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Top SaaS Trends & Technologies in 2021

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SaaS market is young, wild and competitive. The industry is rapidly growing and keeping up with trends is quite challenging.

The diversity of solutions is huge but only rare ones are genuinely original and don’t copy other existing services. Those who stay innovative succeed, those who don’t fail.

Whether you are the tech company providing software as a service or a professional looking for the best IT solutions, understanding the latest trends in SaaS is vital for you.

The SaaS market trends you need to know in 2021

Due to the fact that SaaS is usually working on a subscription basis, developing companies have to constantly improve their services in order to keep the existing clients and attract the new ones. Below are the SaaS industry trends predicting the nearest features you can implement in your business.


Nowadays, the number of devices used by a single person can reach 4 items such as personal computer, smartphone, tablet and smart-watch. Some companies also encourage employees to BYOD – bring your own device. Though using personal devices for work is handy and allows us to be online whenever we are, the dark side also exists. Since we can easily reach our company data online, hackers can use this opportunity for their own purposes.

It becomes harder and harder for cybersecurity departments to track employees activity and data usage. The diversity of devices we are using raises the risks of security gaps and revealing enterprise confidential information.

Therefore we advise using only secure software solutions within any enterprise. The reason why companies become the hackers’ victims is the misperception that nobody needs their information. The outcomes of such neglect way of thinking might be killing for your company, or your clients, whose data is stored on your server.

Comparing cloud services with the traditional ones, the winner is surely the cloud. The reasons are strong perimeters and surveillance, controlled access, cybersecurity expertise, and frequent auditing. Consider this fact when choosing SaaS product development services for your business.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

use of artificial intelligence in software as a service

The boom of artificial intelligence usage in 2019 continues in 2020. Since people got obsessed with all the smart devices like home assistants, chatbots and other stuff powered by AI, SaaS vendors keep up with this trend.

Software developers can now use artificial intelligence on a par with machine learning to focus on the real enterprise problems and solve them in a most efficient way.

Going Mobile

software as a service trends for 2018

As we mentioned above, using mobile devices at and for work is becoming common. Just remember the last time, you’ve answered email via your smartphone when taking a taxi. Therefore, providing the mobile app for your SaaS is a winning strategy.

Letting users take “mobile” decisions you speed up their workflow leading to productivity growth. Moreover, giving them access to your software from any device, you prevent skipping to your competitor’s service, offering a mobile app with the same features you do. The same reason works to avoid shadow IT.

When developing a mobile app for your SaaS, consider the security issues mentioned above. Make sure that your developers team took good care of your platform safety before yo release it and make accessible.

Shadow IT Control

Shadow IT is using any software or hardware at workplace that is not included in the list of corporate solutions. For example, if the corporate messenger is Slack, using Skype for business needs is not welcomed by the company. Of course, not all enterprises have strict rules of using any services or tools for inner needs, the same as using private devices (BYOD).

Nevertheless, operating any software without the IT department knowing might lead to security breaches or other negative consequences. Imagine that your employee stores some piece of corporate data in his personal Google Disc, but has used a weak password, or opened suspicious emails with malware inside. Then he might be easily hacked and all the information could be stolen.

Therefore, large corporations tend to control the possibility of shadow IT and SaaS development companies have to work hard to become the “blessed” software for such type of clients.

Daas (Data as a Service)

Similar to software as a service, DaaS is a kind of on-demand product on a subscription basis. Some companies provide data as a product to those clients who want to boost their business but don’t have time for collecting the needed information.

Using DaaS allows companies to outsource the difficult process of data maintenance and delivery, reduce costs on a special department and quickly benefit from gained data.

SaaS for Big Data

Big Data is the treasure every business is chasing after nowadays. Therefore, SaaS providers began offering businesses cloud-based big data analysis tools. Since everybody needs to get the insights from big data, but a rare company possesses the needed resources for collecting, storing and analyzing it, SaaS for BD is a real manna from heaven.


Working on a prepaid basis, SaaS is a partnership, that your client can unsubscribe at every moment without losing much. Therefore, if you are planning to build long-time relationships with each of your customers, you need to stay innovative and be one step ahead of your competitors.

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