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How To Develop a Strides Like App?

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Have you ever counted how many different activities you do in a day? How many of them are aimed at solving any problems, and does this bring you closer to your goal? Most people today are wasting their precious time with a variety of distractions, such as watching their Instagram feed or checking their email.

With the onset of the pandemic, the days began to merge. It feels like your sanity is slipping away from you. At this point, you probably want to bring the structure back into your life. As practice shows, your desire alone is not enough to restore order in life. In such cases, there is often a need for productivity tools. These tools help you focus, track and correct your habits, and stay focused throughout the day. Many useful functions can significantly affect your personal and professional growth, as well as improve your health and fitness.

Today, there are quite a few digital solutions on the market designed to optimize and help you better plan your work process, improve communication, and teach you how to plan your time correctly. The use of such tools is popular among business owners and freelancers because this approach helps to use their potential correctly and, at the same time, stay in good shape. It is especially important to have the right digital tools at your fingertips when you have a whole range of goals or dreams that you can’t achieve.

In most cases, habits play a critical role in moving forward. Some of them need to be corrected, and some should be eliminated. That is why we have analyzed several leading apps and want to show you that there is still room in the market for a new goal tracking app. In addition to the analysis, we conducted a study and highlighted several points about why people refuse to use applications. We also made several recommendations that can help you keep your audience and people achieve their goals.

TOP5 Reasons why users give up on the way to their goal

Let’s try to understand the reasons why users set goals and do not achieve them. Indeed, according to statistics, only 39% of users achieve their goals. Many users say that they managed to achieve good results on the way to their goal, but they still failed the mission for various reasons.

# 1 Reassessing your capabilities

If the user has not previously been involved in planning his time, he has not divided large tasks into smaller ones and, in principle, is not used to following the schedule. Most likely, no matter how hard he tries to achieve the result, it will be difficult for him.

# 2 Self-doubt

The more complicated a person sets a task/goal for himself, the stronger his fear of failure and failure becomes. In some applications, there are no recommendations on how to break the path to the goal into small steps that will not seem like something unattainable. Most likely, the person already has a negative experience when plans collapsed. In this case, he is always fighting with himself, begins to think that he will never achieve new goals. Because of this, he abandons his plan.

# 3 Lack of concentration

It’s not a secret for anyone that the achievement of lofty goals is carried out precisely due to the complete concentration on one’s business. Such self-tuning allows achieving plans, often in record time. The result will be not only fast but also of high quality at the same time.

But when a person does not concentrate on what he is doing, negative thoughts and attitudes immediately begin to fall into his head. Following this, instantly, fear and excitement appear that the plans will not be realized.

# 4 Chronic fatigue

It’s impossible to think about motivation if you are always tired at work. The first thing that can happen in this case is good sleep. Further, compliance with the daily regimen. Control of physical activity and activity as such. Regular healthy meals and hydration.

# 5 Laziness

This phenomenon often occurs due to a lack of motivation, chronic fatigue, and monotonous activities performed throughout the day.

We have identified five main reasons why users can forget about their development and application or use it irregularly.

Three Best Ideas for goal tracking app development

Based on the listed reasons, you can understand what functions will be useful to users and more actively support them on the way to the result, which means your project will be in demand and thriving.

# 1 short and long term planning
It’s great when the app can help you plan the month by dividing tasks by week and then by day. First, the user writes his goal (for example, to learn how to drive a car), then fills in how much time he spends on routine household chores, work, etc. As a result, the application analyzes everything and suggests how much time per day or week, you need to confuse the time to acquire driving skills. After all, we all know that, on average, training in driving practice takes about 70-90 hours.
# 2 Marketplace
This feature will be useful if the user needs mentor support on the way to the goal. Setting goals and achieving them even with a friendly application is not always easy. Sometimes it is difficult for us to overcome our fears and take action. It is very convenient to find a personal growth coach, psychotherapist, or even a coach without leaving the application. The coach can also monitor a person’s progress and, if necessary, adjust the plan for achieving the goal.
#3 Betting feature
Why not get money in addition to achieving the goal? Another great idea is a betting app. In such an application, a person puts a certain amount of money because he will reach the set result within a certain period. If they achieve their goal and prove it, they will get their money back. Also, other players can join the game and place a bet with their own money. If more than one person wins, the prize is shared among all winners.

