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Staffing Software: Essence, Benefits, and Pitfalls

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Staffing software is a must-have software application that comes in handy not only for recruiting agencies but also for all companies that are willing to effectively hire decent employees.

The variety of candidates, despite the job position and business industry, is always scalable, and recruits are tasked with reviewing thousands of various resumes, holding interviews, and taking decisions. 

In this article, we would like to expand your knowledge on the capability staffing software provides for businesses to help you define how your business can benefit from implementing this type of business software system.

What is staffing software?

Staffing or recruiting software is the solution that will come in handy for companies of different sizes and niches willing to improve the quality of their hiring process. It provides options for accessing a scalable pool of perfect candidates, reaching out to them, and building trusting relationships before an interview. 

Applicant tracking software replaces the traditional time-consuming hiring process with a targeted search and selection of more qualified candidates, keeping the information about each potential worker accurately stored.

Why do companies need staffing software?

Before we dig deeper into the functionality and abilities of the staffing software in the recruiting process, we would like to name a few reasons why many companies of different specializations are willing to implement staffing software in their hiring process these days. Some of them select off-the-shelf solutions, while others tend to develop their own custom ones. About the pros and cons of each choice, we will also talk about later in this article.

Benefits of staffing software

Digitalization of communication with candidates

The integration of staffing software into the hiring process of your company digitalizes the way you communicate with potential employees. This type of software solution is integrated with all channels of communication your recruiters use with the candidates like chats, emails, and calls.

Therefore, the information about each candidate is stored within the staffing software database and can be easily accessed and easily managed. So whenever the recruiter needs to refresh the records from interviews, he\she can quickly check them within the app. 

Improved relationships with clients

The applicant tracking system also benefits the relationships with your clients, which is especially true for outsourcing companies. The service of outsourcing and outstaffing entails the supply of the client or outsourcing team with the required specialists.

In case of lacking any of the employees, your company has a duty to provide a quick supply with additional resources. Staffing software allows properly selecting the perfect candidate due to the responsibilities and streamlines the hiring process to extend the working team in time. 

Enhance the quality of candidates

As we mentioned above, staffing software makes the process of searching for ideal candidates more effective and targeted at the right people. In addition, this business software solution eliminates the paperwork and manual processes, thereby recruiters have enough time to spend on top-notch sourcing, communication with potential employees, assess their skills and knowledge to provide only high-quality candidates.

Besides, staffing software tracks the efficiency of each communication channel to determine which sourcing approach works the best for the company whether it is mailing, rescuing out on LinkedIn, Jinny, and other resources, and so on.

Recruiters just add the required filters for the candidates and get the list with the most suitable specialists. 

Better internal communication

Overall, staffing solutions are available and useful not only for the recruiting department but also for other branches and departments of the company. For example, the marketing departments require SEO specialists to hire. A recruiter is tasked with looking for ideal candidates for further interviews with the team leader of the marketing and chiefs of the company as well.

Thanks to the applicant tracking system, team leaders and chiefs can see the schedule of interviews, look through resumes, the result of the first interview with the recruiter, and other needed information about potential workers that suit the position. 

Core features of recruiting software solution

After we figure out the main benefits of implementing the recruiting software, further, we want to focus on the features staffing software provides businesses.

Proper time dilution

Staffing software tracks the amount of time that recruiters spend on their daily tasks like sourcing, interviewing, chatting, etc. To execute the vital tasks more efficiently, they can assess the time dilution and define the most time-consuming processes to try to fasten them.

Integration with other software apps

If your company has already adopted any type of business solution like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), etc., no matter whether this software is ready-made or a custom one.

Applicant tracking

Staffing software helps you extend the candidate database that may come in handy for the future needs of the company. For instance, you find a decent worker but he\she doesn’t correspond to your current requirements, or you don’t have an open position for that type of specialist. However, you can save the contact and keep passive communications with such candidates to schedule interviews with them quickly when your company is ready. 

Data analytics and reporting

The overall tracking of the candidate data including the reasons for decline as well as accepting offers allows recruiters to evaluate the efficiency of their methods, reveal weak sides, and work on improving the hiring process, thereby improving the quality of candidates. 

The pitfalls of the ready-made solutions

Due to the information aforementioned, many companies select ready-made staffing software solutions for their hiring processes. The reason for its choice is clear – off-the-shelf solutions are quick to find and install, and there is no need to supply an in-house development team as the vendor manages the app, but this choice is not always about the fewer expenses and quality.

