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Tech News Digest: January Update

tech news update january

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The holy-jolly season is over, and now it is the time for our monthly news roundup. Keep track of the latest events in the tech world to find the necessary inspiration and give yourself a chance to get the most from every opportunity in 2023. 

The beginning of the year was rich in its events, and some global tech leaders have made loud announcements! Of course, some scandals and rumours were spotted too. Find all the new news digests from January 2023. 

Some tech updates on the Global arena

global tech news update
  • Google was accused of destroying the competition in the ad tech industry. Currently, the Justice Department claims that Google kills the competitors among web publishers and advertisers. Google is fighting the case, which is supposed to be trailed this year. Source 
  • Tesla is expanding its lithium-ion battery and electric-truck businesses. The company plans to spend over 3.8$ billion to launch the new factory in Nevada. It will rise after the previous tough and challenging year. Source  
  • The vast shift to 5G IoT devices connections is coming fast. According to Juniper research, there are already 17 million 5G IoT-connected devices, and the figure will grow by 1,100% over the next three years. Source 
  • Microsoft claims that AI technology’s impact will equal the invention of the PC and the Internet. The company is going to invest in technology to advance cutting-edge AI responsibly. Source 
fintech news update

Machine Learning fights the fraud

American Express adopts ML technologies to decrease card fraud rates significantly. They used Machine Learning, data generated, and deep learning techniques to create the advanced machine learning system. Since the launch, they have demonstrated the lowest card fraud rates globally. Source 

Tech transformation equals security

Businesses respond to inflation by investing in tech transformation. Financial leaders are investing in technology, according to the latest Taulia research. It allows for instilling resilience and continuing business in times of economic uncertainty. Source 

The holy-jolly season is over, and now it is the time for our monthly news roundup. Keep track of the latest events in the tech world to find the necessary inspiration and give yourself a chance to get the most from every opportunity in 2023. 

The boom of digital currencies

Central bank explores digital currency. The Bank of England chose the strategy to adapt to tech updates and not to be swept away by the tech progress. They are drawn by the idea of fast, efficient digital currency that can be tracked through the financial system flow. Source 

data management news

Smarter chatbots with ChatGPT

Many businesses are adopting ChatGPT to make their chatbots smarter. The OpenAI, ChatGTP startup, will enhance its app programming interface with this technology to allow software engineers to use it in their products. Source 

Microsoft invest in ChatGPT

Microsoft is investing billions in creating ChatGPT to add more AI to its suite of products. The company supposes it will establish Microsoft as an AI leader. They plan to add ChatGPT features to cloud computing services. Source 

healthcare news update

Amazon launches prime memberhip benefit

Amazon launched the new prime membership benefit. The company is investing billions in primary care practices. For a 5$ in a month, it offers unlimited access to commonly prescribed generic medications. Source 

AI helps to measure the impact of cold homes on your health

Data and AI projects are supposed to help the National Institute of Health to address winter pressures. AI will help in measuring the effects of cold homes on health. The use of hospital data is supposed to speed up patient flow, and ML will be used to predict the peaks of infections. It is supposed to respond rapidly to evolving pressures on the NHS. Source  

AI helps blind people to navigate

Engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder are tapping into advances in artificial intelligence to develop a new kind of walking stick for people who are blind or visually impaired. Source


retail news update

Google Cloud rolls out AI-driven inventory tech

The Google Cloud team has built artificial intelligence which enables retailers to use image recognition tech and track items available on the store shelves.

With the help of Google library containing huge databases, the tool helps to identify items on photos taken from different angles and will be available in the coming months.


Walmart, American number one retailer, launches an e-commerce site for businesses

It was created for small and medium business customers and offered the possibility to provide more than 100,000 items. The main aim is to simplify business-related purchases. Source 

L'Oréal invests in the metaverse and NFT startup Digital Village

he company demonstrates confidence in the beauty industry’s opportunities within the metaverse. The Venture Reality firms specialize in VR and AR. Source 

To conclude

As you can see, technology continues to be the essential business driver across the business in various industries. Among the key players, the most popular tech solutions are all based on AI. As was predicted and announced during the previous year’s G20 Summit, artificial intelligence will hold and strengthen its position in the modern world. 

Keep your finger on the pulse of the critical tech events and follow our monthly news updates to take the most benefits out of the available tech opportunities! 

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