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How to Save Beauty and Wellness Business During Crisis?

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People always want to look great and feel good no matter what happens. We are all so used to visiting salons to get our hair done, to take care of our skin and nails, to relax while having a massage. And now when coronavirus attacked the society all over the world and made us go into quarantine, the popularity of beauty and wellness services diminished drastically. Not only people have to lock themselves at homes and work remotely, but also all beauty institutions have to be closed for several weeks to prevent the massive spread of infection. 

Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, nail techs, cosmetologists and massage therapists temporarily lost their clientele because of salons being closed. Salon owners suffer from enormous money loss. And common salon visitors do not have a chance to refresh their look and take good care of themselves. 

Some specialists from the beauty and wellness industry started providing on-demand services and coming to the houses of their clients to do a manicure, pedicure, haircut, cosmetological procedures, massage, etc. But it is not very convenient to arrange numerous appointments reaching out to clientele via telephone, especially in the decade when everything is done with the help of apps. 

In times of pandemic and quarantine, custom apps for on-demand services can be the best solution for both salon owners and clients. So let’s take a closer look at the general concept of such apps and how they can help keep beauty business afloat. 

Why is custom on-demand app a must-have? 

The main purpose of applications for providing on-demand services is to connect vendors with clients. The first ones can place their gigs with the description of services they are ready to provide at clients’ place, while the latter can find the most relevant specialist for doing manicure, massage, cosmetological procedures, etc. Using an app is the easiest and most convenient way to get what you need in a short period of time.  It is easier to communicate using built-in messenger, to set preferred day and time of appointment with a specialist, to make sure if this person is reliable and competent. 

The price for an on-demand solution starts from $1000 and can be increased depending on customization complexity. All owners of beauty and wellness businesses who invest in software optimization have a huge competitive advantage. They can:

  • Keep providing services, 
  • Earn money and maintain salon,
  • Pay their employees a salary, 
  • Keep their business running,
  • Gain client’s loyalty and appreciation. 

Current quarantine situation is quite isolating and will probably be followed by an economic crisis. It is hard to prognose how soon the world will get over coronavirus consequences and how soon people will return to their usual way of living. One thing we can say for sure – on-demand services will get more and more popular. But in case with beauty industry one should be careful, because it has to do with health.

Avoid getting infected when using on-demand services

Of course in times of pandemic our health should be our priority. It is unreasonable to risk it all for the sake of a beautiful haircut, new nails design or long eyelashes. When using on-demand services, clients should remember that there is always a higher risk of getting an infection because of the close contact with service providers. 

So it is a responsibility of salon owners who offer on-demand services and beauticians who do their job to make sure that the health of the latter is in order and that they are Crisis-free. If a client who ordered services has symptoms of a virus disease the beautician as well should be able to refuse providing service not to catch infection and spread it further. 

To stay safe, make sure that the following rules are followed by a service provider: 

  • All supplies of a master should be single-use or disposable.
  • A beautician should wear disposable gloves. 
  • Washing hands before starting work is a must. 
  • The surface of all supplies and equipment in use should be disinfected. 

To sum it up

We are all experiencing hard times now and hope that soon this pandemic nightmare will be over. But it will take time for all spheres of life to recover. And many months may pass before people start going into salons without a fear of catching coronavirus. 

So all beauty and wellness business owners should consider going digital and offering on-demand services to keep their business running and bringing income and to preserve numerous clientele. Building your own custom application is the best way to create a beauty community, provide jobs for employees and make clients satisfied. 

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