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E-Scooters and E-Bikes – Perfect Transportation During the Pandemic

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If you’re reading this, you probably sit at home now, like me, like most of us. Global Coronavirus pandemic pushed employees out of their offices towards remote working at their houses. Gladly, there are good news too! We spend more time online, embrace active daily activities that do not require gathering of numerous people, we cook at home, order delivery, read, and watch Netflix. 

And when we’re outside, we are bicycling. The pandemic threats no one on a bicycle ride this sunny spring day. In big cities e-scooter and e-bike on-demand apps give a healthy alternative to the public transport.   

The times of crisis is the best moment to get a hold of opportunities. Some industries (like tourism) face existential threats. Others, like delivery, actually face rising popularity. Such are e-scooter and e-bike apps. 

Healthy Alternative to Public Transport

When you ride a scooter or go somewhere on your e-bike, you are, obviously, alone. When you ride on the bus, even with quarantine restrictions, there’s probably a dozen other individuals like you. Checkmate, public transport. E-bikes are the best healthy alternative to help hold public transit at least partially active. 

Even though we are staying at home, a healthy ride or two each week pose no danger to potential users. As for journeys to supermarkets and grocery stores, riding there and back seems much more fun. And it’s going to take less time, too. Especially now early in spring a good ride with birds singing all over and green nature blossoming, can be a truly heartfelt experience. 

Daily commute via public transports accounts for about 30% of contagions according to statistics. You are a hundred more time likely to catch Coronavirus on the bus than you are riding e-scooter. You are even more safe as compared to using Uber or Lyft, since you ride alone. Isn’t that great?

Ready-Made On-Demand Solution

E-Scooter and e-bike apps work the same as all other on-demand apps. You register and use the app to rent your e-bike or e-scooter. You can pay via card, you can see the nearest scooters stations, roadmaps, etc. We offer you a ready-made solution for with minimum customization for $4 000. This is the price for one app to offer your clients to rent e-scooters and e-bikes. 


You can easily customize your app and we will gladly offer our expert opinions on what’s better to include to improve your business model. Your personal business analyst will assist you in choosing the features, picking the monetization strategy, deadlines, etc. 

$4000 package includes minimal customization. Certain middle to major upgrades and improvements will count as add-ons or extra features. However, we guarantee to provide you with suitable solution able to perform efficiently in real environment. 


E-scooters and e-bikes definitely come in handy when you have a global Coronavirus pandemic on your back yard. Well, that doesn’t stop you from taking a ride every other weekend. It can even take you to your local supermarket, to your bank, and to your hardware store. There’s still pretty much movement to do despite the epidemic.Yeah, well, it’d be better to catch some wind while at it!

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