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Examples of Successful Digital Transformation Stories

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Technologies are used in many areas to make the workflow more productive and successful. Some businesses are in urgent need of digitization of work processes; human resources are exhaustible and people cannot handle the huge amount of manual workload. That’s when digital transformation (DT) comes to the rescue. It gives a fresh breath to a redundant workflow through the smart integration of technologies at all levels of the company. It is not a process that can be implemented in one day or even a month. It takes a decent amount of time but the result is definitely worth these efforts. It all starts with developing a digital strategy that consists of the consequent steps that need to be undertaken.

Every company has the opportunity to integrate technologies into its existing business workflow. But it is important to define the framework that is needed first. In this article, we want to cover the existing types of DT in general briefly.

Types of Digital Transformation

To define the suitable types of digital transformation for your business, it is essential to:

  • hold deep research in your industry;
  • analyze the current company`s situation;
  • check the competitors;
  • make consequences to evaluate the success rate of digital transformation. 

Of course, it can be a combination of different digital solutions. So keep reading to learn more about each type of digital transformation. 

Business process
This type involves a transformation of the company’s existing workflow. It changes the routine way of doing things and makes these processes more productive. You can think of it as an extension of the existing business processes, where owners want to improve and modernize them. Data management, API, machine learning, AI, or other recognition technologies can be used for business process transformation.
Business model
This type is used for the digitalization of the existing business models. In other words, it is a fundamental step that changes and modernizes business. It can be considered as some sort of revamping in the area where business is going to expand. Business model transformation allows companies to grow and develop, opening up new opportunities.
Cultural digitalization
Cultural transformation is considered to be one of the most effective ways of transforming your business. In this one, business owners have to focus on their team and its members. All employees need to be aware of the impact technologies will make on the company due to such transformation. Your team has to be prepared for the upcoming changes, adapt quickly, and make use of all the advantages of digitalization. It is a long-term process of training and integrating new technologies into the existing workflow that lasted for years before.
Domain digitalization
It gives the possibility to create additional value to the existing business and expand to a new domain market.

Why does your company require digital transformation?

These days, if you are willing to stay in business, you should know your digital transformation strategy. No matter how large your company actually is, no doubt you have to deal with the enormous amount of data, daily tasks, and operations. You cannot afford reckless mistakes like messing up documents or miscommunication. That can lead to serious consequences that can negatively influence the relationships with your customers, partners, employees, etc.

Hence, we combined the main reasons why your business might require a digital transformation so that you would be 100% convinced.

Adopting new technologies

Digital transformation is not a one-time change that will serve for years. Once you have decided to integrate a software solution into your business operations, it will never stop being developed and improved. Tech trends are being developed quite rapidly, so if you want to achieve the highest level of productivity, you should think of software maintenance and upgrades in advance. Most software development companies provide maintenance services after the deployment. This option would be excellent as this is the same team of developers that is actually familiar with your product.

Improved customer experience

The key to providing customers with an excellent experience is constant interactions and quick responses to their requests. Due to the increasing number of customer requests, it becomes impossible to handle all their requirements manually. However, all these tasks are just a cakewalk for an internal software system. It is designed to process all the client requests and provide the right answers or solutions while maintaining the top-notch customer service’s speed and quality.

Data management

The digital business solution provides collecting, recording, and analyzing customer data with the use of implemented data analytics options. Hence, all customer data is being automatically monitored and stored in order to avoid mix-ups or important information losses. Based on analyzed data, you can track the efficiency of your business strategies, assess weaknesses and improve the strategies according to the demands of your customers. 

Resource planning and management

Modern businesses commonly use several different applications for monitoring particular daily activities and tasks. The digital transformation process aims to collect all these applications and their information in one place so that all employees could have easy and quick access to the required customer data. 

Adoptting new technologies for business
By the end of 2024, the investments in business digital transformation is expected to reach $7.8 trillion U.S. dollars.

Successful digital transformation stories

Digitalization has already penetrated the business industry and all its areas. We can see changes in sales, medicine, transportation service, and many others. We would like to describe digital transformation examples of how digital transformation impacts the business and its growth.

Special vehicle details manufacturer case

The U.S. company deals with creating and selling parts for special vehicles like medical transport, taxi cabs, or police cars. They specialize in creating alarm systems, red-and-blue lights, etc. 

Before the digitalization, all the parts of orders had to be approved and processed by employees manually. It used to take too much work time and often led to mixups. So the company owners decided they wanted to provide their customers with the ability to configure orders and track the delivery. The Altamira development team digitalized and improved the existing business system by structuring the database of clients and their orders. 

