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How to boost your business with a mobile app?

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


All technology trends constantly change, and a web presence is already not enough for a successful business owner. To keep any business growing and to make more profit, such a powerful tool as a mobile app is required. It is impossible to imagine even one day of our life without a mobile phone and the numerous applications that we use. Customer service has reached a new level. Businesses offer clients a wide variety of choices and the possibility to order food, buy clothes, set an appointment with a doctor, learn, communicate, and entertain themselves simply by using a mobile solution.

Every business owner needs a mobile app not only to establish effective communication with customers and keep them engaged but also to get business recognition and customer loyalty. Such perspectives may sound alluring, but to make them work, you should not only have a great concept but a team able to build a well-targeted application with a necessary set of features. The right vendor company can provide you with all the necessary services and help you nurture your concept and make it a reality.

So, let’s take a closer look at all the benefits you can get if you choose to cooperate with a vendor company and create your own mobile solution for your business.

Why should you cooperate with the development team?

When an idea comes to your mind, it is likely that you will start looking for an effective way to make it real. In such a situation, any business owner has several choices:

  • Use an app-building platform
  • Gather your own team
  • Search for a team of experienced developers.


Let’s discuss in brief each of these options and see why the third one would be the best for your business.

There are numerous platforms on the market that let you get started with developing your own solution without having any specific knowledge in the technology sphere. Such services offer you a set of templates and options that can be implemented. On the one hand, it seems like a good opportunity, but on the other hand, you should understand that it is almost impossible to create something unique operating with a limited number of designs, features, etc. Moreover, these platforms often require a subscription. So, it is not so cost-effective, taking into account that you will get a totally average solution in the end.

Gathering your own team can be a good option if you have enough time at your disposal and a decent budget to finance the developers. The thing is that the search for specialists may take a couple of months, and then almost the same amount of time will be spent on building your app. Therefore, the freshness of your idea may be diminished. You will get a great, unique solution, but the cost will be quite high.

So, if you want to build an effective and profitable solution, the best way is to search for a team of developers to delegate all the work to them. Software development companies usually offer a full spectrum of services. Besides, your idea will be protected by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) from being stolen. You will pay for the actual work and hours spent by developers on building your solution from scratch. One more advantage is that your solution can be developed fast and with the usage of the latest technologies. Moreover, it will include the features that your potential users might like.

What benefits you can get

Today, IT specialists can do almost all the work for you – developers, testers, marketing specialists, business analytics, and project managers are ready to help you at every step. So, all you have to do is get in contact with one of such companies, describe your concept in detail, and observe how they do the job.

Here is a list of essential services that, due to the efforts of a dedicated team, can turn your idea into a successful business app:

  1. Consulting and marketing research. It is obvious that before launching any project, you have to discover the current market situation – check if your solution is in demand, identify your target niche and audience, and take a look at what all your potential competitors offer. As a wise business owner, you can try to do such research by yourself. However, you may not have all the necessary tools and specific knowledge. Unfortunately, this may lead to a lack of some crucial information, which would never happen if you delegated this task to a specialist. Marketing research allows you to devise a strategy of action, offer monetization options for your app, define all development risks, and avoid all unnecessary expenses in the future.
  2. Shaping your idea. The main advantage of all professional development teams is that they have worked on numerous projects. So, they know first-hand what features are appreciated by users and which ones irritate them. Skilled specialists will listen to your idea, offer you a necessary set of great features, and make everything to fit your business needs.
  3. Creating a unique design. Whatever idea you have in mind, it will definitely require a visually appealing interface. You may know what colours you would like to be used; imagine what the icon and windows will look like. However, you need a team of professionals to polish your concept and make it work. The designers in development companies know all current trends and how to implement them to get user-friendly, beautiful, and functional UI and UX. Your brand will be recognized due to your product, so everything should suggest that your services are worth trying and your company itself is modern and trustworthy.
  4. Building and testing. By letting a development company take care of your solution, it will be created with the usage of the latest technologies. The developers can implement third-party integrations or ready-made solutions to save time and cost. When it comes to testing, everything will be thoroughly checked for all possible issues before it is released. Testers perform API, security, and various quality tests to make sure that everything works exactly as it should.
  5. Submitting a product to mobile stores. When it is ready, it should be submitted to the Apple Store or Play Market. Development companies can help you check all guidelines and perform registration, which will save you time. Then, your application code will be successfully submitted.

How is your app developed?

The development cycle is a holistic process that consists of six main stages:

  1. Exploration and analysis. A special department of marketing specialists and business analytics is involved in this stage. They check the market situation, demand, and needs of potential clients, review competitors’ solutions, and get back to you with the results and suggestions of what should be done to make your concept work.
  2. Prototyping. The team prepares use cases and a list of features that should be implemented into your solution on the basis of previously completed research.
  3. Design. Once you’ve discussed your vision with the team, the designers start creating logos and screen designs and thoroughly work on UI and UX, including their testing.
  4. Development. Depending on your business needs, your app can be built for devices running on Android or iOS. All developers have a schedule with a certain plan of action and intermediate objectives. The necessary condition of efficient development work is hourly tracking, which is always performed.
  5. Testing. Before the release, the team of testers performs numerous checks to identify if the quality and security. It is tested for its functionality, compatibility, usability, and consistency.
  6. Release and submission. When all work is finished, and you are satisfied with the result, it should be released and submitted to stores. Development companies usually help you with these procedures and make sure that the product can be easily installed and used on the devices.

There is no doubt that any business owner needs the right solution. The main advantage of mobile solutions is that they offer your clients an opportunity to enjoy your services 24/7. But to attract your target audience, your product should be well thought-out, impeccably built, and beautifully designed. This is not an easy task, which needs to be delegated to a team of experienced professionals. So, the better choice is to select your development team and let them do what they are best at.

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