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On-Demand Apps Help Minimize Social Interaction During Pandemic

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On-demand delivery apps come in very handy here. Isn’t it great that all the apps out there have been cutting down our human interaction to minimum for a decade now? Finally, this is going to pay off. Where I am from malls have already been ordered to close down and minimize shopping sprees. And that’s despite the fact that Ukraine has been largely unaffected by Coronavirus as of this moment. 

Still, universities and schools are closed down, public events suspended, and huge gathering postponed. Supermarkets are second risky places after public transport. People buy food daily and there is evident danger regarding hundreds of buyers circulating in your local supermarket. The solution? Order your groceries via the app and minimize human contact down to a minimum.  

On-Demand & Delivery Apps For Everything

With Uber-like apps users can order services, food, and commodities online 24/7 and get their stuff delivered shortly thereafter. This privilege to avoid crowded supermarkets that may face shortages. Leaving your house as few times a week or month as possible is the main prerogative now. 

On-demand apps help deliver whatever you need right to your door. You can order groceries, books, massage, plumbing, pizza, clothes, etc. There are numerous service that include various universal on-demand offers. It means that a certain service app can get you a taxi, food, and courier services to pick up and deliver anything. Uber does that. And DoorDash is similar to it too. 

E-commerce sector has already seen a huge increase in purchasing rates. Quarantined people spend more time at home results in people spending more time on their smartphones and in front of their home computers. They eventually spend more money on buying stuff and ordering services to, perhaps, compensate for the lack of any other kind of spending spree available at the moment.  

Ready-Made Solution

Altamira offers every business a ready made solution to integrate on-demand service delivery mode. We already have modules, architecture, design logic, and back end that can be suited to serve your business objectives. And we offer it for no more than $1000.

Your app can be launched very fast. Literally, in  the matter of 1-2 months. With Coronavirus quarantine people sit at home more than ever and they order more things online accordingly. With our ready made solution you save time and money because you skip most of the development process. You just buy it and let us customize it a little. 

The model for service delivery is simple: via the app users can order goods or services; users can also provide services; or you can just use the app to allow users access your business services digitally. In all cases the app handles the requests, monitors clients, track delivery time, counts revenue, reminds users to buy, etc. 

With people sitting at home most of the time the need to get more stuff without leaving their house seems to logically increase. And to that end we suggest your business to adopt our on-demand delivery app, increasing your client base and updating your strategic vision to orient across digital horizons.  

Customization Options for your App

Customization of your app can help to distinguish it from your competitors. It can also serve to include what you’d personally like to see in your app, certain features, slight changes, and design choices. We offer full assistance as well as respect to your decisions. We guarantee fruitful mutual cooperation in that regard in order to deliver the best possible end result. 

Every business operation is unique and original. And so it requires unique treatment. That is the philosophy to keep in mind while customizing our ready made solution to suit your business aims. 


Thinking about it all once again, you should definitely remember to consider the global pandemic of Covid-19. That is the sole reason why going digital and distributing your services digitally on-demand is the best option. People sitting at home means more people online, buying and ordering more stuff to their doorstep. Thus, go while the goings are good.

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