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Apple App Approval Process – How long does it take?

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The release of your application is a crucial step to the success of your business. One thing is to build app development from scratch, and another one is to promote it on modern marketplaces. In this article, we would like to guide you on how to make sure that your app will be approved and published on the App Store.

Apple Store is considered to be the most popular and worthy marketplace that approves only high standard and perfectly performed apps.  So we prepared some useful tips about this process and how to succeed in it. 

Types of apps

As you may know, most applications on the App Store are free. They can be easily uploaded and there is no mandatory commission, so developers don’t pay anything to Apple. If you want to make your app paid, you need to type a suitable price in the general price category. Therefore, the app owner should pay a commission for the developer account. We prepared a list of the main application types that you can place on the App Store

#1 Free Applications

Users can download and use the application for free. The app owner lets them have their development for free and tends to follow another business strategy that is not based on app income. Also, these owners don’t pay commission to Apple. A bright example of this type of app is WhatsApp.

#2 Free Apps with Ads

Users can download the applications for free but usually, they find a huge amount of ads in the app. That is the way for owners to get money. In this case, they do not pay commission for support to Apple. Pinterest is the app of this type.

#3 Free Apps with Built-in Services

The process of downloading is the same – easy and free to download for all users. Additionally, users can buy built-in digital functions and content that is regulated by the Apple system. In this case, the owners get 70% of income, and the rest 30% go to the Apple Store. Mostly, these are games for mobile devices.

#4 Free Apps to Sell Services

The applications are always free to download. These types of apps are online stores, deliveries, and other services. It can be a clothes store, food delivery, car services like taxi or rent, etc. Apple doesn’t get any money for placing and supporting these apps, and also from any sale and payments inside the application. The number of examples is vast – OZON, Joom, and others.

#5 Free Apps with Subscription

Usually, these applications have free trial periods and then it will show you the paid plans for a week, month, or year. The subscription is prolonged automatically and money is withdrawn from your card or bank account. There is a specific Apple system that regulates these digital subscriptions inside the apps. During the first year of subscription, Apple gets 30% of the general income. If the subscription is prolonged for more than one year, Apple gets 15% of the commission.  

#6 Paid Apps

To download this type of app, every user should pay for it by card. Further updates of this application will be free. In this case, Apple gets 30% of the commission.

#7 Cross-platform Apps

Users can buy digital products and services inside the app and simultaneously on other platforms. However, customers can use this content on Apple devices too. So Apple gets commission only on sales in the app but doesn’t get money for usage on other platforms.

Reasons Why Your App Can Get Rejected by the App Store

Before sending your app for approval, you need to know why your application can be rejected by the App Store and what reasons are the most common. It is very important to take them all into account and don’t miss anything that can cause a rejection.

So here is the list of main reasons for possible refusal:

Incomplete Information
The description of your application should be updated and full. If your app has a login option, you must add a demo account for the review team to look at the app performance.
Bugs and Errors
The quality of your app is crucial. It is important to test your solution to reveal every error that can appear during usage. So if the App Store will find any bug, your app will be rejected.
Broken Links
Every link and button of your application should work perfectly well. It should contain support, privacy policy, and contact information options.
Inaccurate Descriptions
The description of your app development must be accurate. All functions and screenshots should be relevant and demonstrate real options for the solution you are submitting. Also, you need to use suitable keywords and avoid unnecessary phrases. 
Performance is a fast work of the application that doesn’t overload the devices and doesn’t influence the battery or work of devices. The performance of the app should be stable and updated. In other cases, your app will be rejected.

Tips for the app to be approved

We have rich experience in iOS app development and successfully submitting by Apple Store. Also, we faced some difficulties in release and know how to handle them.

Our business management specialist Oleksandra prepared a list of common and useful tips about your actions if you want your app to be approved by Apple Store. These tips are Apple standards that are important to follow if you want to succeed. 

