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How to Use AR Training Apps in Industrial, Health & Learning Domains

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Let’s say you hire a new specialist or a group of specialists. Definitely, you’ll need to conduct orientation or a sort of walk through the construction site. Who’ll hold a tour for your newbies?

Usually, managers are forced to pluck from the production one of their best man in order to lead orientation and answer all hands-on questions. The clock is ticking and you’re wasting time of your high-paid specialists in order to train a less paid one.

Business Problems Augmented Reality Solves

How often do you hire new specialists? Once in a month, or on a weekly bases. Depending on the size of production and staff turnover companies may lose from 10 to 100 thousand dollars per year. In U.S. alone companies spent nearly $1,000 in training per each employee they have!

Augmented Reality is called to deal with such problems. No matter whether you have a special employee to run orientation, or assign this work to someone from the same department, it costs money. And, what’s horrible, if you assign this job to the least productive of your employees, you’ll get the exact same less productive newbie.

Augmented Reality Training Applications

Remote Trainings

One of the things AR is focused on is helping novices think like experts and perform tasks like experts. A good example of that is training inventory inspectors or those who perform quality checks. Those specialists have to do their job quickly. Learning procedure from a paper manual doesn’t cut it. So the idea is to give students 360° view ( 3D-objects ) they could inspect right from their tablets.

If you want someone to learn a procedure, you’ve got to show it. Showing procedure in the virtual environment allows in-detail education without actually showing physical objects. You can slow the training, pause it, or repeat as many times as needed, all that without actually getting people on site.

By the way, AR education comes handy during construction of strategical objects, where delivering workers to the construction site without preliminary training is forbidden. More AR applications in construction you can find here.

Health Checks

Ar traning medicine

One of the great application that has high market demand is AR education of procedural tasks. Think about applying AR training to the medical domain. You can have a virtual expert physician performing an exam on a patient. The app can show a novice doctor where to place his/her hands, zoom in and examine whether that hand placement is right or not.

Plus, using the power of AR all the procedures can be tied to the real body structure. So when a patient shows where his pain localizes, AR will visualize inflammatory zones that are tied up to this exact spot on the body.

360° Quality Control

Augmented Reality brings instruction out of paper manuals directly onto real equipment. AR training app can highlight the exact bolt to unscrew or place to pry with a screwdriver to avoid damage just like if you had an instructor standing right next to the equipment.

Augmented Reality eliminates any confusion between the manual and the real equipment. New personnel can quickly learn maintenance procedures and follow them correctly from the first time. You can enable step-by-step walkthroughs that show procedures both with augmented reality overlays and full 3D model that can be rotated view from any angle.

In addition to AR, 3D-models can be used off-site for later review, tests, and education of dealers.

School Education

Education has always been a lucrative spot for app developers. It is prospected that 20% of all education spendings will go to mobile by the end of 2020!

3 Top Augmented Reality Apps for Education:

You probably already know about Quiver coloring app that animates pictures in AR upon coloring them. Here are three big AR education app ideas already conquering the market.

#1 Human Anatomy Atlas is perhaps the most popular and practical one, designed specifically for educational purposes of medical students.

#2 Math Ninja AR this app teaches kids math through mathematical games. The educational game takes place in a virtual dojo of Ninja town.

#3 AR Flashcards App this AR app is great for memorizing or revising previously studied material. Augmented reality in turn helps recall and visualize physical objects or actions. For instance, it can be used to memorize dance moves or martial arts combos.

Bottom Line

Augmented reality is a powerful tool that can be applied in various domains. Along with virtual reality and mixed reality, it can use its “virtual” nature to enrich the physical space around us.

Some of the best ideas for augmented reality software can be inspired by observation of how people access information nowadays. Then you can build an app on top of existing experiences. For example: safety training applications, digital guidance, tooltips, or hands-on AR manuals that will cover entire skillset required for a specific job position.

Just think of what additional information your employees would benefit from and serve it through AR.

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