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How to Build a Website For Construction Company?

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Can you imagine a successful company without a digital presence? We definitely cannot! Whatever industry you take, whatever company you are interested in, you can Google the name and get right to their website. Web and mobile presence became a must for businesses since people now tend to look for goods and services online. 

Companies involved in the construction business need a reliable website. It does not really matter what your company specializes in – manufacturing building materials, hiring professional contractors, or building objects of different styles and sizes – you need a website to represent your business. 

Custom websites can highlight your brand, make it recognized and valued. And on top of that, a reliable and useful website can change the way you work with clients, the speed and quality of your services, and your overall company productivity. 

Of course, some owners of construction businesses already have websites, but somehow they turned out to be ineffective and do not contribute much. Why is that? Let’s proceed to our article and discover what makes a good construction website, how much it is reasonable to invest in it, and why you should avoid all tempting and free website builders.

How to develop a website for a Construction Business?

If you made the decision to incorporate website in your business environment, then you probably wondering what would be better – to use a builder or invest in custom website development. Therefore we have decided to explain pros and cons of both variants, so that you can make the right final decision.

Why is using builders not a good idea in  2021?

The first thing that may come to your mind is to look for an easy way to develop a website on the Internet. You will probably see many articles advising you on how to create a reliable website using builders or ready-made templates. No wonder you may be tempted to use them since all those builders are, if not free, then at least very affordable.  However, this is not the best decision.

First of all, your website will end up looking pretty basic, like any other website built using a ready-made template. And you definitely do not need that, your goal is to stand out on the market, not blend in and get lost among dozens of other construction companies. 

Next comes customization – you will not have a lot of options in its regard. So if you will need some specific custom features like an order calculator or a special section with a catalog of the materials, you may not add them. As a result, you will get a website that will not be selling, and its UI alongside UX will be questionable.

Then comes SEO optimization and marketing opportunities. Yes, with websites created on builders there can be some issues if you consider starting an ad campaign. So take it into account and think twice, especially if your promotion strategy includes digital marketing. If you run a serious and successful company, it is always better to invest in custom website development to make the end solution look solid and function flawlessly. Mobile optimization and fast loading are the key to a website high ranking and success. 

Why choose custom website development?

By choosing a custom website development, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality product that will function fine on both desktop and mobile devices. Your website will be SEO-friendly, modern, and include all features required for your business niche.

You will be working with a range of specialists starting with Business Analyst and Scrum Master, and ending with developers and QA specialists. Every tech take is responsible for a certain development stage and that’s what makes an end solution great. Every stage is crucial and it will not be finished until the job is perfectly done. And what’s more exciting, you will be able to suggest all necessary changes and alterations on the go. The design and all website elements will be negotiable and you will get exactly what you want. 

And now, let’s discuss in detail how to build a website for your construction company. Firstly you will need to find an experienced team of developers. You can explore such websites as GoodFirms or Clutch, compare the companies, and find the one that is a perfect fit for you. We would recommend you to check their portfolio and reviews left by the real client to make a final choice. Once you’ve selected your team, the work on your website begins.

The development process is holistic, and it consists of several crucial stages that cannot be skipped. Let’s take a closer look at all of them:

Discovery stage
It includes researching your business niche, major competitors, their websites, and approaches. Such research allows you to identify your competitive advantage, shape your website idea better, and formulate the list of requirements for the future website. During this stage, the Business Analytic will help you formulate your project vision, define the necessary set of features and technology stack.

At this stage, Business Analytic will help you create specifications documents. You will see the description of your website functionality, all possible development risks, and estimations of your project development. This well-structured document helps to understand how your project should turn out, its requirements, what integrations and user roles will be needed, and what main use cases are.

This stage is crucial, and it can be called a skeleton of the future website. During the creation of wireframes, the developer’s team defines what layout your website will have, its structure (buttons, sections, roll down menus). It describes the connection between pages and lets you see a visualization of your idea.

