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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


Cooperate with Altamira, the experienced offshore development company, and ensure fast and reliable software delivery. Stay focused on your main business goals while we cover your software development needs.

Altamira as Your Offshore Development Partner

  • 200+ happy clients from more than 10 countries 
  • secure development
  • guaranteed idea and data protection
  • individual approach to every single project
  • flexible cooperation options

Advantages of software development with Altamira

Since 2011, we have accumulated a lot of experience as an offshore development vendor, and now we are glad to offer you the best services in this niche.

Deep preliminary research

Before digging into development itself, we run an elaborated discovery stage and create a proof of concept if required. These steps help us to understand the needs of your business and the complexity of the project better. Thereby, we are able to provide seamless development and even more.

A strong team of software engineers

Our team consists of experienced developers in front-end, back-end, and mobile technologies. We also offer QA DevOps, UI/UX design, business analytics, project management services. Our specialists are certified by Microsoft, AWS, Google, ISTQB, and are constantly working on widening their expertise.

High employee retention

Hire and cooperate with the same consistent development team during your whole project. Our developers will work on the project from the start till the final deployment, so the project quality won’t suffer from disruptions or staff changes.

NDA and privacy protection

We offer a non-disclosure agreement if it is required by your side and take full responsibility for protecting your intellectual property (IP) as well as all any data you disclose to us.

Constant support from your dedicated manager

For every project, we assign a personal manager who will guide you through development, constantly stay in touch, and help to solve any difficulties that arise on the way.


We provide full financial and operational transparency. Your personal manager will provide you with regular project status reports, as well as on budget and resource spending.

Extensive knowledge of advanced technologies

Our team specializes in additional development services that can increase the potential and value of your software. They include the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Flexibility and customer-oriented approach

To succeed, any project needs to be considered and evaluated separately. That’s why our managers conduct extended interviews with clients and create unique roadmaps for every project. We also offer flexible cooperation options and models, so it is possible to select the most suitable one for you.

Full employment coverage

Work with a team of the best offshore developers and focus only on their performance. We take care of administrative and employment concerns, like compensations, workspaces, equipment, taxes, etc. We are also ready to hire additional specialists if it is required for your project.

Choose offshore development in Ukraine

Ukraine is a perfect destination for offshore development. The country has a strong market for software development and a wide pool of highly skilled software engineers. Cooperate with Altamira, an international offshore outsourcing company, and get access to:

  • development teams located in the office in Kyiv, one of the biggest tech hubs of Eastern Europe;
  • specialists with a high level of English proficiency;
  • the team that is culturally compatible with Western countries and, hence, ensures productive collaboration;
  • comfortable timezone for face-to-face communication.

Altamira covers your needs in software development in any form you might need. Choose the service you need:

  • full-cycle development: we create a product from scratch and take care of every step of development, from specification writing to final deployment;
  • discovery stage: get prepared for a new software development project
  • MVP development: start with the minimal viable project and test your concept before going for big development;
  • R&D center: delegate the development tasks of your whole business to offshore programmers;
  • staff augmentation: add new specialists to your in-house crew rapidly and easily;
  • support & maintenance: renovate or improve your existing software with our help;
  • redevelop legacy code: update your legacy system to the new standard and needs 


Why choose offshore development?

Offshoring is a great way to access the expertise of experienced developers or quickly scale up your projects at moderate prices. It is cost-efficient, it helps rapidly initiate development or supplement the existing teams with necessary specialists.

Why should I choose Ukrainian offshore developers?

The Ukrainian IT field is focused on offshoring and outsourcing. Hence, here you can find strong teams that provide excellent quality of development, speak English well, and aim to provide a positive experience of offshoring for clients.

How much does offshore development cost?

We evaluate every project separately, as the price depends on the difficulty of the project, the involvement of specialists that are required, and technologies that are essential for the development.

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