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Top 10 CRM Software Development Companies

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


The success and income of modern business depend on the right sales and marketing strategies that help build relationships with customers and ensure a great customer experience and positive reviews from your cooperation.

Even using the available CRM systems on the market, sometimes you can discover that their features don’t really meet the needs of your marketing and sales departments. Custom CRM development is a perfect solution capable of resolving all business issues and meeting your interdepartmental requirements.

In this article, we will get familiar with the most common reasons why SMBs prefer custom CRM development to the available solutions and review the top 10 Custom CRM software development companies.

Needs for custom CRM development

A custom CRM solution is responsible for tracking the performance of your sales strategy in order to increase its efficiency and potential sales. Large business companies mostly use ready-made CRM apps for managing their sales and marketing activities. Nevertheless, with time they feel the need for more effective solutions and extended functionality which ready-made solutions cannot provide their companies with. 

About 65% of businesses implement CRM solutions within 5 years from the inception.


The need for custom CRM development is caused by the following reasons that are known to be common for large organizations:

  • lack of functionality; 
  • high-priced readymade CRMs – the company needs to pay for each new user which is unprofitable for middle and large businesses;  
  • narrow company specialization that requires high data security;
  • no similar CRM solution on the market;
  • lack of customization of the ready-made CRMs;
  • need for additional management resources;
  • CRM as a SaaS product.
Cloud-based SaaS app development
Replenish your knowledge of SaaS app development and how to migrate your business software from on-premise to SaaS model by following this link.

All the above-mentioned reasons lead businesses to consider custom CRM development from scratch that would take into account their stable internal processes, the solution`s functionality requirements, scalability of the company team and processes, and available budget. 

Based on our experience, large companies spend over $10000 per month for ready-made CRMs with all the required options for their workflows.

It is clear that custom CRM development is a great way to invest this kind of money and get a unique and matchy business software solution.

Benefits of custom CRM development

It is high time to figure out the main differentiators of custom CRM comparing the popular solutions on the market. This list includes common benefits that custom CRM development provides to your business workflows. The range of benefits that custom CRM will bring into your business depends on your individual needs and issues that have to be resolved with a custom CRM development.

Data sync

One of the benefits of the custom CRM is combining and structuring all information within the company – employee information, customer information, internal documentation, etc. The absence of the bird’s-eye view of your company’s data, how and why it is used within your organization leads to low quality of services corresponding to customer expectations, threats of losing or confusing vital data, and as a result, decreasing the overall workflow productivity.

Business data has to be easily accessible to serve its purpose effectively to avoid a negative impact on the company`s performance. Additionally, CRM systems allow supervisors to set data access levels and restrict the ability to edit or delete particular employees.

Increase customer retention and service

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of custom CRM development that can be introduced to the customer journey. Regardless of the services or products you are willing to offer, it is also vital to provide a great customer experience to earn loyal customers by meeting all their demands.

CRM provides the ability to create a separate account for each of your customers by entering their personal information, needs, and order details so that your team could easily find this information and resolve any client issues or requests

Measure your business data

Not only customer data should be structured and managed. Business information related to the performance of each of your departments, and your business strategy is also vital to be tracked and analyzed. This data analysis helps you and your consultants to see the efficiency of the current sales and marketing strategies, and think of some changes or improvements in case of poor performance. 

Improve products and services

By collecting customer information, you can define their main needs and requirements for your product or services. You will know if you are 100% satisfied with the quality of your services and also find out what changes they expect to be implemented and how you can make the customer experience more pleasant.

CRM helps to hold an analysis of these needs, considering the trends in the niche market in order to offer you the required amendments to your products and services and make them suitable for your target audience. 

Innovative tech trends in CRM

Custom CRM development implies the need for regular solution updates, considering the user feedback, and looking for a perfect solution to innovate and upgrade your custom CRM app with the relevant technologies for the industry. Besides, we are familiar with such technologies anyway!. Keep reading to learn how exactly these options are used in CRM custom software development.

Social media integration
Integration of CRM into your social media channels helps collect customer data from their social media accounts – what they follow, what they post, what they write for the purpose of analyzing this information and providing them with the services they need. Moreover, social media is a great tool to promote your brand, your products, or services as it helps potential customers better learn your specialization, your key differentiators compared to competitors in the market, and get acquainted with your brand.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence offers an extended pool of options to be implemented into custom CRM development, particularly machine learning, robotics, predictive analytics, etc. AI can enhance interactions between your brand and your potential customers with chatbots that would gather customer information and provide quick responses to their requests. Additionally, after each communication, customers can leave feedback regarding their experience, so that your business development managers could work on the quality of the services and improve the level of customer satisfaction. Also, AI is used to process and evaluate leads if they are winning, recommend to these leads the range of services or products they may require based on their personal information. And finally, AI predicts the potential sales, helps to make the following steps in the sales strategy, and then reports if this strategy needs any changes for improving lead generation.
Blockchain provides a secure network within your company allowing access only to authorized users. It also gives high protection from frauds and data leakages in the cloud.
Blockhain vs Cloud computing
Find out about more benefits of Blockchain for the corporate networks from the article on our blog.

