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Getting Value from MDM, MAM, EMM Solutions

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Do you consider yourself a mobile-first enterprise? Probably yes, if you’re reading this. And most likely you experience issues in managing all these devices.

It must be acknowledged that the use of mobile devices has skyrocketed in the last few years. The smartphone market is already larger than PC market. Your enterprise has apparently faced the problem of overwhelming growth of mobile devices too, moreover if you have BYOD policy (Bring your own device) in place.

Getting Value from MDM, MAM, EMM Solutions

Now that your organization has embraced mobility, what’s next? How do you protect it, how do you fully expose its benefits for good? For example, have you embraced mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and/or enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions in your company?

Let’s sort things out, which one of these “M-solutions” you may need.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM solutions allow control over mobile devices in four main areas: security, monitoring, support, and management itself. The power of MDM mobility solution is that it does all this for smartphones that are deployed from different operators, providers, and enterprises

MDM is about managing across all device platform, regardless of whether it is a corporate-owned device or it’s a personally owned device.

MDM allows managing devices from a single location effectively without having to add a full-time employee to do that.

Best Features of MDM software:

  • Change data on devices.
  • Distribute applications over the air.
  • Apply different configuration settings.
  • Work with all types of mobile devices from a single access point.

From security perspective, mobile device management systems allow your company to make remote device health checks, lockout them, and wipe out corporate content if needed. These features are especially handy when you’re not able to get corporate device back in your hands.

MDM can use all kinds of companies that use mobile devices to do business, regardless of size, corporate structure, and user base.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

MDM has been around for a while, and it’s about managing devices, install or erase software/data on it. As it goes from the naming, MAM defines as a software that focused on management of apps instead of whole devices.

You can force security protocols inside a particular app, close it, lock in or backup data from the app.

So why you could possibly opt for MAM instead of MDM?

Let’s think about organizations that have BOYD policy in place, where employees can install company app on their own devices. In such case, MDM may not be a good fit, because no one really wants the company controlling your own device.

On the other hand, employees usually better treat remote app management. Imagine you build an app for human resource team, a tool where you can check your vacation requests, 401k plans, etc. Employees will be OK if the company will remove this app when they leave the company but not if someone wipes out all the data on the smartphone.

Best Features of MAM software:

  • User-centered.
  • Oversees app delivery & updates.
  • Performs version checking.
  • Secures user authorization & authentication.
  • Allows single app data wipe out.
  • Simplifies the IT management of apps.

In addition, MAM allows app developers better control and distribute their apps across B2B clients. You can suspend the app in case of non-payment of subscription, or you can add extra functionality to the app when it’s built and deployed.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between MDM and EMM. as well as MDM Enterprise mobile device management solution is about management of mobile devices such as small phones and tablet on the workplace. But EMM is a much more advanced and broader software that includes but not limited to function of MDM.

In essence, EMM software solution is an umbrella that includes both MDM and MAM features, but it aims at securing not the devices or particular app, but the information within. Going this way, the information is no longer stored on devices, but on a remote server inside the enterprise or EMM can work as a cloud-based solution.

How are leaders getting value from MDM, MAM, EMM Solutions

More than a third of employees depend on mobile technology to do their jobs. And a new demand for access to corporate infrastructure comes from every level of the organization – from cubicle to corner office. The upside of allowing access is increased productivity.

Enabling of personal devices mean employees are connected to the office up to 240 more hours per year and contribute to a 37% increase in corporate revenue.
  • If you are a vendor of a mobile app – MAM will positively influence the adoption rates of your solution.
  • If you are an analyst – the market will tell you about where the actions are and how people treat your software.

But there is a challenge. You need to provision mobile devices and secure them. BOYD policy means whole company travels with every employee. MDM, MAM, and EMM solutions are here to help get only the benefits of mobile connected enterprise.

At the end of the day, having one type of software to manage everything that’s out there is not only a benefit but a timesaver.

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