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Keep Your Restaurant Working in Quarantine

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People have always enjoyed delicious meals and small talks in restaurants and cafes. No wonder, because nothing can be better than spending your evening or lunch with friends in a place with a warm atmosphere and tasty food. If we ask anyone to name their favourite restaurant they will definitely start talking about more than one option. 

Whatever you prefer – Thai spicy food, Italian traditional meals, French exquisite kitchen, or simple but yet so delicious and well-known fast-food – it would imply eating out. It became popular many years ago and used to be an inseparable part of our life until coronavirus outbreak happened and put us all in quarantine. 

Now all restaurants are facing hard times. Because of the pandemic they cannot accept any visitors and the only option is either to offer takeout or arrange the delivery to people’s houses.  While some restaurants were ready to do this, the unprepared ones got closed either temporarily or permanently. It is very tragic, especially if you think about all employees who left without a job and all financial losses, and food waste (which is already a global issue). 

So what can help all restaurant owners  to keep running their business in quarantine? The answer is – a food delivery app. Digitization is a powerful tool that is able to boost and optimize restaurant business in hard times like these. 

Why develop your own food delivery app? 

According to statistics informs that the revenue in the restaurant-to-consumer segment is predicted to grow from $59,941 million in 2020 up to $77,996 million by 2024.

These numbers are quite high and impressive. 

If previously only 57% of consumers stated that they’d rather have their food delivered so that they do not have to leave the house, now this number is around 85%. In times of coronavirus people care about their health and safety and strictly follow all quarantine rules.

The popularity of the delivery will only keep growing even after the quarantine is over. So a food delivery app is a great investment into a future. With your own application you will be able to:

  • Provide faster and therefore better services (easy access to menu, variety of convenient payment options, easy order making procedure).
  • Gain customers loyalty (let your customers leave honest feedback about your meals and services and react timely to all suggestions, because communication is the key).
  • Implement a loyalty program (providing regular customers with special discounts or bonuses will encourage them to order even more).
  • Gather information about your customers’ food preferences (and adjust your menu accordingly);
  • Let your customers share on social media (people nowadays tend to choose many things based on reviews of other people they trust).

There are many new technology trends that you should take into account before developing your own app. E.g. food delivery chatbots can be very useful in quarantine. They can do the job of real managers. Chatbots can ask customers to insert all necessary details regarding their order, help them to make a choice and place an order in a couple of clicks. They can process a huge amount of orders without any delays or mistakes. Which positively influences the speed and quality of your services. To take a look at more modern tech trends in food delivery, read our full article here.

To sum it up

Coronavirus changed our world drastically. Many businesses are experiencing hard times right now and will face an economic crisis after the quarantine is over. Yes, we cannot change the things that do not depend on us, but as wise business owners you can keep your business running successfully even when the conditions are getting tough.

Eating is our basic need and food delivery will always be popular, not only in times of pandemic and home isolation. So if you consider making your own food delivery app you will be able not only to keep your business running but also make it grow. Because an app allows to provide faster service, keep the customers engaged and analyze customers’ needs and preferences. A customer who was satisfied with your services will keep ordering food at your restaurant.

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