Market leaders in custom CRM development in Europe

Custom CRM development services are provided by a vast range of software development companies. The choice of a trusted technology provider is not challenging if you are aware of what elements to pay attention to. 


Altamira is a Ukrainian custom CRM software development company, proficient in building custom CRMs in a wide range of domains among which we would like to note fintech, healthcare, retail, BI, manufacturing, trading, gambling & betting, sports, social network, and others. Altamira development team is mastering innovative technologies like AI & ML, IoT, IIoT, Big Data, cloud computing, cybersecurity to help their clients adopt these technologies within their companies.


VironIT is a custom software development company founded in Belarus in 2004. The company provides an extended range of services and technical expertise owning experience in building custom business software like CRM, ERP, and other types of management systems. Viron IT team is familiar with ARVR development and also robotic process automation being widely implemented in different business areas. 


Senla is one of the Belorussian software development vendors that aims to help its clients to adopt innovative technologies for the purpose of internal process automation by using custom business management apps. The team offers a full-cycle development of web and mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, CRMs and ERPs, web portals, and so on.


Noltic is a Ukraine-based software company based in Lviv. The company doesn’t deal with custom CRM development but helps its clients adopt Salesforce solutions that can serve as CRM. Salesforce can be customized to the processes of a user`s company but it cannot be a 100% fit to unique business needs and requirements.


Kodius is an Eastern European software company headquartered in Croatia. The team provides custom software development serviceі for clients all over the world offering relevant experience in building business management solutions like CRM, ERP, CMS, and other types.


Based in Lithuania, Cogniteq is a software development company providing web and mobile full-cycle development services for its clients. Owning experience in different industries, the Cogniteq developers are proficient in the latest tech trends that include cybersecurity, IoT, live-streaming, etc.

IT Hoot

IT Hoot is a young Ukrainian custom software development company with vast experience in developing business solutions among which are CRMs as well. In addition to custom software development, the IT Hoot team provides the services of API integration, e-commerce apps, and startup product development. 


Sensidev is a small Croatian software development company with a team of 50 specialists. The company delivers web and mobile custom software development for the needs of different businesses in order to automate internal processes and increase overall business productivity.

Code & Pepper

This is a Polish CRM software development company whose goal is to digitally transform the businesses of their clients considering their needs and requirements. The team has vast experience in building management systems for fintech industry, particularly banking, investing, and law services.


Moravio is a custom software development company headquartered in the Czech Republic. The company provides web and mobile development services for clients from all around the world. Moravio is a small team of 30-50 specialists focusing on delivering qualitative business software of different types, creation of product design, and available marketing services. 

Why choose Altamira for custom CRM development

As a CRM software development company with 10+ years of experience, we know how many resources and efforts are needed to deliver top-notch custom software development services and lead them through excellent customer journeys starting from the discovery stage and ending with the project deployment. We focus on providing a transparent development process, communication, and documentation for each of our software projects. We always make sure we’re on the same page with our clients and share their business values and goals. As a reliable CRM software development company, we offer:

Agile development

Depending on the cooperation models, the project may require some changes during the development related to solution functionality that impact the project’s scope and budget. We discuss such amendments beforehand and approve them with clients. We adjust to the needs of our clients to get a successful result of our cooperation.


Data security is a must function for business software that prevents data leakage, protects it from free access and frauds. We build GDPR-compliant CRM software solutions considering the data privacy rules necessary in your industry.

Continuous support

Maintaining software highly operationally requires regular updates because of changing business requirements and customer needs and emerging current market trends and innovations. We offer continuous maintenance of your solution and quickly react to any possible issues like bugs and errors. We fix them,  analyze the efficiency of the solution performance to suggest further improvements. 

Fast time to market

The development process commonly takes several months depending on the project scope and its complexity. We guarantee fast time to the market, meaning we build top-notch software to deliver it to your company as soon as possible.


The cost of custom CRM development is always defined by the range of specifications for your solution. Then, it also depends on the development rates of CRM software development providers, duration of the development, and amendments during the process.
Choosing a provider of custom CRM development services, it is important to check the relevant experience in developing custom BI tools for extended domains. Take a closer look at the Altamira portfolio – its variety is really impressive.

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