  • if there’s user-generated content, then you have to have a “Report” content feature or else you are banned
  • if you have social login, you have to include Login with Apple ID too, or your app will be rejected
  • if your application is not e-commerce or providing services outside the app, you have to use in-app Purchase and in-app Subscriptions. You can still try to integrate other payment systems via webview. But if Apple finds out they will ask you to redo to Apple Subscription and will give you around 3 weeks for this
  • The Apple Store, unlike Google, is always closed for Christmas. if your release is close to it, try to submit earlier
  • When you do the interface for the payment plans make sure to follow the rules: no plan should be highlighted, all should be equally suggested if the trial is available you have to explicitly say that

Our successful stories

We built several successful applications that were approved by the Apple Store. Moreover, these apps were highly appreciated and rated by numerous users. So we know the rules and secrets of how to create software that will be approved by marketplaces. 


Bestyn screenshot

Bestyn is a brand new social application developed for neighbors. With the usage of this solution, people who live in the neighborhood can chat, discuss local news, meet, and offer services. It has a unique and creative design with powerful functionality. It has already been released and can be found on the App Store.

Laundry King

Laundry King Screenshot

We’ve developed a solution called Laundry King for a client that owns a successful laundry business in the US. The idea behind Laundry King was to create an app able to expand the customer base of the business owner and also to turn his laundry services to a whole new level. This solution is an on-demand app for laundry services. Customers can create an account, schedule picks up, or delivery of their laundry.

Avatar Countdown

Avatar Countdown Screenshot

This is a web application where users can create a personalized countdown. they can make it with a different design by adding stickers, emojis, text, changing background, etc. Also, users can share it with other users or friends

It should be mentioned that our team performed the whole process of placing these solutions on the App Store. We made screenshots, filled the descriptions, carefully tested before the release. All these made the process much easier for our customers. All they had to do is to wait for submitting.

Features your app needs to contain

Apple Store has a particular range of mandatory features that every new app needs to contain. These are the common options for every new development, despite the improvement of marketplaces. So they are the following:

App Store is a reliable store that has a high level of reputation. So when people download apps from Apple Store, they expect to feel safe and confident. So the content of your application must not contain offenses or violence or cause any problems to users.
This point includes several crucial requirements that should be done for perfect app performance. Among them are completeness, testing, accurate metadata, hardware compatibility, and software requirements.
Usually, app owners place their development on Stores to monetize them. It is important to describe your business model in App Review notes so the work of your app would be clear to be approved. Also, typing prices to your app and in-app purchases are up to you. However, you need to be careful as the Apple Store will reject the app with too high prices.
As you know, the design is a crucial feature for every software development as it differs from others on the market. Apple Store welcomes simple and innovative designs for new applications. You are free to create any elements you want to see in your development but also you need to follow standards that exclude copying, low functionality, spam. If you want your app to be successful, you have to update and improve it constantly to engage more customers and stay in the App Store.
This feature must be the most difficult one. Your application has to comply with local laws in any location. It is better to perform it with an experienced lawyer. you need to understand that you are responsible for all content and actions that can be done with the usage of your application.


Approval of your app by Apple Store is a complex and sometimes long-lasting process. It seems to be easy from first sight but the range of requirements is huge, and it is impossible to take everything into consideration. If you want to make this process successful, you need the help of several experienced specialists. As we have already mentioned, there are many demands – from the business model to performance. You need to consult with a Business Analyst to build and accurately describe your business strategy suitable for the App Store. Also, you need a QA engineer to test your app and reveal all errors and bugs, and designers to create your desirable elements of the interface that will comply with the Apple Store. Following the standard of Apple Store is the key to your success and app approval. 


Mostly, it takes from one to four weeks. However, if your app doesn’t meet the requirements of the App Store, your solution can be delayed or rejected.
It is very important to take into consideration all demands of the App Store and build the app that will suit its level. Sometimes it can take much time, so all you have to do is to wait.
You need to update and improve your application on a constant basis because, in case of revealing many errors and outdated content, App Store can delete your app.

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