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Top 3 New Business Trends Will Stay After Quarantine

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Change is an inevitable part of our life whether we like it or not. Usually it takes some time for things to change drastically, but this year everything happened rapidly because of the coronavirus outbreak. Right now we all are trying to get used to so many things – we have to stay at home because of quarantine, we temporarily cannot enjoy our usual activities and many services are no longer available to us. 

Coronavirus took lives of many people, it also lead to the worldwide crisis and unemployment. And yet it boosted many new trends that can positively impact the future of our planet. We do not say that the outbreak is a positive thing, on the contrary it is a global disaster. But in fact the quarantine made many people stay at home and many offices work remotely which led to the reduction of carbon emissions. Some ecologists even predict that 1 week of remote work every month will be our future. Check out the video about some ecology improvements that happened recently. 

As to the businesses, many of them needed to quickly adjust to the current situation and either change their approach or to get closed up until the quarantine is over. Some businesses managed to organize employees and let them work remotely, others changed the way they provide services and some companies unfortunately went out of business. We all observe how new trends appear and change every common industry. So let’s take a closer look at them. 

What business habits will get changed? 

Chances are that after the quarantine many people will return to their offices and keep working. However, they will have to get used to some corporate changes that are imminent. Wondering what we are referring to? 

Digitalization trend

The pandemic and economical crisis made many companies revise how they are managing many things. The old ways will not be effective anymore and the future of companies lies in digitalisation. Some businesses have already started investing into development of the digital solutions that will simplify the work of their employees in the future (or solutions for improving the quality of provided services). 

In any case it is hard to imagine the companies without new business management tools after the quarantine. Let’s take restaurants as an example. Quarantine demonstrated that not all of them are ready to quickly adapt to the situation and offer delivery services to the clients, partly because they did not have an app with the menu and ordering options. 

Whatever business you can think of can benefit from a right digital solution. Some companies need to develop CRMs or cloud-based solutions in case their employees will need to work remotely. Some companies can ensure web and mobile presence and reach out to many new customers. So digitalization will definitely be a huge go-to option even after the quarantine is over. 

Remote work

While many companies have always demonstrated understanding and allowed their employees to work at home from time to time, others applied this practice for the first time in times of pandemic. It is predicted that remote work will be inseparable part of many businesses in the near future. After all coronavirus made many people more conscious about their health. The reality is that many people would rather stay at home and do their job remotely when they caught cold, than go to the office and infect their co-workers. 

With so many tools like video conferencing, email, corporate messengers, cloud-based access to necessary files, VPN, CRMs and ERPs no worker will feel isolated and can successfully continue to do necessary tasks. Such set of tools also allows to hire real professionals even if they live abroad. Business opportunities are endless right now and remote work can be as productive (and sometimes even more) as the office one. 

Virtual conferences & events

It is hard to predict when exactly it will be safe to organize crowded events. The scientists say that the outbreak of coronavirus can happen again any time because the vaccine has not been found yet.  But what should businesses do with all the conferences? They have always been a great opportunity to discover new business strategies, to meet potential partners or to demonstrate your own achievements and professional discoveries. 

Well, we can say that online conferences are actively used at the moment and will become a huge trend in the next months. They grant the same opportunities as the real ones but they save time and money spent on their planning and organization. Moreover now there are some travel restrictions that can be prolonged indefinitely and companies will have to consider online opportunities for arranging all upcoming events. 

To conclude 

Although the times are hard for many businesses right now and we should expect a wave of freelancing specialists after the quarantine, there would also be many companies who will reach a new business level. 

Many usual practices that worked perfectly before pandemic will be ineffective for some time and as the result, they can get completely replaced by new trends. To keep successfully running their business, all owners now should consider optimization taking new trends into account. Digitalization, development of necessary business management systems, and utilization of online solutions are able to boost many various business niches.

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