Also, the development team created a unique system that allows configuring the spare parts for vehicles by selecting the required equipment, using the form on the website. Along with the order management system, our team managed to develop an internal or employee-level business application where company workers who actually equip cars due to orders, can check the order details, update order status, add a particular car in a system and provide the quality check before and after the repair. 

Domino’s Pizza Case

Domino’s Pizza is considered one of the most successful examples of digital transformation: they changed and adapted a new system in less than 5 years. Their customers can make orders both in the restaurants or on the website. You can place orders using the app on any device, be it a smartphone or even a smartwatch. Also, you don’t need to wait for a callback and can easily track your order. In general, the time required for completing the order was reduced by 3 times. On top of that, with the help of the delivery tracker, you can count 30 minutes or get your sorry card if the courier is late. Besides, you get bonuses for every order and have a discount on certain days of the week that you can access in the app. This digital work process aims at customer satisfaction and promises perfect service.

Sephora Case

Sephora is one of the most popular cosmetic chains. There you can find any famous makeup brand. The digitalization of this company took several steps. 

  • The first one was a personalized email campaign with the latest product updates and promotions. 
  • The second step was developing a mobile app where users can rate different cosmetic products and provide feedback. 

Also, this app now has a bot that replaces a real shopping assistant as you can scan any label to find the info about any product. Later, the app was upgraded with the ability to apply any makeup online by using augmented reality (AR) technologies. Also, the AR assistant can provide suggestions for the right color and shade of any cosmetic product. So Sephora provides an ultimate customer experience where any assistance can be provided via the app.

Check out one more example of the successful digital transformation of McKinsey & Company – worldwide management consulting organization. Here is a step-by-step guide of adopting digitalization from the defining business goals to the intensive efforts.

How to find a reliable tech partner?

Digital transformation is not a quick fix: it is quite complex and requires thorough planning and execution attention. Before implementing any type of business software, it is vital to analyze the current state of your company, meaning finding out what your employees struggle with daily, and what undermines their productivity during operation execution. After that, you and your development team will be able to create a step-by-step plan of implementing software solutions into your workflows. Only this way the provided solutions will correspond to your requirements and suit your company and business objectives.

No ready-made business app can be compared to a custom-developed business solution. If your aims are to get the highest productivity, increase incomes and impact the company growth then custom software development would be a great variant for your business. 

Therefore, your main task becomes finding a reliable and experienced software development team with vast experience in different business areas and that is aware of the latest tech trends. Moreover, you should ask first if a software development company of your choice can provide you with maintenance after the software has been integrated. This way, all the errors or improvements could be executed in a fast manner.

Among the things that you should pay attention to when choosing a tech partner we would like to note:

  • Find out how long this company has been in the market of software development, the history of its foundation, information of its founders and co-founders;
  • Learn about the company’s policies and values in developing solutions for their clients;
  • Check the technical and industry expertise this company has experience in, ensure that they suit your type of project;
  • Try to meet everyone engaged in your project, particularly check their CVs, Linkedin profiles, previous experience, and past project successes;
  • Make sure that all developers will be available on your project meaning they will not be engaged in any other project simultaneously. 

Talking about the maintenance services, we invite you to check the maintenance packages that our company offers and choose the most suitable one for your case.

Here at Altamira, we focus on delivering the highest quality software to your business objectives and requirements that would perfectly fit your existing workflows. You can ensure that these are not just empty words by contacting us and scheduling a consultation with a Business Analyst for discussing your business and ways of its digitalization. 


There are 4 main types of digital transformation – business process, business model, domain, and cultural transformation. If you want to get a professional consultation, contact our BA and development team for defining the type your business needs.
Digital transformation gives a lot of benefits to your business such as improving customer experience, increasing innovation and transparency, updating employee skills, reducing the probability of human errors.
Digital transformation should be a well-planned and structured process with clearly defined goals that should be achieved with the right implementation of technologies. It is all about analyzing your current workflow, accessing weak points, and turning them into strengths using software solutions.


Digital transformation is inevitable for modern businesses. As we know, customers always demand a superior experience. If they use the services of a particular company, they expect certain standards to be in place when it comes to handling their requirements. In the modern world, if the company doesn’t have an online site, web, or mobile apps, there is a scant chance of staying in-game and looking for a way of attracting new customers as well as keep the regular customers engaged. 

It is the right time to get a consultation about digital transformation for your business. The right implementation will bring noticeable results for your business very quickly. There are so many benefits that DT offers businesses,  as you might have noticed in the successful cases above. The future belongs to digitalization, so make sure you have the right solution.

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