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How to use TikTok: Trends and Tips

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TikTok is probably one of the most popular apps categorized as time killers. You just open it to take a small break from work or studying, and then *boom* you close it and you’ve wasted a couple of hours in a blink of an eye. Let’s just be honest, scrolling the feed and visiting random profiles is our guilty pleasure. 

It seems like many videos on TikTok are the same – challenges, makeovers, dances, funny pranks. The videos resemble each other and only the people who upload them are different. But nevertheless we keep watching those videos as if hoping to see a different ending or unexpected actions. And sometimes TikTok users really surprise us. But mostly this social network is about challenges, entertainment and fun. 

So in a world full of repetitive content, how would you become noticed? How would you gain popularity, appreciation and an influx of new followers? Let’s dive into this topic and discover what makes a hype these days and how to stand out and stay on top. 

What is trending? 

All you should know about TikTok trends is that they are changing as the wind direction in winter. This social media develops so fast that sometimes it takes a week for some trend to become annoying and then abandoned and forgotten. People create new challenges, invent unusual staff and make insane ideas a reality. So speaking about 2020 (which is itself crazy enough), what tendencies should you embrace if you strive to become popular on TikTok? We have collected some really influential ones, and offer you to check them out with us. 

TikTok replaced TV shows 

This is barely news, you may say. And we will agree. Although TikTok cannot compete with Netflx and all the great staff it produces, it still gives us a feeling that we are watching a TV show. If previously we adored YouTubers and waited for their vlogs for a week, now we can enjoy short vlog-like clips shared by creative content creators. 

So what does this mean in terms of trends? Simply that if you are a TikTok newbie, you should make and upload content regularly. You should pay much attention to how engaging it is, if it makes people wait for another video. It is like fishing – you aim to put video viewers on hook. How can this be achieved? You post a video and promise people to post continuation later. You keep them interested and intrigued. Pay attention to the influencers, since they use this “attention grabbing trick” all the time. They advertise some goods and promise to make a new video showing how the products did their job. This trick works like a charm and it can be applied to different kinds of content – challenges, surprises, tutorials, etc. 

Niche TikTokers gain more popularity

Although it is great to be interested in many different things in life, when it comes to TikTok and other social media you need to focus on one interest and develop it. When Tikok appeared users tend to create and upload diverse videos. It was like a kaleidoscope of content. However with time the tendency shifted like it was with Instagram. People started looking for niche content creators. 

These days it is better to stick to one particular niche and make you content within it as engaging as possible. Let’s say you like clothes, beauty products and books. Well, you’d probably had to choose one of those as the topic for your videos (if you want to develop your account and attract advertisers). In case you are taking care of a personal account, it is okay to film and upload whatever you want and like. 

Let’s take one famous TikToker Zach King. He gained the attention of millions of followers by creating illusion-related videos. This guy is a professional video editor and he could have uploaded tons of various videos not united by one topic. However, he did not do that. He found his niche and developed it drastically. 

Or let’s take a look at the TikTok account of Sarah. She is a master with fabric, needles and threads in hands. And she is probably the person of many talents. However, she selected sawing and making staff as her niche and quite succeeded in it. 

Boldness and responsiveness are the key

If you are shy or not interested in what’s going on around, then you probably will experience hard times while gaining your audience. Repetitive content or not bald enough videos don’t have chances to attract many new followers to your TikTok page. You need to be highly creative and respond to current events. 

Stay interested in the most trending topics, check out what’s actively discussed and interpret it in your own creative way. Let’s take elections in the US. Now this is the most crucial topic that everyone discusses. What can you do about it? Plenty – you can create funny video, so-called live meme, fantasize what’s going to happen. If you are a make-up artist you can shoot tutorials on how to create a themed make-up. Crucial events with special hashtags always gain massive attention. And some of the people who will find you thanks to that dedicated content may end up being your loyal followers. 

Vines and jokes rule the world

It is not a surprise at all that people like the comedy genre. After all TikTok is a network for entertainment and you are supposed to open it, relax and laugh out loud. Although sometimes we all feel fed up with vines, they are still one of the most popular videos on TikTok. Trending hashtags, TikTok selections, random recommendations from friends – whatever you take it would be about fun and jokes. 

Is it still possible to gain your audience by shooting and posting vines? Sure thing! Just don’t steal the ideas of other successful viners, make your own jokes, find your own voice in the comedy genre. You may draw inspiration from people like James Henry but don’t copy their content. Do something unexpected and bold. 

Nice to know
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 How to grow your TikTok account 

Now that you are aware of all current TikTok trends it is the right time to think about growing your account and making it noticed. We would like to share some effective tips with you. So, without further ado, let’s get started. We would not teach you basic things like creating an account, selecting the right profile picture, writing a witty description of your personality, etc. We will share some content related advice. 