One of the most important stages during which the developers perform front-end and back-end coding. They turn your idea into a real project, add all crucial and secondary functions, integrate all necessary APIs and services.

QA engineers are going to check if your website functions as it is supposed to, if the logic of it is comprehensive, all pages and sections responsive, third-party integrations work as they should and if the speed of loading is normal.

Professional designers will select a suitable color palette for your website to highlight your brand. They will create a look of all website elements and make sure that everything is readable, visible, and intuitive.

This is exactly when your website will be all set and ready for usage. If you or your website users will notice any issues after release, the developers will help you quickly fix them.

How much does it cost to build a custom website? 

Your website’s total price will be defined by its complexity, set of features, and many more other factors. The wider the feature set you want to include, the higher the cost may get. If you are going to use some third-party integrations, you need to consider that some of them may be paid ones, and the payment should be made on a subscription basis. If you already have a website, you may consider rebranding and redesign, and it will cost you less then the development from scratch. 

We have decided to provide you with the real numbers to understand how much money your website development may require. So we have calculated how much development hours and money it takes to build a basic website for a construction company that will have common sections, a calculator widget, a catalog of materials or works, and a live chat widget.

StageDev hoursDev cost 
Specifications 155 h$3410
Design154 h$2310
HTML/CSS164 h$1804
JS dev141 h$2538
PHP dev755 h$13590
Manual testing 283 h$3679
Admin34 h$544
Scrum Master 476 h$8092

As you can see, the total price is about $35.000 or more. This sum may scare you a little bit and make you think twice if you really need such an expensive custom solution when there are so many builders around. However, the price should not be the only decision making point, after all we’ve mentioned why it is not a good idea to resort to builders. It is better to build a basic MVP of your website and then improve it, than waste time and money on builders and then do everything anew. 

The MVP will cost you way less and will be delivered faster. And you will also be able to extend its functionality with time. All features will be customizable, so you will only benefit from MVP. 

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Must-have features for construction website 

Different construction companies will require different features to be present on their website. The construction industry is quite broad, and there are building materials, manufacturers, contractors, building companies, and many more. Of course, they cannot have similar websites due to their business niche’s specificities. So we have prepared a list of some great features that different companies can make use of. 

Calculator widget 

It’s all about convenience these days. So whether you offer construction services or sell building materials that you manufacture, we would recommend adding a calculator widget to your website. This tool will let your clients make custom orders and discover their prices beforehand. Calculator widget can help you unload your employees responsible for customer support since the client will perform smart and convenient initial self-service. 

Blog/news section

It is hard to underestimate the power of blogs. In this section, you will be able to demonstrate your expertise and recent success stories. You may even add some advice for your clients – how to prepare for reconstruction, what building materials are needed, how to calculate the right amount of them, etc. By sharing your experience, you gain customers’ loyalty and trust. And you also help people to get prepared before ordering your services or goods. 

Catalog of materials/services

This section of the website may be a so-called encyclopedia describing your services and materials, what they are good for, how much they cost, and what your company is specialized at. It is preferable to make this section interactive. We mean that the elements such as photos or icons should interact with the mouse cursor’s move under this term. 

According to statistics, more than 40% of construction companies have interactive websites that influence their income. Also it is crucial to make a separate page for each of your services so that the clients can easily navigate to them and access all necessary information.

Live chat widget 

Busy people don’t always have time to call you or write an email. So instant support becomes more and more popular. And to offer those support options to clients, many construction companies incorporate live chat widget. 

So whatever section of your website will be opened on a client device, a small widget will be clicking on which the client will be navigated to a chat window. He can ask any questions and get an instant reply. 60% of people are more likely to order materials or services if they get quick consultation first.  

Login portal 

If your clients need to pay invoices, check the jobs and their statuses, check messages related to their project – then a log-in portal is a must-have for your website. This option will let your clients create an account, get certain rights (thanks to admin) and use some internal features related to order making, job tracking, etc. 

