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How to Improve your Farming Business with Software App

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


Agricultural business has been around since the very beginning of human civilization. Unfortunately, 80% of all farmers do not make use of latest technological advancements and software products available on the market.

Why farming business stays ignorant about existing software products and mobile app? Turns out that agriculture is a far more individualized business than it seems at first sight. Especially when it comes to small-scale farms.

Shortly speaking the existing agriculture oriented software products are too rigid and can be used only for the informational purposes but not as a day-to-day working tool. We tried to imagine the app that will finally replace a paper-based stock books.

Farm Operations That Can Be Carried out Through the App

Record all day-to-day events that occur on your farm like Spraying, Sowing, Tillage, Spreading, Harvesting. Later on, you can put this information into a smart schedule and access current & past crop information.

Livestock management software. Manage multiple paddocks by recording where and when you move your livestock to Cattle Management Software. Pin your paddocks on the map, instruct your staff where to move your cattle, and switch padlocks when they deplete.

Manage property inventory. Obviously, you already have some sort of spreadsheet where you keep cost accounting and notate all necessary inventory you need to keep the farm running. How about an app with a consumption calculator that will be based on your historical data. This way you will be able to predict and adjust consumption of silo storage, fuel, chemicals, fertilizers on weekly basis.

People management app. This app may be handy for managers and farm owners who need to overseas staff remotely. The app can keep all the routine tasks and automatically build a schedule for every worker. Moreover, this app can notify staff about routine tasks such as Spraying, Sowing, Tillage, or Fertilize based on the schedule you’ve programmed previously.

Yield calculators. Today smartphone apps can offer so much more help in modern farming operations. For example, fertilizer calculator, where you can input your yield goal and get a detailed breakdown on how many fertilizers and spraying you’ll need. Or your app can calculate the prospected yield based on weather conditions you have and soil preferences you’ve input to the app.

Software Apps for 10 Most Profitable Agricultural Businesses

farming operations

Born for Entrepreneurs YouTube channel lists 10 most profitable Agricultural business ideas. We’d decided to supplement this list with a list of app’s functions that will help in the development of this business idea.

Poultry Feed Manufacturing

  • CRM for all clients.
  • Individual tariff calculator for wholesale buyers.
  • Grain cost calculator.
  • Inventory management tool.

Duck, pigeon, turkey, quails Farming

  • Poultry feed accounting.
  • Vaccination scheduling.
  • Chick mortality calculator.
  • Automated feed and water supply.

Chicken Hatchery

  • Planning the hatchery app.
  • Production calculation.
  • Incubation period scheduling.
  • Vaccine stock accounting.
  • Licensing and documentation holder.

Fish Farming

  • Water parameters control.
  • Water recycling and purification control system.
  • Ultraviolet sterilization, ozonation, and oxygen injection automating app.
  • Population control app.

Bee Keeping

  • Beekeeper community forum.
  • Winter feed calculator.
  • CRM for all clients.

Fruits and Vegetable Export

  • CRM for all clients.
  • Individual tariff calculator for wholesale buyers.

Fruits, juice-Jam-jelly Production

  • Juicer efficiency calculator.
  • Raw material to product estimation app.
  • Tariffication for wholesale buyers.
  • Energy efficiency accounting.

Vertical Farming

  • Fertilizers stock accounting.
  • Water consumption calculator.
  • Water pumping automation.
  • Lightning scheduling app.
  • Remote climate control app.

Dairy Farming

  • Vaccine stock accounting.
  • Licensing and documentation holder.
  • Vaccination scheduling.
  • Farm operations app.

Potato Chips Production

  • Raw material to product estimation app.
  • Energy efficiency accounting.
  • Stock accounting app.

Agricultural App Specifics

agricultural app specifics

One interesting thing about agriculture is that it goes way ahead of the game in technology. Each modern agricultural vehicle is staffed with computer monitors, GPS, auto-steer systems, etc. But mobile apps are far away from 100% adoption by farming sector.

How could you possible enter this market – you may ask? Well… When you’re out in the field there are many things you need to know. The information that you need right at your fingertips. This is where smartphone apps come into play. Your app should provide information that is useful on the field.

For example, whenever there’s harvest taking place, good farmers always look on the soil and see exactly how much kernels of grain landed on the ground. This is because every farmer interested in harvest loss. An app that can calculate those loses right on the go and give advice on how to adjust combines will be invaluable. In addition, you can introduce a new planting population app, that will count the number of seeds in one-thousandth of an acre and determine what the stand is.

Bottom Line

A lot of kids may be using their smartphones just for playing games. Hopefully, there is a way to use smartphone as a business tool. Even if we’re talking about such domain as agriculture, there are lots of ways how mobile technology can help your staff on the farm and what’s importantly save your time as a farmer.

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