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Full-scale audio guide mobile app development with GPS navigation Trnava Tourism

About the client

Trnava, located in Western Slovakia, is one of the oldest cities in the country. The official Tourism Organisation of Trnava, Slovakia, is a key entity responsible for improving the tourism infrastructure, image, and first-time visitor attraction by promoting Trnava's rich cultural heritage and historical monuments.

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Key results

  • Integrated route navigation features
  • Extensive multilingual support
  • Positive feedback for its user-friendly interface, informative audio guides, and multi-language support

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The Challenge

Trnava’s Tourism Organisation sought to streamline the visitor experience by using the wealth of professionally recorded audio guides covering the city’s major historical sights. Our collaboration was initiated through a public tender and aimed at developing a high-end digital solution to support their mission.

The goal was to create a user-friendly mobile application that would not only provide access to these audio guides but also enable users to easily navigate the city. The application idea was to allow tourists create personalised walking tours, weaving together the extensive array of locations.


The Solution

Our team delivered a full-scale audio guide mobile app – Špacírka Trnavou – City Walk app, with integrated route navigation features explicitly tailored to the needs of Trnava’s visitors. The solution was developed from scratch, with no pre-existing legacy code to build upon. This approach allowed for a rapid and efficient development process tailored to the client’s requirements.

Key features incorporated:

  • An interactive city map with stars indicating points of interest where tourists can listen to audio guides.
  • A list view to easily access the audio guide segments.
  • The application features extensive multilingual support. At the outset, it offers a language selection menu with 9 language options, including English, German, and French.
  • Simple navigation with intuitive menus, buttons, and links while avoiding clutter and distractions.
  • A visually appealing UX design that matches simplicity with functionality.


The importance of this app lies in its potential to enrich the cultural experience of visitors by providing historical insights into the city’s monuments while allowing for a self-paced and personalised tour.

Development process

The development process followed industry standards, with iterative phases that included requirement gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment.

Our team chose React Native for the front-end to ensure a smooth, native-like user experience across iOS and Android platforms. This technology allowed us to build a highly responsive interface that easily handled dynamic content and interactive elements.

On the back-end, we used PHP to manage the application’s server-side functionality. PHP’s versatility enabled us to develop a scalable solution that could handle the flow of tourist traffic and data processing required by the app’s navigational and audio streaming features.

Throughout the development lifecycle, we regularly interacted with the Client to ensure the product aligned with their vision and the end-users’ needs. Our team also played a key role in shaping and refining the Client’s vision, guiding them through the process, and recommending areas for improvement. We paid special attention to user experience design, ensuring that the interface was intuitive and the content accessible to a diverse audience.

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The Result

The launch of the Špacírka Trnavou—City Walk app was a resounding success. The app has received positive feedback for its user-friendly interface, informative audio guides, and multi-language support. By providing an engaging way for tourists to explore Trnava, the app has increased the city’s tourism appeal and established itself as a key resource for visitors looking to experience the city’s rich history.

The Špacírka Trnavou – City Walk app exemplifies how technology can improve a city’s cultural and historical narrative. It bridges the past and present, inviting tourists to explore Trnava’s cultural attractions through a digital medium.

The company was extremely helpful and willing to aid us with some technical difficulties on our side. The project manager walked us step by step through the process of setting up the necessary settings of our server to get the web interface for managing the content of the app running. The company was also able to use the assets provided and create a UI design that fits well with our own brand.

Information Center Manager, Trnava Tourism

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