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How does Web Design Affect Small Business?

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Building a small business is an everyday hustle for its owner. Creating a website can seem easy and fast for someone who’s dealing with multiple tasks on a daily basis. But thinking like this is a mistake.

Today Internet is the largest client base for almost every type of business. Since website is your “Internet facade”, it has to be well designed to hook visitors attention and convert them into clients.

Website is a powerful marketing tool that highlights the credibility of your business if designed in a smart way. So, do you want your webpage, your virtual office, to look like it’s rented in the backyard of the nowhere, made on a free website builder with a default theme and ugly layout? Or, you want it to provide your users with seamless experience and impress by professional touch?

In this article, we are going to explain why web design is important for business as well as corporations, and what are the frequent mistakes SMBs make.

4 Reasons Why Web Design matters for your Business

Create the first impression

The truth is you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

And this rule stays relevant in the business and digital world too.

Do you know that it takes only 0.05 second (which is 1/10 of a second) to form the first impression about a website? Users can make their opinion about your business website within this tiny period of time and then decide whether they stay or leave. That means you have only 50 milliseconds to catch their attention. And the thoughtful design is what you need.

Another study showed that the main factor that delivers good impression about a website is design. 94% of participants named the look and feel of a webpage to be the driver of the first impression and only 6% told they care more about content. Still, users judge design in complex, which means you should take care of layout, navigation, colors, pop-ups, prints, and corporate look, all at once.

Branding makes your company memorable

The whole design has to create the brand identity and corporate feel. Every branded piece of your business whether it’s a website, packing, logo, or interior design has to be in touch with your brand. For example, you will never mix up Airbnb website or app with any other due to their unique design aesthetic.

The brilliant example of recognizable design is Apple. Not only they made their iPhones and Macbooks the most desirable gadgets, but also made multiple brands try to copy their design, so fancy it was. According to Forbes’ annual ‘The World’s Most Valuable Brand’ list, Apple’s ‘brand’ is worth $170 billion. Just imagine how much love Apple gained due to the stunning design!

web design helps business in work

Good design breeds confidence

Though the design should be unique and original, it’s very important not to overdo it. It should be clean, not overloaded with elements and colors and be understandable to your potential clients.

Why is it important? People tend to form their opinion about your company, based on the experience they had with your brand. A well-designed branding and website provide the feeling of confidence because they look professional. Just think, if the company spends resources on building a good-looking and functional website, it means that this brand cares about its clients and the quality of its product or service.

Therefore, small businesses need to consider the image they are delivering, when choosing the website design, packaging, interior, etc. The reason is visual part makes long-lasting impact on people. Even if you have the perfect product or service, but the design is out-of-date, guess, what would be the reaction of new customers? Would they try your brand or switch to your competitor, whose website is flawless?

UX turns into conversions

Good web design does not only make a webpage look pretty. Good web design must be also effective and persuasive. If designed wisely, the webpage elements push visitor to the needed actions such as clicking the “contact” or “buy” button. But how to make your website convert?

Help users to find what they are looking for. Add filters and descriptions of your product but don’t overdo – the more functions are available, the harder it takes to decide. Users may get confused and leave your website. Make them turn the pages, but not too much, unless you want them to forget what are they doing here.

Make sure not only design is beautiful and functional, but everything works as it should, otherwise users spend time for nothing and leave your website forever.

Frequent design mistakes small businesses make

Frequent design mistakes businesses make

Too original or flashy design

Though the website design has to be unique, the unusual layout can confuse users. If they don’t get how to interact with the website within several seconds, they are most likely to leave it.

No Call-to-action

When your visitors are already on your website they need to understand what to do next. You need to encourage their actions depending on your business needs. Maybe you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, or download something, or (the most frequent) to buy your product. Tell them what to do next using the content.

Out-of-date content

Describe your product in a modern way, taking the latest clients needs into account. If you have a blog, update it at least once a week. You can also send newsletters to your existing customers to encourage them to buy something else. The same rule is working for social media accounts. If you are not planning to post something, better not to create brands pages at all.

Need Web Design Services for Your Business?

Your business is your first and foremost asset. Your website is the face of your business. Best Design Services helps small business in creating the first impression on your potential clients, inspires confidence in your company and sets your business apart from competitors.

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