Decision analytics in Finance: How ML (AI) boosts your intelligence

Decision analytics in Finance

The ongoing shift towards digital platforms allows banks to serve a larger audience, expand their market presence, and increase their revenue while cutting costs. Banks that capitalise on this opportunity also have access to vast data sets vital for improving analytics and machine learning algorithms for better decision-making.  When implemented at scale, decision-making tools driven […]

Price Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology

The crystal balls have been replaced by algorithms, making price forecasting an efficient asset for business strategy and decision-making. Predicting future prices of goods and services enables companies to control risks and maintain a competitive advantage. Today, AI algorithms can process vast data sets to spot patterns and predict business outcomes. These algorithms also consider […]

Time series forecasting and its practical use cases

In a world where the only constant is change, our ability to predict the future is an invaluable asset. Today, we can precisely forecast the ebb and flow of stock markets, anticipate the strain on healthcare systems during a pandemic, or accurately project the demand for the season’s hottest fashion item. This capability extends far […]

Large Language Models (LLM) and their practical adoption in SMEs

Artificial intelligence is currently a hot topic on everyone’s mind, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Savannah. The latest AI sensation is being driven by large language models (LLMs). Moreover, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have ample chances to enhance their efficiency with these models, revealing new horizons in innovation. You may wonder, what are large […]

Widely used AI/ML models in image recognition

The human brain has a unique ability to immediately identify and differentiate items within a visual scene. Take, for example, the ease with which we can tell apart a photograph of a bear from a bicycle in the blink of an eye. When machines begin to replicate this capability, they approach ever closer to what […]

AI adoption framework: technology/privacy/ security/data point of view and EU AI act

Gartner highlights that up to 37% of companies have already adopted and implemented some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their processes. However, as per the McKinsey survey, only about 20% of companies take advantage of strategic AI capabilities and are not able to exploit the AI to the full extent. AI adoption in the […]