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Is It a Good Idea to Build Uber for Cleaners?

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Mobile presence means a lot these days, therefore many companies and startupers consider going digital. This is the easiest way to reach out to your customers, keep them engaged, offer them better services and experience. Almost every business (the size doesn’t really matter) needs a mobile application, and on-demand services niche is not an exception. Current trends dictate that you can get anything done without leaving the house. Digital solutions help to promote a company, attract more potential customers and let them know what range of services they can get and at what price. 

Nowadays people do not need to do everything by themselves anymore, it is absolutely normal to delegate some routine tasks to professionals. That is why on-demand services like cleaning became so popular. Allied Market Research expects the worldwide cleaning market to accumulate more than $74 million by 2022

Naturally, North America will remain the biggest revenue generator for this industry. But what makes interest is a slight shift in demand distribution from commercial to the private sector. Frankly speaking, this shift will make too little imprint on the industry and won’t become a good B2B opportunity, but it is a perfect way to monetize B2C mobile apps for cleaners.

Most popular types of on-demand cleaning services 

There are many reasons why people tend to order on-demand cleaning services. Sometimes they just want to save their time. They may simply need helpers because their house is too big for one person to clean. And sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to hire someone from time to time to perform cleaning than pay a monthly salary to your own cleaning staff. 

On-demand cleaning services can be divided into the three big categories depending on the type of the household that is going to be cleaned: 

  • Post-construction cleaning (mostly ordered by people from the real-estate sphere). Renovation always leaves a big mess after it’s finished. So before selling an apartment, real-estate agents should make it look presentable and get rid of all demolition waste. This type of cleaning is a complicated one and it needs to be done in several stages (rough, light and finish clean). 
  • Residential cleaning (mostly ordered by the owners of private households). This type of cleaning specializes in putting the rooms in your house in order. The team usually washes floors, removes the dust from surfaces, cleans furniture and tiles. All things a client may need to put in order in the house can be done by on-demand cleaning professionals. This type of job is usually focused on details and quality. 
  • Commercial cleaning (mostly ordered by schools, banks, fitness centres, hospitals, and various offices). The main advantage of such services is that they can be daily or nightly which is very convenient for many businesses. The cleaning personnel will wash floors and furniture, vacuum-clean rugs, pay special attention to sanitizing equipment, high-touch surfaces and bathrooms. 

Creating your own on-demand application for cleaning services can be a good business idea. You will be able to create a community of gig workers and their employees. What can be more convenient than an ability to order necessary cleaning services in a couple of clicks? Moreover the people can instantly start a dialogue to discuss all details and make sure that the result of the cleaning will be satisfying. 

Development of Uber for cleaners can serve two audiences at once:

  • Independent cleaners. 
  • Cleaning service companies. 

On-demand apps can promote their cleaning services and bring you a good stable income at the same time. There are many ways to monetize such application (create a mandatory subscription plan with monthly payment, place advertisements, charge commission from each deal, etc). But the easiest one is to allow direct promotion in the app search list or to charge a fee for each transaction made through the app.

Main features your Uber for cleaners should have

If you consider building your own on-demand application you should be aware of the most crucial features it should have. Based on our experience we can say, that such applications need to include: 

  • Booking & Scheduling – This is a core feature that will allow house owners to select necessary services from the list and book the exact time for a cleaning. Big companies may also need to schedule services for months ahead. 
  • Payment Gateway – Your users should be able to make paint for services in a convenient way. So you’d better integrate PayPal, Stripe or any other payment method to make it possible. 
  • Direct Messaging – To establish trusting relations a service provider and a customer should be able to connect and communicate important cleaning aspects. So a convenient chatting option is a must. 
  • Instant Cleansing – This feature may be handy for those who need to clean their house after a big party.Landlords that are short in time and need to get ready for a sale can make use of such an option as well. 

Is it expensive to build Uber for cleaners?

Software development can be quite time and cost consuming because usually many specialists are involved in the process. Business analysts research the market for you and check out your competitors to help you create a really unique concept that will be later turned into an app. Then developers write code and testers check it thoroughly. The designers work upon the look of your application and strive to make it eye-catching and intuitive. Each one of the named specialists has its hourly rate that depends on the skill set and complexity of your application. 

Usually the price for on-demand cleaning apps starts from $30,000 per one platform (iOS or Android) and it can even increase further, depending on the software development company you will choose. This sounds like a great deal of money that can make you put your idea aside and forget about software development. 

However it is possible to get a good app at an affordable price. Some companies like ours have ready-made software modules and it reduces the development cost drastically. Altamira can develop on-demand application for cleaners for $4000 only (including customization of design colors and logo). Although further customization (like adding some additional unique options) will cost you more. But in any case this price is lower than the one you’ll be charged for building an app from scratch 

We have been developing such applications for a long time and thanks to this we accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we can reduce app cost down to the most affordable on the market.

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