It is also necessary to mention that you may even consider developing not a website but a web portal. This solution is more suitable for larger companies that work with numerous clients. To find out more about web portals development, read our special blog post dedicated to this topic. 

Actionable analytics 

You may have the most beautiful and highly performing website, but how would it help you if you don’t know its real metrics and efficiency? After all, a website is not a brochure showcasing your works, it’s a tool that helps you expand your client base and prove your competence. 

That is why we highly recommend you to incorporate advanced analytic tools into your website and do a holistic analysis of all performance metrics from time to time. This will help you to improve your website and add what’s missing. 

Mobile optimization

It’s not a secret that these days people tend to explore websites more often from their mobile devices than using desktops. It’s faster, convenient and you can access any site anytime. That’s why it is very crucial to take care of the mobile version of your website in 2021. Responsive web design is the key if you want to have the best website. 

So first of all, you should take care of larger fonts and simpler navigation. Everything you have on your website should look good on a mobile screen and fit into its size perfectly. Second of all, you should take care of your website loading and performance. If your website loads too slow, chances are that more than 50% of visitors will leave it before finding necessary information. So to prevent losing potential clients, make your mobile version of the website very speedy. 

Engaging features 

Under engaging features we do not mean any animations or eye-catching things, you own a serious business and your website should reflect this. So to spice it up a little bit and make it stand out, you may add some interesting elements to it powered by the latest technologies. 

For example, this can be a 3D-model of an object or construction you’ve created. Or this can be a virtual tour through a building you’ve constructed, or maybe it will be a live streaming consultation with some specialists from your team. You can also offer an AI-powered chatbot that will answer all questions immediately and help you improve client support and communication. The possibilities are endless, and the only thing you need is to hire a team that works with the latest technologies and can suggest you and then implement the best features. 

Apart from these great features you should not forget about the key aspects that make a good website. We have contemplated a little bit and created a short list of things that make a good construction website. Here they are: 

  • Website needs to be affordable in maintenance and consistent in usability.
  • Everything should be easily customized and adapted to your business model.
  • Security of data and user accounts (in case with web portal) should be your key priority. 
  • There should be timely updates. 
  • Website should look and function equally well on all devices.
  • Don’t forget about SEO optimization and optimization for Paid Search Ads. 
  • There should be trust-gaining factors throughout all the website. 
  • The website should be mobile optimized and fast loading. 
  • The UX should be intuitive and the overall design should be clean and up-to-date.

Apart from adding beneficial features, we would recommend you to pay special attention to website responsiveness, quality of pictures that it has, and its main page. Make sure that your website looks and functions fine not only on computers but also on mobile devices. Add only high-quality pictures of your works or materials that you sell or manufacture. And what’s more important, don’t forget to introduce people to your team on the main page and add a section with case studies and client testimonials.

What if I already have a Website?

If your website is a selling one and works for your business advance, then it is great. However, some construction companies have websites that turn out to be absolutely ineffective. 

Some of the websites were developed using builders, and now they have issues with functionality, extension and integrations. Some of the websites were built long ago, and now neither their design nor their functionality is used by the company clients. If this is your case, then you definitely need to do something about it. It is possible to redesign and update its functionality, add some new elements, and improve some sections.

So if your website does not work for your company, you definitely need to do something about it. Just come to your developer’s team, show them your website, and recommend to you what can be improved. The changes may be minor or drastic, depending on the condition of your website and your business needs. But we would definitely recommend you to get a modern and multifunctional website with a visually pleasing design. It can be a powerful tool.

For example, here at Altamira, we have worked with several clients who came to us to do their website redesign and update functions. And after we’ve done it, the website became selling and helpful for both company employees and clients. 

One of our success stories was the work with Nelson Precast construction company. They came to us with an ineffective website and numerous issues related to productivity and client services. And thanks to the work of our specialists, they ended up having a powerful web solution with responsive web design that boosted their business. If you are wondering what result the client get, go to our portfolio and check out LEO case study

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Why do Construction Companies need Websites? 