The majority of businesses face numerous issues and systems errors after the implementation of the ready staffing software systems. So just making you aware, we are going to discuss the most common of them.

Huge risk of filtering out the decent candidates

The option of filtering the candidates is kind of controversial. On the one hand, it helps save time for looking through the resumes of candidates who don’t suit the position. On the other hand, the probability of filters not working correctly and missing the ideal candidates remains high. It can happen one time due to a system bug or regularly, but probably you will not notice it at the beginning.

Technical errors of a staffing system

Technical issues are inevitable for any type of software, especially if the solution you use is SaaS-based, meaning your company is just one among the thousands of other users. The system can be overloaded, and the technical team just cannot bear the number of complaints they get on a daily basis.

Eventually, the system errors will not be fixed quickly, blocking your recruiting process. The same issues related to the functionality upgrades are executed not as often as your business can require.

Lack of customization

Certainly, the ready staffing software is integrated with a particular range of features that cannot be expanded but can be customized. Commonly, there are certain limits on the customization of some functions like reporting, filtering the candidates, storing the information, etc. That can prevent the effectiveness of your recruiting process.

Slow system work

Turnkey staffing solutions can be really slow due to the gaps in system testing and upgrading. You can wait for the page to load for several minutes and still need to reload the page to try one more time.

There is a huge probability that when the page refreshes, the information can be lost forever, which slows down the entire hiring process and the work of the recruiting department.

Essentials to consider in selecting staffing software

When it comes to the natural selection of the type of applicant tracking system, there are pivotal options and business requirements you need to pay attention to first.

Considering the points we are going to discuss below will define whether the ready-made app is for your company or custom staffing software would be the best choice to benefit the hiring process within your business.  

Correlation of business needs and available functionality

The first thing you need to take into account is the current needs and requirements of your business. How many people are engaged in recruiting, how many candidates you require at the moment, and what the hiring quality rate is – all these options define the functionality the staffing software has to include.

Based on our experience, we would like to recommend that if there is no perfect staffing app that suits all your parameters, then think of developing a custom staffing software app that will be designed up to your particular business requirements. 

Employee onboarding

If you have never used staffing software or similar technology in the hiring process before, then onboarding recruiters to use this type of business software can be time-consuming.

Hence, the staffing system needs to have a clear, modern, and intuitive design so that recruiters start using it with no complexities. Otherwise, the staffing solution will add no effectiveness to the recruiting process in your company. 

Assess the expenses for staffing app

The ready-made staffing software may require different types of charges – depending on the functionality you use or the period of time you are going to use the app.

For instance, the vendor can offer diverse pricing plans – basic or advanced, with diverse ranges of functions you get. Or the vendor can ask for a fee on a monthly or annual basis, where annual is practically always cheaper.

You need to compare the usage of the ready solution and the development of the custom solution, where you invest once and get a high-grade solution with all options you expect to have. 

How Altamira can help

We don’t really specify good or bad off-the-shelf staffing solutions, as we are confident in the benefits and privileges of developing custom solutions for businesses.

This statement is based on our long-term experience in building custom software as we were watching many times how custom business software transforms companies on the examples of our clients, enabling their stable growth and digitalized development. 

We would like to share with you one of the successful projects related to hiring and employee management that is titled Resume Lift. 

Overall, Resume Lift is a free resume-building solution where people who are in search of a new job can easily create appealing and engaging resumes that will definitely attract the attention of potential employers. The users need to register their accounts to get access to resume builder. Surely, one user can have several resumes at the same time to send them to different job positions and manage the feedback from new employers.

Besides, the website also has a blog where experts in recruiting and employee management share their experiences and tips on how to find a decent vacancy in the short term. The user just selects that template he or she prefers and fills in the lacking information about the work experience, knowledge, and skills. 

In conclusion

The primary value of customer staffing software is the consideration of the specifics of your hiring process and company processes overall. To automate the recruiting process, you need assurance in the correctness of the system work to eliminate the risk of filtering out perfect candidates, confusing their information, and preventing hiring candidates with a lack of required skills and knowledge.

Our team will assist your company in outlining the business needs and requirements of your custom staffing software, for instance:

  • Advertising of open job positions and website career page
  • Improved communication with candidates before sending offers
  • Better arrange the recruiting process with the accurate scheduling of interviews, storing information about each candidate, etc.
  • Usage of the proper keyword in the job descriptions
  • Assess the effectiveness of the current hiring strategy
  • Regularly revise the hiring process and its correspondence to the plans.

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