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Merging Healthcare With Tech Business

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


A successful entrepreneur in the 21st century achieves success mostly because he integrates new technologies to modernize and disrupt the existing business mechanisms. By doing so a modern businessman helps to nourish innovation and gets profit based on how valuable a proposition is. 

Whether it is drone delivery of medical test materials or mind controlling of prosthetic limbs, the sci-fi future gets closer and closer every day with things unimaginable in the past becoming not just possible but mundane in our present. 

What’s it to you? You don’t need to be a doctor or a software developer yourself to merge healthcare with software. Your enthusiasm is all that matters, since you have a potential to invest and create a product that’s going to save lives in the nearest future. 

A medical app to allow 24/7 patient-doctor communication or a professional assessment of one’s vital body signs will be an ordinary commodity in the years to come. The question is whether you’re going to be the one to release one such application? And here are reasons why you should seriously consider getting onboard the medical software hype. 

Pick Your Enter Strategy

Google and Apple, the software development giants, already look for ways to get into healthcare. You should also find your way in. One of the best ways to proceed is to find a process that can be improved and improve it. For example, you have your EMR (electronic medical record) that is connected to an app for hospital management. This is done so that EMR is updated when new patients come and to ensure that nurses have a real-time access to it to assess a patient’s condition and to monitor his stay. 

Your app can be the one improving the process by, for example, tracking a patient’s geolocation or his heartbeat rate to allow remote monitoring. There are countless possibilities and all it takes is being creative. After all, nobody knew a certain algorithm can do a better job at processing CAT scans (looking for deviations from the norm) than many doctors, thus, freeing the hands of physicians to attend to more important matters.  

Merging Healthcare With Tech Business

Think Like a Technician

Any software development process, essentially, delivers tools. Entering healthcare industry, you should think like an engineer first, since for the life-saving industry such things as marketing, branding and promotion are secondary.Your proposition itself is what valuable, not how you present it or what your marketing department (if you have one, if you need it) makes of it. 

In the world of software development a simple watch can be sold as “a revolutionary time-tracking device that keeps track of how much time you spend” while something as useful as personal video chat with your family doctor can be considered just video streaming. 

It is important where and with whom streaming goes, disregarding the fact that video streaming is not a groundbreaking technology. To have a virtual access to your doctor from wherever you are and whenever (if it’s really urgent) it is possible – that’s groundbreaking.      

Save Time

Even though we spend an astounding amount of time in our smartphones, their main appeal is that they save us time to get a taxi, get a delivery, book a hotel room, have a quick date, etc. The optimization itself or the increase in speed of a certain process is the single most important goal of all software, not just apps. 

Programs automatically do routine jobs and they do it better because they do not get bored or inattentive in the process. If you want a medical app, think first how it is going to make the lives of doctors and patients easier. Look for ways to eliminate queues in a doctor’s’ office or how to save patients’ time when they can get a consultation without actual real-life meeting.   

As owner of developing such apps, you have the opportunity to reduce time if you turn to Top Healthcare Software Development Companies.

Save Lives

Rush is not an option and your end goal should consider that dealing with human lives is accompanied by a more serious and considerate approach. Every nuance matters here. To serve a product that has value for end users is not a marketing slogan but the only thing that is going to work. The competition here is rough exactly because healthcare industry is told to be very conservative with every innovation being previously approved and double-checked. 

Come up with a set of innovations to improve certain processes in certain conditions and let it be approved by those in charge of adopting your solution. You don’t sell drugs or come up with innovative treatment plans. Still, installing a hospital-wide system to check, for example, pollution rate is a good way to enter the industry but keep in mind that your solution should be the best there is, yet far from being very costly.


All in all, you can now storm the healthcare industry with tech because doctors and patients are ready to embrace it, therefore, the supply should be on its way. But it is not enough for your software not to mean harm. It should be easy and pleasant to use, yet not expensive. A foothold in healthcare industry, though, guarantees you vast space for further expansion of your business operation. 


No. That is like asking if development of the Uber like app requires knowledge of the ins and outs of ride hailing business. Software is the intermediary. Production requires business knack and skilled software development team to deliver the algorithm that is going to make medical assistance simpler and more available
Smartphones are ubiquitous devices and so their cameras and sensors can deliver medical assistance on demand the same you order somebody to walk your dog. Moreover, it can make it virtual with a doctor assisting the patient based on the live video streaming.

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