When it comes to business, you need to think twice before investing money into something, even if it is just a website that is not such a huge investment. So whatever you are buying to boost your business, it should be effective and bring real value. And speaking about websites, do they offer such value? And do you really need one to provoke business growth? The answer is – definitely yes. 

Websites are perfect business tools and not just mainstream things that everyone is supposed to have. Let’s take a closer look at all benefits that you can get from web and mobile presence to prove our point. 

Attract more new clients 

Let’s say your company manufactures building materials and supplies them to the construction objects. The contractors may know you. You may even be one of the most successful companies in your city or state. But why stop at that? You may expand your client base and grow your company by gaining attention from many new potential clients. And this is possible only if you have a well-developed website. 

Showcase your achievements

Whatever your company manufactures or what services it offers, it is always great to demonstrate your achievements. Real examples add trust, value, and attract clients. Some people may be dealing with construction for the first time, so they may not know all the nuances and peculiarities. 

By providing your clients with real examples through a website, you demonstrate your expertise, skills, and professionalism. So if you manufacture materials, you can add a catalog with detailed information. If you build houses, you can create a catalog with your works. If you install constructions, you can add cases describing what objects you’ve worked with, etc. 

Show your values and approach

If you want to have loyal clients and get huge orders, it is crucial to convey your values and approach to your offer’s construction services. A website is a powerful tool that makes you stand out from all other competitors on the market. The website can show clients:

  • Why your company is the best in its segment. 
  • What your unique approach is. 
  • Why your company is a reliable partner. 

By formulating your values and showing them on your website, you demonstrate your business’s trustworthiness and transparency. Websites can also be used to share real feedback from your clients and demonstrate the trophies you’ve earned for years of work in the construction industry.

Improve client service 

If you have a website, then you have numerous possibilities to work with clients and offer a more personalized approach. You can offer customer support options (i.e., live chat, chatbot, email support, and many more), quick order making, more customized order making (if you have additional tools like a calculator for materials and price or tool for requesting construction pieces of a certain shape and size). The possibilities are endless, and whatever you choose to add to your website will positively influence your client service.

Share crucial information with clients 

A website is a perfect tool to showcase your portfolio, describe success stories and persuade clients to do business with your company. On top of that, you can add to a website limited-time construction offers, advertise certain services or entry of new construction materials, their prices and specificities. It is very convenient for both your company and your clients. 

Also you can add to your website some videos able to educate your potential clients and describe peculiarities of construction, possible risks, outcomes or else. Or you may even share some catalogues in a form of PDF and advertise some of your services even more effectively. 

Attract new employees & partners

Websites can help companies attract new amazing team members. You just add a career section to your website, and wait for the applications to show in your mailbox. Thanks to a website you can enrich your team with real construction specialists that you may not have found by yourself. And you also may find new great partners for long-term cooperation. 


While it seems easier and more affordable to develop a website with a builder, such a solution will have its drawbacks. There can be issues with integrations and customization. In contrast, a custom solution will fully adapt to your business processes.
We would recommend you to pay attention to such business management tools as CRM, ERP, systems for construction and logistics planning, apps for team management.
If you want to make your website more advanced and useful, then it is possible to transform it into a web portal where people will have accounts. They will create custom orders, track progressions of jobs and statuses, calculate the necessary amount of materials, etc.

To wrap it up

Every construction company needs to have a digital presence. And there is no better way to ensure it than by building a reliable and informative website. Thanks to the website, it is possible to raise awareness of your company, make your clients more loyal, and even improve customer services. The website can be further developed and transformed into a web portal that is way more advanced and suited for large companies.

So if you still doubt whether you need a website, we would advise you to invest in it. This solution will pay itself off very quickly, and you will see all its advantages fast. Don’t miss a chance to be ahead of all your competitors! 

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