Must-have app Features 

We have carefully analyzed various applications to find the essential features that will help your application overtake the market leaders. Different apps offer different features. Let’s take a look at what features your application should offer to meet most customers’ needs.

Registration and personal accounts
Personalization is a crucial benefit of every goal setting and tracking app. That is why the application’s primary purpose should be to collect and analyze user data: interests, activity level, number of hours devoted to work, number of hours of sleep, and so on. Choose data depending on the target direction of your application.
A sought-after goal tracking app should consist of a goal list, a diary, and a few input fields. Achievement logging is a must-have part of the app, but without a dashboard that contains the most crucial information about the user’s success and helpful tips for getting the desired result, it won’t be of much value. The ideal dashboard should be attractive and contain only the most essential information.
The most important question when developing an application is how to create a database with detailed information about activities, nutrition, and so on. Creating such a database can take a long time, so the best solution is to use a ready-made API.

Push notifications
Push notifications are a powerful tool for increasing user engagement and retention. They motivate users to keep going by sending calls to action or information about current goals. These notifications show you care about each user by reminding them of the essential steps on the road to success. Finally, push-notifications force users to view your app as more than just a planning diary for the day, but as a helpful helper to help them achieve their goals.
Integration with smartwatches
The number of people using fitness trackers or smartwatches with this feature is proliferating. Statista claims that in 2019, 59 percent of US consumers owned a fitness bracelet, and 44 percent of them used it daily. That is why it is vital to add fitness tracker support, especially when your app’s primary purpose is to monitor physical activity. Without a tracker, users need to enter their distance traveled or workout information manually. Thanks to the tracker’s support, information about certain types of activity (jogging, cycling, etc.) can be added automatically. Also, your app can receive health data, such as blood pressure and heart rate.




Top Goal tracking Apps

We’ve already covered features that are required for apps and those that could improve user engagement. The list is not disappearing because by studying ready-made solutions, you can find many more ideas on making your application the best for users. So let’s take a look at a couple of ready-made answers.

#1 Strides isn’t just a habit tracking app. In the application, you can mark the completion of repetitive actions and how far you have progressed towards the goal. For example, you can track goals like “lose 5 pounds by June 15,” “save $ 2,000 by November 1,”.

With repetitive tasks like jogging every day and reading every night, Strides focuses on “strikes” – how many days in a row you’ve completed a given task. Progress is easy to track by the color code: green – completed, red – missed.

The app can be used to track progress on long projects with several small subtasks. For example, when planning a party or completing a complex task at work. The waypoints help keep track of how much you are keeping up with the deadline.

Strides is one of the apps that help you dive into the process and its planning.

#2 Smart Progress – the service has not only the web but also Android and iOS versions. In the application, you can create goals and share them with other users, and even solve some tasks with them.

It is also possible to view the statistics of movement towards the goal and break down a long-term goal into shorter actions.

What makes the application particularly stand out from others is its help in formulating a goal when the user knows what he wants but cannot explain it and express it clearly. And as we talked about the betting option, there is the option to wager with yourself by depositing a certain amount into the application. You can take this rate only after reaching the goal.

Features of the solution that help to achieve the assigned tasks and maintain motivation:

  • The ability to make the goal public so that other users can support them or share their experiences on achieving the goal. I all know that by publicly declaring their efforts, it’s harder to give up.
  • There is help in the formation of life goals and desires. If this is difficult for the user, then you can take a peek from others.

Do not forget that users are primarily motivated by the graphics and can visualize their desires on the goal board. Indeed, design and usability are essential in such applications.

