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15 Ways How to Use ChatGPT in Retail

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The capacities of Artificial Intelligence are growing exponentially. The future of AI in e-commerce will shape the new standards for business owners. While we are still far away from AI conquering the world, it is hard to downplay its impact on the planet and, especially, on business.

More and more industries leverage its advantages to automate processes, cut costs and reduce human mistakes. E-commerce Artificial Intelligence tools are highly beneficial for industry players of all sizes. 

Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

The last word in AI development is ChatGPT, the tool that created a new wave of discussion around the real potential of AI and its capacity to replace humans. And while it is still early to make any definite conclusions about the omnipotence of AI in e-commerce and ChatGPT, it can already drive real value for the retail industry and enhance processes for e-Commerce companies.      

Here, we have collected 15 examples of how using ChatGPT in e-commerce now.      

ChatGPT is a chatbot built by the AI research laboratory OpenAI on top of the GPT-3 family of large language models. It works in dialogue format, and you can converse with it like a real person. Its website says GPT-3 AI chat can “answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” The AI model is trained with the help of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).     

How can I chat with ChatGPT-3 Artificial Intelligence solution?

OpenAI has opened access for the chatbot to gather user feedback, and you can try it yourself. Just find the website dedicated to the tool, sign up there, and start your work.     

However, the chatbot has a limited capacity, and with the current surge of popularity, you might need to wait a bit before the user flow goes down, and you will have your turn to test the ChatGPT in e-commerce.      

Top use cases for using AI in B2B commerce

Chat GPT-3 has become an outstanding result of the tech industry’s dedication. Until it has not become a magic wand and shows many limitations (that could be fixed in the future), you can already test using ChatGPT in e-commerce company and see the benefits it can bring.    

Creating Chatbot for Your Business GPT 3 chat is already a chatbot trained on massive volumes of data, so why not take advantage of it? As a service, OpenAI provides access to the APIs you can use to integrate ChatGPT with your platforms or apps, and you can train it specifically to serve your business needs.   

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How to use AI in e-commerce


As a retailer, you work a lot with texts. It can be an email newsletter, product descriptions on your website on popular marketplaces like Amazon, or a press release you plan to send to mass media.    

If English is not your first language, or you simply want to double-check the copy you or your employees have made, ChatGPT might be your perfect proofreader. The e-commerce Artificial Intelligence tool will fix grammar mistakes and offer suggestions to improve the piece.     

Generating SEO titles

If you sell online, you may use SEO (search engine optimization) instruments to boost your website and gain better visibility than your competitors. While writing an SEO-optimized article for a website blog, you need to go through many stages.  

It would be best if you had time for research, surfing the competitors’ sites, choosing keywords, and creating a catchy title. Your text must be readable for your prospects and customers and efficient for SEO.      

Adopting AI in e-commerce business can simplify these processes, do all the steps by itself, and provide you with a list of potential titles it considers good.   

Keyword research

Using ChatGPT in e-commerce may help SEO specialists to gather necessary keywords to add on landings or use for PPC promotion. Instead of doing the research manually, you can choose the main keywords or topic you need to cover. Then, ask the tool to provide you with additional keywords and synonyms and add them to your strategy and marketing briefs.     

ChatGPT keyword research

Idea generation

If you want a new perspective, enhance your marketing and promotion with an e-commerce Artificial Intelligence tool. ChatGPT can quickly provide it within a few minutes. For example, if you want to launch an account on a social media platform, you must use it. Or, you are launching a new product and need to develop a promo campaign.   

Using ChatGPT in e-commerce can throw in a few ideas for your marketing team. They can further evaluate and develop those ideas into an entire strategy or action plan.      


Generating FAQ section  

FAQ is the section you want to add to your website, the landing page of a newly launched product, or your blog article. It will attract users’ attention, share important info concisely, and increase conversion.      

The e-commerce Artificial Intelligence tool ChatGPT shows the capacity to generate a comprehensive FAQ section. You need to provide it with the necessary context about your product or company. You can even ask it to add some questions you consider essential or ask to fix some points in the generated text until you get the result you are satisfied with.      

