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Business Idea: Video Recording and Video Editing App Development

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Content is king. Been first said in 1996, these words said by Bill Gates stay relevant in 2018. The only thing that changed is the type of content. Surely, it’s impossible to beat competing text and images content by the numbers – it’s all over the internet, but video format has its advantages in terms of the best ROI!

Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing

In the world where everything moves so fast, people don’t have enough time to read the large texts, thus they prefer video as the fastest way to get informed on almost any issue.

Video content became the most effective marketing tool ever in terms of conversions and engagement, therefore ad makers all over the world put it into priority when developing the brand marketing strategy. The demand for video content is growing rapidly. Just imagine, more than 50% of users expect video content from their favorite brands.

Video marketing is not the cheapest paths of brand promotion, but it’s surely worth every single penny spent on it. This is the most powerful way to communicate with customers, engage with them, show your products in a most attractive way and as a result – build relationships with your audience.

apps for creating video content

Target audience of video recording and editing apps

Since everyone is trying to create the unique visual content, users are looking for the best tools for video recording and editing on Apple Store and Google Play. The demand for such apps is unprecedented high but to tell the truth, the market still needs straightforward and easy to use applications, especially the Android-powered market.  

YouTube bloggers, Instagram influencers, digital marketers, travelers, and each person using any social media app are all looking for new apps, that will allow them to create outstanding videos and movies.

Use Cases of Video Recording and Editing Apps

Hence the video content can be used both for entertaining and learning purposes, app developers are free to choose any niche to build their products for.

The industry that first comes to our mind is social media. Such platforms as Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. spread the enormous amount of video content each day, minute and second. And they all have the built-in video recording and editing functionality. So you need to build something on top of it.

One more trendy industry that appreciates video recording and editing is live streaming. For example, Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for streaming online games and any other video content.

But not only entertaining videos are trendy now. Education is another niche that require video content. Our clients have even developed their own educational platform where users can pass online video courses to learn new skills.

Best Practices in Video Recording and Editing Applications

Once we have determined target audience and niches, let’s move to the existing examples of video recording and video editing apps to take lessons from them.

Obviously, Instagram is the most popular and famous video and photo editing app. Video became the essential content part of this social media, so the platform added special filters and lenses that can be used both in feed and stories. Users can also overlay stickers and even gifs on photos or videos.

Another photo and video editing app, worth your attention is VSCO, that lately introduced the VSCO X – subscription on over hundred filters, edits, borders, and recipes that can be applied on photo and video. Though VSCO can be used as an individual social media for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts, users mostly prefer to edit their masterpieces via VSCO and post them on Instagram and other platforms. It is available for iOS and Android.

Adobe Premiere Clip is one more powerful video editing app, available on both App Store and Google Play. Customized editing, audio sync, drag and drop, visual polish, syncing across multiple devices and social media sharing are only the part of the features, offered by this tool. And all this is for free!

Adobe Premiere Clip

What are the features of video recording app?

If you decided to start app development for this niche, you can start with a video recording app. This is the least competing market for now. But don’t forget that the result here always depends on the devices’ camera capabilities. Therefore, you should consider adding some essential video editing features to the MVP. Later on, they can be augmented with more profound editing functions.

Generally, video recording apps have such features:

  • Looping videos ( example – Boomerang app by Instagram).
  • Zoomed videos.
  • Slow motion recording at 120 FPS.
  • Time-lapse (fast motion recording at 10 FPS).

Additional features of video recording app:

  • Changing colors while filming.
  • Applying filters while filming.
  • Live streaming.
  • Reverse video.

video recording application

What are the uniques features of the video editing app?

Meanwhile, video editing apps have the huge potential as they are not limited by any hardware factors of the device like video recording apps. Therefore, developers are free to choose as many innovative features as they are able to implement, for example:

  • Merging several files into one (both videos and photos).
  • Cropping video or adding frames.
  • Adding audio effects or tracks.
  • Applying filters, effects, textures.
  • Extended edits (exposition, contrast, saturation, temperature, tints, shades etc).
  • Social media share feature.
  • Saving in multiple formats.

How to Monetize Video Recording and Editing apps

Just like any business, a mobile app has to bring money to its owner. But how to determine the monetization strategy for your app?

Most of our clients come to us with a ready-made business plan and a clear vision of how things should work. But it sometimes happens, that people are so excited by their idea, that they totally forget about businesses processes and ask for help. Therefore, we prepared an article about different ways of earning money on app development, where you can find some useful advice.

In short, you can choose between paid app, subscription, in-app purchases and other creative ways of making your user pay. But, practice shows, that video editing apps have the potential of gaining much money for their creators. You can check out the Snapchat story to get convinced.


Today people live the fast lives and they appreciate any opportunity to capture best moments of their existence. But users became pickier and prefer the creative content of a high quality. That’s when video capturing and editing apps come in handy.  

Developing an app for capturing and editing video, is not just another one business, it’s the opportunity to create the brand new user experience, that people are waiting for. Don’t wait until someone else made the cutting-edge video editor. Be the first one.

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