While there are plenty of goal tracking apps, only a small percentage of them are versatile. There are a lot of purposes for which applications are now created. And so among the goal tracking apps, the following types can be distinguished:

  • for professional development
  • for personal and spiritual development
  • to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • for medical purposes, etc.

By the way, the last point is a relatively new direction, and it should be noted that it is quite promising. For example, goal setting in rehabilitation is a common practice, ultimately helping patients make functional progress. But earlier, this happened with the help of drawing up a schedule in the patient’s chart, and the rehabilitation doctor was more of a mentor who supported and made people work in places. The patient may not always notice progress. Today there are examples when, thanks to an application that shows progress, gives recommendations on exercises for recovery and nutrition, a patient is recovering faster.

It is generally accepted that patient involvement in goal setting is essential and beneficial for psychosocial and functional outcomes, but unfortunately, a patient-centered approach is not always standard practice.

What does it take to develop a Goal Tracking app? 

As we said initially, there are too many distractions in today’s world that prevent many from reaching their goals. Therefore, the demand for a digital tool for goal setting and tracking apps is growing every day. Thanks to such solutions, users can monitor several goals while watching daily progress in areas such as health, finance, and much more. It should be noted that such tools are increasingly used in corporate areas and medicine, which is especially important.

Perhaps you have more than once encountered difficulties in achieving goals and understand how important such a tool is. Suppose you know how to make this process even more effective and want to make your application. It is essential to understand that a digital solution must be created with high quality, and this task will take a reasonably long time. The market you want to enter is quite competitive, and your solution should have a unique proposition.

We recommend that all clients not skip such a stage as the discovery phase, thanks to which we analyze the market and competitive solutions to understand how to make a digital solution competitive.

Speaking of the specialists you need to create a goal-tracking application, we would name the following:

  • Business Analyst;
  • System Administrator;
  • UI/UX Designer; 
  • HTML/CSS Coder;
  • iOS Developer; 
  • Android Developer;
  • QA Engineer;
  • Scrum Master. 

Each of the named team members has an hourly rate that determines the cost of your application. However, it is essential to note that the final price will depend on the application’s overall complexity and the set of features and integrations you would like to include in your solution.

JobDev Hours
Business Analyst 670
System Administrator 35
Designer 295
Back-end Developer550
Front-end Developer450
iOS Developer700
Android Developer 700
QA Engineer 850
Scrum Master 660

According to our calculations, the approximate cost of such a solution like Stride will be $116 495. This estimate is a fairly complex solution with a lot of integrations.

The main issues that you may face when developing:

# 1 The number of devices is vast, and the solution must be integrated with each manufacturer’s device. This factor affects the duration of mobile development.

# 2 Complex interfaces (graphs, tablets, sliders, etc.) – this will not be a problem for the web version of your application, but for the mobile version, yes. We tried to take this into account, but in the end, everything will depend on the final number of types of such elements in the application.

# 3 It will be impossible to connect fitness trackers and other wearable devices in the web interface (they will work exclusively in the mobile interface).


First of all, you can make a store of seminars that will help people focus their attention. You can also make a platform where users can find coaches, psychologists, etc. Everything will depend on the goals for which your solution will be oriented. Also, the income from your application will rely on the monetization strategy that you will choose. It can be advertising, freemium, or paid calls methods. Each of them is great and can bring you quite a stable income.
Basic Strides like the solution may cost you $100,000 or more. However, if your goal is to build something different then the price will differ.

To conclude

As you can see, there are still unfilled niches in the goal tracking apps market. Today, there is a tendency to create products for a narrower audience in software development, which is designed to solve specific problems of a particular group of people. So with a goal tracking app, it can be developed to nurture perseverance in children, or as stated above for medical purposes, it can also be designed for corporate purposes to help employees maintain team spirit in departments during “working from home”. It is becoming relevant because you can use the application to track deadlines, send reminders, and support words.

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