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Build Your Own Uber for Photography to Book a Photo-Shoot on any Occasion

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Personal photo shooting has always been in high demand. Whether it is a family portrait session, food or documentary photography, going to the photo agency might break a bank sometimes. But why should you pay, say, $500 for a birthday party or a corporate event shooting when there are lots of talented photographers in every city that can do this job for significantly less money. With the Uber-like app meant searching for professional photographers users will be able to save money without sacrificing quality. Besides, developing a photo-booking app may become a stable source of income as there is an interest many unknown photographers pay for every deal they can make.

  1. On-demand Photography Apps
  2. Photographer Booking App Core Functions
  3. Structure of the on-demand app includes three units

On-demand Photography Apps

After successful expansion of Uber into our smartphones and lives demand for Uber-like apps that deliver other services appeared. Users quickly got used to getting services they need just with a few taps on the screen. That was a starting point for the total uberization of the wide range of services in real estate, healthcare, household, beauty, fitness, and in other categories. So why not to apply this experience to photography?

In the past searching for a proper photographer for a product/model shooting was a painful process made primarily through advice and personal acquaintances. A mobile app that shares photographers’ portfolios and helps both parties to find each other can become the revelation the photography market has been waiting for so long. Thanks to the reviews and ratings feature available in every on-demand app users don’t have to buy a pig in a poke. They can make a reasonable decision based on the photographer’s portfolio.

The main idea of any Uber-like app is to match customer’s needs for goods and services with third-party providers like independent photographers. Often, there are two variants of apps available for download from the market – one meant for customers and another one is meant for service providers. Sometimes, there is only one app in the store with various user roles. After downloading it the user has to choose, whether he or she is an admin, a photographer, or a user.

Photographer Booking App Core Functions

  • Photographer Portfolio – Lets users find the best specialists by checking their works. This feature can be also used for monetization of the app. Photographers can promote their portfolios through the app and find clients with similar tastes.
  • User Profile – It’s a place where users can register and sign in, add information to their profile, manage preferences, etc.
  • Appointment Scheduling – This is a core feature that will save customers’ time and let them schedule a photo shooting on a certain time in a particular location and with right tools they specify in advance.
  • Map – In the photography on-demand app there may be no need to track the order like a taxi in Uber. But, users should be able to choose the location for the appointment on the map.
  • Reviews – Generally, people are prone to trust other customers’ opinion on services, so this feature is very advisable.
  • Notifications – Users should be reminded every time they have an incoming message or the appointment coming.
  • Chat – Customers and photographers should be able to get in touch inside the app to exchange messages and get notifications when they receive one.
  • Cart – This is a list of orders where users can review, confirm or cancel their orders.
  • Payment Gateway – Integrate PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay payment methods in your app for better user engagement and convenience.

Structure of the On-Demand App Includes 3 Units

  1. User app – It’s actually the app that a customer can see after downloading it from the store. It usually includes a user profile, a search panel, reviews, booking, tracking, payment, and support.
  2. Service provider app – This part is designed for companies to be able to add or remove services and keep in touch with the customers. It usually contains such features as push notifications, accepting or rejecting requests, service start and end time, earnings tracking, availability, etc.
  3. Admin panel – It’s a part of an on-demand app where you can manage both users and service providers, track orders and requests, access analytics and reports as well as prices and commissions.

As Uber Economy is on the rise, more and more on-demand apps appear in the stores every day. Though the market is full, there is always room for an app that is providing service missing in a certain region. As a software developing company that is highly experienced in developing Uber-like apps, we must say that you can’t go wrong with an on-demand app these days, providing it will satisfy regular customers’ needs in high-quality fashion both fast and for a reasonable price.

How Much Does App for Photography Cost?

To make an app like Uber for photography you need designers, developers, business analysts, project managers, and hard work by many professionals. Usually price for such service on-demand apps starts from 30K per one platform (iOS or Android ) and it can increase, depending on the company you will choose. However, as we have ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience of making such applications, our prices are lower. We may deliver your own on-demand app with unique design developed specifically for your photography business for only about 10K.

We have been developing Uber-like applications for a long time. Thanks to this we accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we reduce app cost down to the most affordable on the market.

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