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Altamira Appoints Tomas Masek as Chief Executive Officer 

tomas masek

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We are happy to announce that the Altamira team has a new CEO – Tomas Masek. We are glad to share the news and excited to conquer new heights under the watchful guidance of an experienced and talented executive. 

Tomas brings extensive global experience in corporate strategy, operational excellence, and leadership to Altamira. Tomas has been an active executive for over 12 years and has held top positions in several companies and leading startups.

We are thrilled to have Tomas join our team at Altamira,” said Denis Korobeinikov, CFO at Altamira.He brings a wealth of leadership experience and a passion for digital transformation that will be invaluable for helping us reach our goals.

Altamira team is proud to have Tomas Masek as a new CEO and experienced leader with a deep understanding of business operations and strategy. He has a proven capacity to develop innovative solutions that drive long-term value creation for clients.

'"I'm glad I was given the challenging opportunity to lead Altamira during these times. I wish to be a strong leader for the great team running and steering the company now. Altamira has solid foundations and a strong leadership team, making the job much easier.   I strive to support them and serve the company as effectively as possible – together, we can deliver great results and achieve our desired growth targets. Taking over the lead during the unstable situation in Ukraine and generally not the most favorable worldwide IT market, makes this role assignment even more fruitful.   My primary mission is to make Altamira a place where our colleagues love to work. If this is happening, success is just a matter of time and  proper leadership." 

Tomas Masek

The Altamira team is looking forward to seeing the new chapter in our story under the leadership of our new CEO.

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