Cold emails

Whether you need to write a cold email to connect with potential customers, investors, or partners, ChatGPT can do all the heavy lifting for you. So, instead of trying to choose the right words and rewriting your piece several times, you can feed ChatGPT the necessary context about your offer. It will generate an acceptable draft for your cold email. It can also help you to answer follow-up questions.  

Of course, it is still a language model, and though it can generate human-like text, you need to check the piece yourself to ensure there are no mistakes and everything is smooth and readable.   

ChatGPT cold email

Market & competitors research   

Need to gather data about the market and your competitors? You can probably Google everything you need. However, to uncover valuable insights from the various data pieces, articles, and graphics, you must puzzle over them for quite some time.   

On the other hand, ChatGPT can do the research itself and give you broad conclusions much faster. Again, it might need more depth or precision to be used without review by a marketing specialist, but it can simplify the process and aid a lot to the team when working on marketing strategy.

Response to user review

If you are selling online, you most definitely receive reviews from the users who interacted with your brand or purchased your product. Responding to positive and negative thoughts is essential for your brand image and user experience. 

Even the most negative review might not look so bad if you attend to the customers’ discontent and show through your answer that you are ready to hear the clients’ point of view and fix your mistakes. 

ChatGPT might help you in generating an appropriate, attentive response to any tech industry review. This way, you can spend less time coming up with the necessary text and ensure that it has a suitable tone of voice for the situation (of course, you still need to review it yourself to avoid accidents). 

Email responses

ChatGPT might also offer assistance with answering emails in the same manner as for user reviews or cold emails. It can shorten the time you spend answering questions by creating a proper response to your colleagues, managers, partners, clients, etc. 

So instead of wasting time writing standard clichés appropriate for emails, you can write the main points the email should include (e.g., meeting time and topic, recipient’s name, etc.). ChatGPT will give you a text you can copy and paste to your account.

Or you can automate the process even more and integrate ChatGPT with your Gmail or Outlook, so you can generate the text without going to any other apps or pages.     

Writing scripts

If you work with marketplaces, website builders like WordPress, or other digital marketing instruments, you might need to work with different scripts to integrate new plugins, extensions, etc. It may require the writing of a few lines of code. 

Of course, you might have some coding skills or even a developer who can give you a hand. Otherwise, you need to go to Google and look for tutorials. ChatGPT, on the other hand, can quickly write a script for you, saving you time and nerves.      

Training new hires

A dialogue format makes it possible to use ChatGPT as a perfect onboarding tool for newcomers to your team. It can become a source of any knowledge your new hires should know about the company, product, and processes. It is available at any moment and does not require other employees’ involvement.      

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Data analysis

E-Commerce businesses operate massive amounts of data, and to extract its value, companies need to analyze it properly. It is a demanding piece of work that usually requires the involvement of data specialists. However, ChatGPT can assist and help with some basic tasks, like finding datasets in open sources, writing simple code for data analysis purposes, etc.     

Structuring data

Again, ChatGPT can help you to turn unstructured data into structured: it is reported to be able to understand JSON queries, sort data, and add it to the tables. And while it might be too early to rely entirely on such an AI model for data management, it can be a time-saving aid for experts who work with data constantly.      

Summarizing long content portions

While doing research, you might encounter huge content portions you need help to process and comprehend fully. The attention span is not endless, and reading everything on the topic might be impossible. However, it does not mean that you should skip this information.   

Thanks to ChatGPT, you can get short summaries of long articles, reports, etc. It will help you to assess the value of different content parts, prioritize them, and extract the main insights from various parts without reading them.     

In Conclusion

ChatGPT is the future of AI in e-commerce. It has already caused a lot of excitement and interest among the tech community and many other industries. And while the OpenAI developers warn about the AI model still having some flaws, it can deliver significant value when used with a consideration of its weak sides.      


Can I have a conversation with GPT-3?

Yes, you can chat with ChatGPT, a chatbot recently released by OpenAI, built on the GPT-3 family of large language models. ChatGPT is open for everyone to try, so you need to go to its website, sign up, and get access to the tool.     

Why is ChatGPT not working?

ChatGPT has a limited capacity of users it can chat with simultaneously, so it might not let you join if it is already at total capacity. Try to access it a bit later.

Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, as for now, ChatGPT is free for personal use.

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