What content gains many views? 

Before creating a TikTok account and starting making a content you’ve probably asked yourself a question “What should I actually shoot?”. Because these days it’s not enough to post something beautiful. The  content should have an idea, a concept behind it. The message of your video is what really matters. Although trends come and go, there are several categories of videos that keep being popular year after year. Let’s take a closer look at them. 


You may think that this genre is dead and people are tired of it, but that’s not true. Social challenges can become viral and gain massive amounts of views. But that challenge should not be a mainstream, it should be original, attention grabbing and have a purpose behind it. Challenge videos can promote great changes. 

Dance competitions

Video battles like “who danced better” are still on top. Spice your video up with something eye catching – like interesting costumes, decorations, a crowd of people – and you’ll get your bunch of views and likes. Select cool music, polish your dancing skills and conquer the TikTok audience. 

Pure entertainment

This is a mixed type of content. It can combine several so-called genres and talents – like sport and humor, tutorials and challenges. The more interesting your video will turn out – the better. If you have any special skills (maybe you are jumping high, you are juggling things easily, etc.), then it is time to wrap them up into an interesting idea of self-presentation and shoot a video.

If you need an inspiration, then look for people with the same talents and see how they demonstrate them. Let’s take Demi Bagby , she in an athlete, strong and powerful girl. And why did she get noticed? Because she has a voice, she knows how to combine skills, talent and humor. And her videos are entertaining and attention grabbing. 

Lip-syncing videos

Various reenactments can be a great option if you are not a comedian and cannot write scenarios for your videos. You just select a track with dialogue – funny, witty, political, social, whatever – and enact it in a comedian way. Turn your fantasy on and you’ll end up with a hilarious clip in your hands. 

Art making videos

Are you a good painter, sketcher or maybe you like sawing or pottering? Well then we have good news for you – people like all that staff. It is impossible to get enough of seeing someone painting or doing something with their hands. All you need is to choose your angle, find your style and show it through the video. 

Makeover videos

Duh, who did not watch shows like “America’s Next Top Model” just for the episode when all models go through the makeover? We all like these kinds of videos so if you are into make-up and changing clothes, then stick to this genre and make loads of content. People will never get tired of watching how Cinderella changes her shabby outfit and dashes to the royal party in a fancy dress. 

Food content

Whatever you are going to do with food – cut a vegetable or cook a dish like in a restaurant – it will be fancied by the video viewers. I don’t know what’s so satisfying in watching how someone cuts an apple or carves a pumpkin, but this content can let you fall out of reality for an hour or so. So if you are into cooking – make it an art and share. 

Pets videos

Will we ever get tired of cute animals doing cute things on videos? Hopefully not. Yes, videos with pets are still trending and cats still get more likes than average humans. So if you have a cute pet, it is time to get inspired and make it a TikTok star. Or maybe you’ll both become famous. 

Should you invest in advertising? 

If your aim is to grow your TikTok account then sooner or later you will have to face the question “To advertise or not to advertise?” After all paid promotions never guarantee that your audience will come and stay with you after the ad is turned on. As of now, TikTok charges $10 per each 1000 views. But 100o views is not enough, you’ll have to invest at least $300 to gain new followers. So it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it.

As a team that worked with ads for 9 years, we can say that TikTok is rather new service and its ad mechanisms are not studied well enough like ones of Facebook and YouTube. So without knowing how advertising works it is hard to predict real results. Yes, you may gain new followers, but we’d advice you not to set too high expectations. As of now TikTok ads are great for new accounts, when you need to build your audience and get noticed immediately.


Although this app became overly popular in the whole world, there are four particular countries that use it very actively. There are USA, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia. USA is on the first place with 2.3 billion app downloads and 100 million active TikTok users.
Speaking about technical side – the app is quite stable. But if we talk about moral side, it can violate your privacy, it is prone to negative commentaries and it can influence self-esteem and cause anxieties.
If you are tired of endless content influx and want to delete TikTok, it is easy to do it. Just navigate to the app menu, choose Manage my account and then tap Delete account at the bottom of the settings page.

Wrapping up

TikTok entered our lives and become both the most dangerous time killer and the space for expressing our talents. Whether we want it or not, TikTok sets numerous trends that are developed further on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. And while the latter leave us all no chances to grow an account organically, TikTok algorithms still remain  the most user-friendly.

So if you want to enter the creative world of TikTok and get noticed, then follow the trends, find your voice and talent, create and not steal someone’s ideas. And whatever content you have in mind, spice it up with something interesting and unexpected.  And in case you get tired of all this, you know how to delete a TikTok account.

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