only are they great at mobile and web application development, they also offer consulting and product engineering services.

The company members are skilled at coding using different languages like Java, C++, Python, Swift, Kotlin, etc., and they are also masterful when it comes to various frameworks.

Intellectsoft works with many business niches like Altamira. Here are the main ones mentioned on their website: travel and hospitality, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, events and venues, sports and teams, and many more.

Intellectsoft is definitely a top Angular development company that also works with the latest trendy technologies like VR, AR, AI and IoT which is great because many businesses these days need projects with sophisticated functionality to achieve ambitious business goals.

#5 IT craft

IT craft is a company with a long-lasting positive reputation. They are 19 years on the software development market so they really know what they are doing when it comes to software optimization for businesses.

IT craft really delivers cutting-edge web and mobile apps each year and at the moment they’ve released more than 2200 solutions. Their technology stack is quite broad and they are truly skilled at frontend coding thanks to working with Angular, React and Vue.

The company offers custom web and mobile app development, redevelopment of old software, MVP development and system administration services. Their Angular projects are robust and visually appealing. If you want to take a look at them, just navigate to the Portfolio section on their website.

Their customers have different businesses, so IT craft gained expertise in building web apps for companies that are related to logistics, e-learning, healthcare, drone and mapping, navigation, etc.

#6 BairesDev 

BairesDev team attracts numerous clients because they have 10+ years of experience in providing development services. They can boast of great success stories and projects they’ve delivered for different businesses. They know how to develop perfect business management tools and help clients increase their profit and productivity, so it would be fair to name them a leading Angular development company on the European market.

As other AngularJS development companies we’ve mentioned above, BairesDev gained experience in many industries starting from e-commerce and real estate and ending with transportation and logistics.

They are aware of the main advantage of Angular app development and they use them to the advantage of the client’s projects. If you check out their website you’ll discover a lot of positive commentaries from the company clients.

So BairesDev is a really trustworthy development company. On top of that they can help you to extend your in-house development team or you can fully outsource your software development to them. Among BairesDev technology stack you’ll see Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP and many more.

#7 Infinum

Infinum is a leading software development company located in the US. According to the statement provided on their website, this team is great at developing solutions for venture-based startups, businesses that are growing, and also they work with established brands. The company owns a lot of awards and this is a true indicator of a great job all of its web development specialists are doing.

Infinum offers several software services and among them you’ll find research and discovery, design, web and mobile development + QA. Speaking about frontend development, the team is good at coding on React, Angular, and Vue.js. They also specialize in IoT and Blockchain development and know how to deliver the solutions that will be a perfect fit for various industries.

How to select the right custom software development company?

When choosing top Angular development company, you may face a question “How would I choose the best partner if they all seem good and skilled?” It really can be hard to make a final decision having such a wide variety of companies to choose from.

They all have impressive portfolios full of decent projects, they all are on the market not for the first year, and they all can be trusted. But which one is a perfect fit for your project?

Based on our experience, we can say that there are three main criteria that you should pay attention to.

Minimum project size

Apart from standard small, medium and large (that is really hard to define, after all what is small for one company is medium for the other), there is another index to pay attention to. And that is the price. The app development companies tend to specify the initial price of the project they will agree to start working upon.

Hourly rate

It’s not new information that software development companies charge for working hours of the specialists you are going to hire to build your solution. So if you compare the rates of the software engineers, QA specialists, designers and other tech experts, you will be able to select the app development team that is affordable for you.

Company size

Although this is not a very crucial decision making point, many people still argue whether you should select a small or a huge app development team. We can say that nowadays it does not really matter, because companies of all sizes demonstrate great communication skills and tend to be extremely organized and well coordinated.

Here is a small comparison chart, we’ve created for the companies that were selected by us as top Angular developers.

CompanyMinimum ProjectHourly RateTeam SizeFounded
Sombra$10,000+$25 – $4950-2492013
Altamira$10,000+$25 – $491202011
Elitex$25,000+$25 – $4910-492015
Intellectsoft$25,000+$25 – $4950-2492007
IT craft$10,000+ $50 – $99250 – 9992001
BairesDev$50,000+$25 – $491,000 – 9,9992010
Infinum$10,000+$100 – $14950 – 2492005

To wrap it up

We hope that this post will help you to make final choice and you’ll select the right company to develop and deliver your solution for business. Although we’ve focused more on Angular developers, they all have mastered more than just this framework.

Just remember that whatever project you have in mind these days, it is possible to make it a reality. There are so many software development companies on the market that all you need to do is to explore it, look through the companies’ websites and select the team that is more up to you.

It is not a secret that any business solution requires high-quality backend and frontend code and great brand highlighting design. So when choosing a team of developers, make sure they have vast experience in using the technology that is needed for your project.

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