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Custom Database Management Software Development

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Database management software is crucial in modern business. There is even no need to say how useful and irreplaceable it is – providing security, the structure of documents, multi-user access, and other options. It is a perfect decision for large as well as for small companies. The amount of information that comes daily is really huge, and it is important to “keep it in mind”, better to say – in a system.

Types of Database Management systems

There are several types of base DBMS. Each of them is suitable for different activities and spheres of business.

So here they are:

  • Network database – information is divided into branches (hierarchy) and belongs to owners; this type of relationship is called many-to-many and has the option of having more than one parent. 
  • Hierarchical database – this is a one-to-one system (relationships between parent and child), it is a tree-structure database that gives access to some information on a definite level of a child.
  • Relational database – a system that consists of multiple tables with columns and rows that communicate and share information between each other, also it uses SQL for queries in relational DBS including inserting, updating, deleting, and searching records.
  • Object-oriented – system that stores information in the form of objects with diverse types of relationships, also, this database system increases the semantics of C++ and Java.

Examples of popular database management tools

Solarwinds produces SQL database systems. It monitors, analyzes, and tunes the information. Also, Solarwinds has automation management API and storage. This system monitors many aspects as SQL statements, execution plans, blocking, deadlocks, and more.

Oracle is an object-oriented database management software. It is mostly used for big databases as it doesn’t take much space and much time for CPU. It supports multiple Windows, UNIX, and Linux versions.

IBM is a worldwide producer of database management systems. IBM DB2 is a hybrid management system that combines SQL and NoSQL data. The language used is Assembly Language, C, C++ for writing it and also, supports Windows, UNIX, and Linux versions.

Database Management Software

What type of database software do you need?

Any business has its main aims and requirements that define a suitable type of database software. If you hesitate and don’t know what options would be effective and useful for your business, you can contact developers` team like ours, and our Business Analyst will help you with a decision about your future software. For your better understanding, we will bring up you to date shortly.

For example, if you are an owner of a property renting company, a database system is a must-have for this business. This type is called a relational database. It will help to structure the contacts of real and potential clients, insert the searches suitable for your queries. Also, you can make or get payments and save it for a long time with the usage of DBMS.

The first step of any new development is an exploration that consists of three options – check-in, quality control, and the last one – a release. Check-in is a base step where you describe everything that you want to have in your database management system – the type of system that will be most suitable for your business, it depends on the sphere of your activity and the size of the company. Also, you will be asked for general information, photos, checklists. 

After discovering all your business needs, the Business Analyst creates specifications that contain a bigger part (epics) that in turn are divided into smaller parts (user stories). It helps to cover any tiny detail about your future database management system to make it most suitable for your particular business. 

Design is one of the important things in software development. It is not just about customizing but about clickable visuals and continents in the usage part. One of the main tasks of developing a database system is not just functional but visual part that associates with your company, so your employees could easily use all the options of a system. UI and UX are very important,  and we pay much attention to it while developing software. 

Every single detail of what you see in your database system will be recorded in the written form. They are buttons, links, type of text, the position of photos, the work of camera, clicks, and many other options that should be included in the system.

All these steps of developing a customized database management system that will be used in your business have the next levels of approval, and you can always check their real-time status. You must be interested – how? Our professionals create wireframes for your future development. So you can see and try all options that you asked for real for better understanding if it is convenient if all features are according to your expectations. So everything will be done just as you see it and you want it to be.

Benefits of custom database management software

It is time to define the main advantages of custom DBMS. You may ask – what do I need and how can my business profit?

As the amount of data in business is constantly growing, it has to be managed on a high level. It is not about the names and numbers of the employees but clients` contacts, marketing researches, statistics, analytics. The database system makes all these information structures, optimized and filtered for easy access and sharing between employees. Also, there can be diverse levels of access to data so only you or heads of departments can add, change, or delete the data. As you can find any info by filters, it makes the work of the whole company faster and exact. DBMS helps in providing a framework to facilitate data quality initiatives. One more main benefit of the database management system is privacy as only authorized users can have access to data of your company.


 Customized DBMS is a big value for your business as it gives a high level of security of your data, structures, and saves important information. The usage of your database management system will keep your business clear and optimized. 

Our team of professionals will help you even if you don’t imagine the whole picture of what database management system is suitable for you. So contact us if you have any questions or interested in building your own custom database management software.


It depends on the range of options it will have and the complexity of CRM. If it is a small business and database is for contacts of clients, it will take for a month. If it is a more complicated and large database, it can take even more than one year.
The price depends on the type of your database system and the number of developers that will be involved. On average, it starts at $19700.
We recommend a full team of our developers – Business Analyst, frontend, backend, QA, designer, system administrator.

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